Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Chapter 20 gave him a good beating


After she lay down, Han Beicheng brought her some food. He said that it was “late-night benefits for tenants. ” For some reason, she had a late-night snack.

Thinking about how Lu Zifan wanted to annex the he corporation, he ruoxue’s betrayal, and he Wenqing’s drunken attempt to sell her, everything was related to benefits. As the only daughter of the he family, she would never be used by anyone to take away everything from the he family.

“CEO Huang of the Tianchang Group is holding a charity event tomorrow at Jiangcheng M Center. It is said that he is going to adopt a batch of orphans and train them into adults. Are you the lucky one? ” The news advertisement caught her attention.

That child-molesting pervert actually wanted to adopt orphans with such a big fanfare. His motive was definitely not pure.

“Hehe, charity? ” He lanjin sneered and turned off the news. She closed her eyes and lay on the bed. Her hands gripped the sheets tightly. After a long while, an idea suddenly flashed through her mind and she had an idea.

The next morning

He lanjin got up very early and went straight to the city.

From Afar, she saw director Huang, who had a fat head and big ears, staring at a child in a wretched manner. He took a lollipop and went forward to touch it.

She put on a mask and sunglasses, paired with a cap, and strode forward From Afar, she heard director Huang say, “He Wenqing, that stupid pig, thought that I would pull him out just because he gave his daughter to me to sleep with? Haha, the women I’ve slept with can go around the world. Which one of them isn’t a virgin? ”

“You’re right, director Huang. ” The assistant smiled apologetically.

Director Huang said with a vicious expression, “that he guy actually dared to kick my big baby and hurt my vitality. This time, I don’t want to adopt a little virgin… a virgin to relieve my craving, how can I? ”

Fat People had fat kidneys and weak kidneys. They didn’t speak much before going to the toilet.

As soon as they entered the toilet, they were bound by a sack. They raised their feet and kicked him down. They pressed his face into the urinal and drank half a Jin of urine.

“Oh, Save, save me. ” Director Huang struggled to save him. He lanjin’s smile deepened. She kicked him down and picked up his phone while she was at it. She quickly left. After hacking the surveillance camera, she leaned on the side and stared at it.

She saw that there were many videos of young girls being raped on his phone. They were especially perverted. He actually kept them as a souvenir. There were nearly a thousand videos.

After being beaten up, director Huang ran out in a sorry state. He did not dare to say that he had been beaten up. He could only say that he had accidentally fallen. After changing his clothes, he was invited onto the stage. He started a charity event openly, and the television even followed up with a live broadcast.

“This time, director Huang is organizing the adoption of homeless children. He has also built an orphanage and a school. He wants to convey his love, ” the host said with a microphone.

CEO Huang stood on the stage in a neat outfit and said, “from now on, I will organize an adoption event every year. I hope that it will reduce the number of children living on the streets and carry out my kindness to the end. ”

“that he guy actually dared to kick my big baby and hurt my vitality. This time, I don’t want to adopt a little girl… girl to satisfy my craving. How can I do that? ” “Haha, the women that I’ve slept with can go around the world. Which one of them isn’t a virgin? ”

At this moment, the words that he had just said rang out from the loudspeaker, playing over and over again.

“What’s going on? ” CEO Huang was panicking. The staff at the scene were also stunned. They did not understand the situation.

The technician was also frightened. He said, “a hacker has hacked into our system and forcefully added these. We can’t delete them. ”

“Turn it off, turn it off! ” CEO Huang was panicking. If his true colors were exposed, his business would plummet The stock market would definitely collapse.

Usually, when he was reported, he could use money to seal his mouth. But now that he was being broadcasted live, the whole world would know.. How could he block it?

“little baby… ” immediately after, the video popped up. It was an exciting clip from his phone. The woman’s face was erased, only revealing his wretched appearance, one after another.

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