Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178: Chapter 1179, Epilogue 5


“Okay. ” Qiao Hanye looked at her excited face.

He was silently happy. He deliberately let Qiao Zhenting make this call. Otherwise, why would she go out with him so easily She was a crazy workaholic.

“Hanye, let’s go. ” She packed her things, washed her face, and tied her hair.

Just as she opened the door, she saw the two children sitting on the luggage, waiting silently.

“Let’s go? ” They immediately asked. They looked like they were about to fall asleep, which made he lanjin’s face full of black lines. She thought that this was arranged by Qiao Hanye, but no matter who arranged it, they must not wait until Qiao zhenting came back from his trip.

Qiao Hanye put on his clothes in an orderly manner and strode out, carrying his suitcase along the way.

“Hanye. ” She had just sat in the front passenger seat and watched the child playing in the back seat. She stared at Qiao Guoshiye with her phone in her hand and said in disbelief, “Cao Fengshi and my big brother are going out to play. ”

“One is my big brother, and the other is my second brother! They are both workaholics, but the two of them are actually holding hands to play. Don’t you think it’s a little strange? ” He lanjin asked, a little shocked.

Two men going on a trip alone This.. Isn’t this too… …

Cough, cough. He lanjin lowered her eyes silently and looked at their wechat moments. She had imagined a lot of scenarios, but Qiao Hanye reached out and knocked on her forehead, asking, “what are you thinking about? ”

“What am I thinking about? ” He lanjin said.

Qiao Hanye drove the car and received a message from Shangguan Zhi. He said that he had just tested he lanjin 1888 times and confirmed that there was no more poison in her body fluid. The blood disease had been completely eliminated.

“Ah Jin, I’m very happy, ” Qiao Hanye said in a deep voice.

Although Shangguan Zhi was busy, he still did not forget about he lanjin.

Although the blood disease had been mostly removed at that time, it was still a little harmful He had been taking the detoxification pills that he had made all these years, and he was finally fine now.

“What’s wrong? ” She asked.

Qiao Hanye reached out to hold her hand and hugged her body.

“drive carefully. Don’t be distracted, ” he lanjin said in a low voice. She had guessed a thing or two from the man’s words, actions, and laughter. She could finally let go of the stone that she had been suppressing in her heart.

Who wasn’t afraid of death She was no exception.

Ever since they got married and had children, they all wanted to live longer. They wanted to be by their loved ones’side and enjoy the joy of family.

“Does GRANDPA know? ” She asked.

Qiao Hanye lowered his head and kissed her forehead. He hugged her tightly and drove the car with one hand. “Shangguan Zhi will naturally tell GRANDPA. Ah Jin, I’m very glad. ”

With her, he had the whole world!

Huanhuan sat in the backseat with a milk candy in her mouth. She stared at it and said, “I want a hug too. ”

Qiao Hanye listened and immediately pressed on the side. He raised the screen in the back seat to isolate the back so that the two “lightbulbs” could not see anything.

“Hanye, you! ” He Lanjin glared at him.

At this moment, Cao Fengshi called her and said that he was out on business with his big brother. The scenery there was good, so the two of them went for a walk together.

“So you’re going on a trip with big brother? I thought you found a wife, ” she teased.

Cao Fengshi’s Pale face was now red. He said, “what nonsense are you talking about? I’m still young, so I’m not in a hurry. If you want to hurry, you can hurry big brother. ”

“How would I dare? If he’s unhappy, he’ll want to tear my bones apart, ” he lanjin said.

Qiao Hanye did not hear what was said on the other end of the phone, but he heard he lanjin laughing all the time. Although they had been separated for many years, they were not unfamiliar with each other after recognizing each other. In fact, their relationship had become even better.

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