Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Chapter 16. Ah Jin, daddy was wrong


After the doctor examined her, he found that they were all superficial wounds. After leaving the medicine, he said to her, “the wounds on your body are all superficial wounds. There’s no harm. You’ve only inhaled some hallucinogens. It’ll take two hours for you to recover your strength. ”

“thank you, ” He Lanjin said in a low voice.

Qiao Hanye’s back was facing them as he stood in front of the French window. Under the sunlight, his tall figure was hazy and mysterious. It was so dazzling that no one dared to look at it directly.

He turned around and looked at her thoughtfully. His deep black eyes saw through everything. Moreover, it seemed a little inappropriate for a man and a woman to be in the same room together, so he said to her, “have a good rest. ”

“Save me today. I will repay you in the future, ” He Lanjin said.

Qiao Hanye pursed his lips and laughed in a low voice, saying, “there will be a chance. ”

“Master. ” Han Beicheng pushed the door open and came in, calling out in a low voice. Qiao Hanye took a deep look at her and strode away.

When he left, he lanjin deliberately grabbed his arm and said, “Mr. Qiao. ”

“Huh? ” He looked at her in confusion.

“Goodbye. ” She chuckled softly and let go of his hand.

After watching him leave, he lanjin stood where she was and looked at the words on the table. She reached out and picked them up. Looking at the lively words, she said in a low voice, “Qiao Hanye? ”

Looking at this name, her eyes secretly lit up. This Qiao Hanye was not simple Otherwise, how could he make a bureau chief see him and not dare to run away?

Outside the “button button button” , the waiter sent a new set of clothes. Although she did not say who sent it, she knew that there was no one else besides Qiao Hanye.

From the time he picked up her phone to the time he saved her, was it a coincidence, or… …

She sat quietly for two hours until her body recovered. Seeing that it was already dusk outside the window, she got up and walked out, returning to the he family.

“You, you. ” He Wenqing’s head was bleeding. His head was covered with a thick gauze, and he was a little restless.

He did not expect to see he lanjin’s figure just as he raised his head. He jumped up in fright and rushed in front of her. When he saw her cold eyes, he felt extremely guilty.

He lanjin was tall and had long legs. She stared at him and only smiled without saying anything. He Wenqing felt his scalp go numb from her stare.

Seeing her walk past him and sit down on the SOFA, he stretched out his hand to take the landline. He glanced up at him and dialed a number with his fingertips. He Wenqing’s heart thumped and he rushed forward to press the landline.

“He Lanjin, what are you trying to do? ” He asked in frustration.

She looked at his trembling hands and chuckled softly. “What am I trying to do? Didn’t you want to sell me? I’ll call grandfather now to discuss it and see what he says. ”

“You How did I give birth to a thing like you?” “You’re my daughter. Now that the he family is facing a crisis, the Lu family has shelved their marriage. CEO Huang is willing to help and even said that he would give all of his assets to you. You’re the one who didn’t know what was good for you and almost trampled on people’s lives. Now you still dare to complain to grandfather? ”

The corners of he lanjin’s mouth curled up. Looking at he Wenqing’s face, she felt uncomfortable.

She could tolerate it in the past, but it didn’t mean that she could tolerate it now.

Not only did he value sons over daughters, he was also addicted to alcohol and gambling. Now, he was even planning to sell her?

She pressed the dial button with her fingertips, and an old voice came from the other end of the phone. “Hello. ”

“GRANDPA, it’s me, ” he lanjin said in a low voice. He Wenqing was so scared that he pounced over and broke the phone rope. His legs were so weak that he knelt on the ground and said, “Ah Jin, dad was wrong. He drank too much and got muddled. You can’t tell the old man. He will break my legs. ”

He Wenqing looked at her looking down at him from above and felt very depressed. He Lanjin, who used to be as stupid as a pig, why was she so scary?

“since you don’t want the old master to know, sign this, ” he lanjin said coldly.

Now that he was scared, if the old master knew, he would definitely beat him to death. The most important thing now was to shut he lanjin’s mouth, so he would sign whatever she asked him to sign. He didn’t even dare to look at it.

After seeing him sign, she put away the paper.

She had always wanted to protect this family. Even if it was a marriage alliance, she would accept it. Now that she found out that Lu zifan wanted to swallow the he family, she also wanted to do her best to help the he family get back on their feet.

Now that he had gone crazy and overturned her worldview, he had sold her to a notorious criminal for molestation for profit.

“What did you ask me to sign? ” He Wenqing only reacted after the incident.

She held the contract and said with a smile, “you’ll know in the future. ”

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