Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Chapter 22 children… … whose ? ?


He lanjin ordered a cup of coffee and stared at the doctor who left after being scolded. She drank two cups of coffee elegantly with a big smile in her eyes.

“Miss, you look very similar to my ex-girlfriend. Do you mind if I sit down? ” At this moment, a man came forward to strike up a conversation.

She put down the Coffee Cup, put down the money, and left without saying a word.

After leaving the coffee shop, she went directly to the hospital. She casually registered a number and went straight to an office. She pushed the door open and entered. She threw the registration number on the table, pulled a chair to sit down, and took off her mask and sunglasses.

“Miss, did you go to the wrong place? ” The man turned around and pushed up his glasses. He looked at he lanjin who had her arms around her chest and looked at his faint smile.

Her polite smile made his scalp go numb, and he wanted to “invite” her out.

“I’m sick. I’m here to see a doctor. Aren’t you a doctor? ” He lanjin said.

He took her registered number and looked at it. He handed it back to her and said, “you’re registered in the gynecology department. I’m not good at this. When you go out, turn right and look for the director of the Gynecology Department. ”

“there are doctors who don’t know how to see patients? I’m asking you to see a doctor by name right now. Are you going to refuse the doctor? ” He lanjin stood up and said. She blinked her almond-shaped Eyes for a few seconds. Suddenly, her smile became even more charming. She said, “forget it. I’m leaving now. ”

She said that she was really leaving. After opening the door, she said, “this doctor is so wicked. He actually pretended to see a woman in the gynecology department. ”

“Damn, miss he! Don’t be like this. ” The doctor quickly stepped forward, covered her mouth, and dragged her inside and slammed the door. She was so scared that she was covered in sweat. She resigned herself to fate and asked, “Miss He, May I ask what you want? Just say it. ”

“Why did you follow me over and over again? ” He lanjin asked explicitly.

The first time was when she wanted to cater to the news and wanted to create a car accident. He was the one who rushed to the scene and “tied” her into the doctor’s bag. The second time was yesterday at the hotel. Qiao Hanye invited her to the suite to treat her illness. The third time was when he coincidentally knocked he ruoxue’s bag off for her, allowing her to successfully throw her phone into he ruoxue’s bag.

If everything was a coincidence, wasn’t this too much of a coincidence?

“Miss He, you’re falsely accusing me. I’m an open and aboveboard person. Why would I follow you? Besides, I… Can’t afford to offend you, ” the doctor said, giving in to her …

Seeing this, he lanjin threw her bag onto the table and said to him, “alright, then you can treat me. ”

“What’s wrong with you? ” The doctor pushed his glasses up. He had an ominous premonition in his heart. His fair and handsome face was filled with helplessness. He didn’t dare to chase her away, so he could only take a pen and prepare to write a medical record for her.

“I’m pregnant. You can perform an abortion on me. ” He lanjin looked at the gynecological department’s registration. She became playful and deliberately wanted to tease him.

However, she was basically certain that this person was Qiao Hanye’s man. What exactly did Qiao Hanye want to do? Help her She did not know him at all. What was his motive for doing this Could it be that he wanted to swallow the he corporation like Lu Zifan?

“PFFT. ” The doctor took a sip of water. When he heard her words, he spat out a mouthful of water.

He choked quite badly. He rushed to her with an excited cough and said, “child, child… whose child is it? ”

“It seems to be mine. ” At this moment, a magnetic voice sounded. He lanjin and the doctor turned their heads and looked outside the door.

Qiao Hanye had arrived at some point in time. He leaned against the door and looked at her lazily. He walked up and propped his hands on the side of her chair. He looked down at her and said, “It seems that you have another purpose for renting my house. ”

“…”he lanjin was just joking, but he didn’t expect her to be interrupted by him …

She wanted to get up, but he reached out to press her shoulders and fixed her body on the chair.

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