Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Chapter 23 was such an explosive incident


The Aura of a mature man surrounded her tightly. He lanjin took a deep breath and said, “Mr. Qiao, please have some self-respect. ”

“self-respect? If I remember correctly, you attacked me last night and deliberately tore off my bath towel to sit on me. Could it be that you took the opportunity to steal my child to get pregnant? ” Qiao Yehan asked in a deep voice.

He lanjin was stunned. She looked at the doctor who was so frightened that his glasses fell to the ground and he accidentally stepped on them and broke them.

When the doctor heard such an explosive story, his gaze secretly swept over he lanjin’s stomach. He couldn’t believe that Qiao Hanye had just arrived in Jiang city and had already given up his first night as a man. He even successfully got a woman pregnant?

“Qiao Hanye, you can’t joke about this. ” He lanjin had always been calm. She didn’t know why, but every time she met him, she would miscalculate.

The man’s fingertips pinched her chin, and the scorching hot breath sprayed on her face, itchy.

Looking at the handsome face that was constantly magnified before him, his handsome features, his deep black eyes were like a deep pool that could seduce one’s soul. The bridge of his nose was high, and his lips were thin. He looked like a perfect artifact of the human emperor, perfect to the point of perfection.

“Huh? Do I look like I’m joking? ” Qiao Hanye answered in a deep voice as he listened to her call him.

She continued to take in deep breaths, and her plump chest heaved up and down. Her heart was beating non-stop. He lanjin felt that she needed to look at her heart now.

“Is he one of your people? ” He lanjin avoided his gaze and quickly changed the topic.

She pushed Qiao Hanye away forcefully and stood up to walk to the floor-to-ceiling window. She opened the window to let in some air.

He lanjin took a few deep breaths and turned around to look at them coldly.

The doctor squatted down and picked up his glasses to wipe them. Although the lenses were broken and only two eye frames were left, he still put them on. It looked very comical. He habitually adjusted his glasses He said, “the two of you, it’s work time now. If you don’t have anything to do, can you leave? Your presence here will affect my work. ”

“Is he one of your people? ” She still asked Qiao Hanye the same question.

Qiao Hanye stood up straight and flicked the dust off his body. He looked at her with his dark eyes and said frankly, “yes. ”

“You asked him to follow you? ”Shee continued to ask.

He laughed softly and walked towards her. He Lanjin subconsciously took half a step back and leaned against the glass window. As she watched him approach, the air around her seemed to be sucked away by him, and she felt a little suffocated.

“Be good, don’t talk nonsense, ” Qiao Hanye said.

He reached out and touched her head, coaxing her as if she was a little girl.

This action caused the blood in her body to surge like a flood, causing her body to feel a little uncomfortable.

“Don’t touch me. ” She took a deep breath, grabbed her bag, and ran out. She walked in a rather sorry state, as if she was afraid that he would catch up to her.

At the corner, she almost bumped into Han Beicheng.

“Miss He, why are you here? ” Han Beicheng almost bumped into her. He hurriedly dodged and avoided her.

When she saw Han Beicheng, she narrowed her almond-shaped Eyes, looked at him deeply, and said, “I was going to ask you the same thing. ”

“This… ” Han Beicheng watched her leave quickly. He was confused. Looking at the departing figure, he muttered to himself, “I’m here to accompany master to get the medicine. Master has a stomach ailment, so why did getting the medicine offend her? ”

Han Beicheng walked into the office and saw that the doctor was wearing glasses without lenses. He said in surprise, “Tie Dan, were you beaten by Nan Feng? ”


“My name is Shangguan Zhi. ” The doctor’s fair face turned black when he was called “Tie Dan. “.

The two words ‘Zhi’ and ‘iron’ looked similar But they were completely different, okay?

However, Han Beicheng was not only uneducated but also blind. Every time he called Han Beicheng ‘iron egg’ , if not for Qiao Hanye’s sake, Han Beicheng would have poisoned him sooner or later.

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