Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Chapter 14 didn’t dare to look directly at his legs


He lanjin watched as those people rushed forward. She raised her long legs and swept them away.

However, the luxury car that brushed past her just now suddenly turned around and drove back. When she attacked, the luxury car rushed over and knocked three bodyguards away. The car rotated 180 degrees and crushed the bodyguard who had just taken the lead.

The car door opened. She kicked the bodyguards who were chasing her away and turned around to jump into the car.

“Hiss. ” She jumped into the car. She lost her balance and crashed into the left side… …

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, a hand reached out and held her chin. The man’s handsome face that looked like a sculpted sculpture appeared. The sunlight was a little hazy, but there was an additional sense of mystery.

“It’s you, ” He lanjin blurted out.

“You were so eloquent yesterday. Why are you in such a sorry state today? ” Qiao Hanye asked in a deep voice.

He lanjin felt her cheeks flush red. She did not dare to look directly at his legs. She turned her face away and said, “I like it, can’t I? ”

Qiao Hanye heard and looked deeply at her drenched body. Her clothes were stuck to her body, and her exquisite figure was faintly discernible. He said thoughtfully, “Oh, so that’s how it is? ”

“You! ” He lanjin followed his line of sight and looked. Her breathing rose and fell. Her chest was faintly discernible.

She quickly reached out to wrap her arms around her chest, but the man took off his coat and threw it at her, covering her body.

The man’s cold black eyes looked at the bodyguards who surrounded him and said to the driver’s seat in a deep voice, “go and deal with it. ”

“Yes, ” Han Beicheng answered respectfully.

He was just curious who this miss he was. She was arrogant and domineering yesterday, but today she was being hunted down. It seemed that the he family’s water was as deep as Qiao Hanye had said.

Hotel, presidential suite.

Qiao Hanye saw that her clothes were soaked, so he took the opportunity to send her to the hotel.

Seeing that she was about to fall, he grabbed her wrist with his back hand and touched it with his well-defined fingertips. His handsome face darkened slightly, and his whole body was emitting a chill. He said coldly, “dirty tricks. ”

He could obviously see that she was drugged.

“I’m fine. And… Thank you for just now, ” He Lanjin said casually and gently pulled back her wrist …

She struggled to get up and looked at her soaked clothes, which showed her exquisite and graceful figure. She unnaturally pulled her transparent coat and said, “I’m going to take a shower. I’ll pay you for the hotel later. ”

Qiao Hanye was silent. He turned around and opened the wardrobe. He took a shirt and threw it to her. He lanjin took the shirt and walked into the bathroom.

Soon, Han Beicheng came back. He heard the sound of running water in the bathroom. He quickly walked to Qiao Hanye’s side He said in a low voice, “master, the person has been taken care of. He’s the person of President Huang of the tiichang group. According to… according to my investigation, he Wenqing has something on President Huang. That’s why he sold his daughter for glory. He wants to send miss he to President Huang so that President Huang can help him get through this difficult time. ”

“This is the detailed information of the he family, ” Han Beicheng said and handed the information over.

Qiao Hanye took it and flipped through it. His gaze fell on a certain spot and he said, “son preference. ”

“He Wenqing is addicted to alcohol and is greedy for money. Now that the Lu family has suspended their wedding, he’s desperate to find another master. He almost sold miss he out. ” Han Beicheng could not bear to see he lanjin’s strong appearance He actually had such a scumbag father.

“spread the information that Nan Feng found to the media, ” Qiao Hanye said in a deep voice. He took the lighter and burned he Wenqing’s information.

“Yes, ” Han Beicheng replied and left.

After taking a shower, he lanjin walked out while wiping her hair. She saw Qiao Hanye Lazily leaning against the Sofa with his eyes closed to rest. The sunlight penetrated through the curtains and enveloped his body. His perfect outline was so beautiful that it was suffocating.

He lanjin stopped wiping her hair. She pulled at the wound on her back and forgot about the pain.

“Have you seen enough? ” The man’s bewitching voice sounded like he was intoxicated.

Ps: Hey, you got into the male lead’s car. What is this Haha.

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