Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Chapter 19 is this considered collusion?


Qiao Hanye was “invited” out by he lanjin. He looked back thoughtfully and watched her slam the door. The coldness in his eyes faded.

“Master. ” Han Beicheng quickly stepped forward and secretly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. He said in a low voice, “it has been found that that Huang has been making investments recently, so he wants to lure he Wenqing into the game. In fact, he’s just a scapegoat who takes money to do things for others. ”

“Let him be arrogant for another two days, ” Qiao Hanye said coldly.

His voice was as cold as frost, and the coldness came from all directions. Han Beicheng was so scared that he shivered and did not dare to breathe loudly.

“Master, although this Huang has defiled many women, he is really detestable. But he has nothing to do with our purpose of returning to Jiang city this time. You want to destroy him, is it because of miss he? ” Han Beicheng asked in a low voice.

Just as he asked this, he secretly pinched himself and asked the wrong question.

“Why not? ” Qiao Hanye said without hiding anything.

Han Beicheng was so shocked that his jaw almost dislocated. Meng looked up at Qiao Hanye. She could not believe that he was the one who said such a thing.

“then… the person in the room just now was miss he? THAT’S NOT RIGHT! Jing Garden is heavily guarded, and the system is surrounded by infrared rays. Even the most powerful person who enters will be killed on the spot. How did she get in? ” Han Beicheng was dumbfounded.

Not to mention people, even a fly would be crushed into pieces if it barged in.

“I put it there, ” Qiao Hanye said coldly. He turned around and strode back to the study room, closing the door.

” … ” Han Beicheng found it hard to breathe. He was so shocked that he stared at the study door and then at the bedroom door. He silently raised his hand to touch his Chin and said, “is this considered collusion? ”

“adultery? Fornication? Looking for excitement? one-night stand? Date / FUCK? ” Han Beicheng felt like his brain was exploding. He could not keep up with this rhythm.

He had followed Qiao Hanye for many years. He had always been a notary in dealing with matters and had never been involved with women. Could it be that he had an epiphany?

“Send her some food, ” Qiao Hanye said as the study door opened.

Han Beicheng, who was deep in thought, was interrupted. He asked uncertainly, “master, are you asking me to send food to miss he? ”

“Uh, I’ll go right away. ” Han Beicheng was swept by his unfathomable gaze and turned around to run downstairs. He saw the secret guards in the dark all raise their heads and stare at the bedroom upstairs, as if there was a time bomb inside.

In the bedroom

He lanjin’s heart pounded non-stop. She locked the door and used her phone to track the tracker she had placed on him. However, when she glanced at the Sofa, she found that the tracker had somehow fallen on the SOFA.

She Sat cross-legged on the Sofa and climbed over the wall to search for the system. She wanted to see where her phone was. She absolutely could not let him find out that she was looking for her phone. Otherwise, she did not know how he would use the contents of the phone.

“This is… ” he lanjin’s fingertips quickly tapped on the steering wheel. She entered the system and saw a loophole. She quickly entered and narrowed her almond-shaped eyes to stare at the screen.

She vaguely heard the sound of flowing water. Following that, a tall figure appeared naked. Her Gaze was fixed on the body that was so perfect that it made her hormones clamor. It was not until she saw him turn around and look in front of her.

“This is Qiao Hanye? ” She was stunned. How could the system guide her to peep at him taking a cold shower in the middle of the night?

As if he felt that someone was peeping at him, Qiao Hanye looked at the camera for half a second with his deep black eyes. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly. He coolly shook the water droplets on his body and reached out to turn off the system with a “PA” sound.

He lanjin looked at the darkness in front of her and could not come back to her senses for a long time.

“The only loophole is where he takes a shower? Could it be that he did it on purpose? ” He lanjin’s heart beat faster. She threw away her phone, thinking that she must be seriously ill. How did she offend such a person?

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