Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Chapter 15. From now on, you are not allowed to dress like this in front of men


He lanjin was pulled back by his voice and realized that she had lost her composure. She hurriedly wiped her hair, but she did not look away. She chuckled softly and said, “what, you’re handsome, but you’re not letting anyone see you? ”

Qiao Hanye opened his deep black eyes and saw that she was wearing his white shirt, revealing her sexy long legs. When she wiped her hair, she raised her hand and lifted her shirt a little. His throat tightened and he turned his head away.

“He lanjin. ” Qiao Hanye called out her full name in a low voice. His tall body stood up and walked towards her.

He lanjin stood there and was approached by his tall body. Her body reflexively took two steps back and pressed against the wall, tightly wrapped by his scorching hot breath.

“You. ” He lanjin was approached by him. Her face was red and she wanted to push him away.

Qiao Hanye took off his coat and grabbed her waist, pulling her into his arms. The man’s wide coat wrapped around her waist, blocking her slender legs. Like a hot potato, he quickly let go of her.

The man’s body was inexplicably hot. It was as if there was a lion clamoring, wanting to rush out of the cage.

“You are not allowed to dress like this in front of men in the future. ” Qiao Hanye carried her on his back, and his voice was a little hoarse.

He lanjin looked at the man’s coat under her body. She reached out to hold it, and the atmosphere instantly froze, becoming awkward.

“Bang, Bang, Bang. ” When the two of them were silent, the door of the suite was knocked open. A group of people rushed in. The leader was actually the drunk he Wenqing. There was blood seeping out of his forehead He said to the police, “it’s this person. He injured CEO Huang’s bodyguard and even ran over two people. ”

“hehe. ” Qiao Hanye looked at the police who rushed in. His deep black eyes narrowed slightly, and a chill shot out as anger burst forth.

The police leader was scared by his imposing manner and took two steps back.

He Wenqing rushed up and saw he lanjin standing behind Qiao Hanye. He pointed at her and said, “you’re in cahoots with him? I found a good marriage for you, but you’re fooling around with this person? I’ll beat you to death. ”

“Bang! ” He had just rushed up, but before he could see the situation clearly, he was kicked out of the suite.

He Wenqing fell out and got up in pain. When he saw the chief arrive, he quickly said, “the bold and crazy person who injured countless people in broad daylight in Jiang city, it’s him. ”

The chief wore a police uniform and walked in. The moment he saw Qiao Hanye, he was stunned. A few seconds later, he snapped back to his senses and said coldly, “a group of B * stards. There are so many cases in the bureau that haven’t been solved, and now you’re learning to run out and fool around? ”

“The chief… ” the police officer who was inexplicably scolded felt wronged and wanted to explain.

The chief didn’t hear anything and waved his hand, saying, “go back and handle the case. ”

“Yes. ” The police officers were called away for no reason. The chief’s eyes flickered, and his legs trembled as if he was scared stiff. He wanted to speak, but he saw Qiao Hanye’s expression. He silently retreated and dragged he wenqing to cover his mouth, not letting him speak.

“Wu Wu. ” He Wenqing struggled and was dragged away. The chief turned around and ran back, closing the door.

“Who exactly are you? ” He lanjin thought to herself. The scene just now was too unbelievable. She had no choice but to look at Qiao Hanye. She wanted to see through him, but unfortunately, she couldn’t see through him at all.

In Jiang City, there was no such person as him.

“Come in. ” Qiao Hanye did not answer her, but said to the door.

A figure pushed the door open and came in. He lanjin saw the doctor who had bandaged her in the hospital come in and said respectfully to her, “Miss He, I’ll check your injuries for you. ”

“thank you. ” He lanjin was puzzled, but she did not refuse.

Qiao Hanye’s appearance seemed to have broken some kind of situation. There was a mysterious light on his body, so obscure that it was hard to see through.

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