Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Chapter 25 was going to be a snitch


Lu Zifan listened to her words and was even more angry that she did not live up to her expectations. If there was a better candidate, he would definitely not pick this stupid woman. Unfortunately, other than her, no one else in the he family was used by him.

“If she didn’t hide anything from you, why didn’t you know where the secret was? ” Lu Zifan sneered and said.

His hair was wet from his passion and a few strands stuck to his forehead. He reached out and flung his hair back. His phone vibrated. When he saw that it was a call from Zhao Yuyi, his eyes darkened and he said to her, “be good, go take a shower. ”

“She… ” she refused to let him go. She wanted to see his screen, but he held her down …

His hand swam towards her body and said to her, “I’ll play something more exciting with you later. ”

He ruoxue listened and smiled charmingly. When she got up, she deliberately shook her body and deliberately seduced him. She winked at him before turning around and walking into the bathroom.

“Why, do you miss my little baby? ” Lu Zifan got up and walked to the French window to answer the phone. He was flirting with Zhao Yuyi through the phone. He was still throwing a tantrum because he was forced to be he ruoxue’s boyfriend.

“Did you ask her out again? Hubby, if you dirty my baby, I won’t want you anymore, ” Zhao Yuyi said.

Hearing his willful words, Lu Zifan coaxed him. He turned around and walked back to the bed. He touched he ruoxue’s bag and picked it up. He found a male phone in her bag. He looked at the bathroom in confusion.

Through the glass door, he could vaguely see her figure. He picked up the phone, looked at it, and put it back into his bag. He got up and went into the bathroom, fighting with her.

Not long after, her exaggerated screams came from the bathroom. She almost fainted because of Lu Zifan’s abuse. When he left, he urged her to find the he family’s secrets as soon as possible. He even stashed some money and a Louis Vuitton limited edition bag for her.

“Hubby, I love you so much. ” He ruoxue saw the gifts and money and rushed over to hug him and kiss him wildly.

Lu Zifan smiled and touched her shoulder, saying, “little slut, when the deed is done, I guarantee that you won’t even think about getting out of bed for the next three days. ”

The two of them lingered for a while, afraid of being caught by the media. One after the other, they left the hotel.

“sister, I miss you so much. When will you come back? I’m so lonely at home by myself. I miss you. ” He ruoxue’s legs couldn’t close. She stood there, took out her phone, and sent a message to he lanjin.

This scene fell into he lanjin’s eyes. She leaned against the car window and stuck her head out to bask in the sun. However, she saw a group of people looking for people on the street. She could also see how stupid their master was. Since he could use IP tracking, why would he bother to search her body?

“Ah. ” He ruoxue was on the phone. She didn’t look at the road and bumped into people coming from the opposite direction.

Her legs were weak from Lu Zifan’s attack. She couldn’t stand properly after being hit by someone. She fell to the ground and her LV bag fell to the ground. Her things were scattered all over the ground.

“Get lost. ” The Group of people scolded her and even kicked her LV bag.

Seeing the bag that Lu Zifan had given her being kicked and dirtied by that person, her beautiful eyes flashed with a vicious coldness. She shook her hands and tried to pick it up, but she was stepped on. She groaned in pain, but those people walked away.

Her hands were swollen from being stepped on, and she vaguely heard people saying that they were President Huang’s people looking for his phone.

“could it be that his phone was stolen and the video was leaked, which caused his reputation to be ruined? ” He ruoxue heard it and her eyes lit up. She immediately had an idea.

Recently, the incident between her and Lu Zifan had been greatly publicized on the Internet. Although it was eventually suppressed, the impact was too great. She always wore sunglasses to cover half of her face when she came out, afraid that she would be recognized.

After putting on the sunglasses, she put on some makeup and drove the car to a certain hotel. She looked around and saw that the place was tightly surrounded.

“Stop. ” She approached and was blocked by the bodyguards.

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