Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176: Chapter 1177, Epilogue 3


Zhao Yuyi saw that he did not take the key and said, “the House I bought cost less than 300,000 yuan. You did something to it, so you paid for more than half of it, right? ”

“I… Where did I get the money? ” He Wenqing was exposed, and he could not keep his face …

Seeing Zhao Yuyi’s unhappy look, he quickly admitted, “I only… have that little money. As long as you’re happy. ”

“I eat spicy food, ” Zhao Yuyi said.

He threw the key to he wenqing and turned to leave. When he turned back, he saw he wenqing holding the key and crying. He looked very pitiful.

Zhao Tianming was waiting for him very well. Even though he knew that he was not his son, Zhao Yuyi did not have any other thoughts.

The he family was indeed rich and powerful. The old man had personally come to talk to him, hoping that he would return home. However, Zhao Yuyi was not in that position. He had learned medical skills, so naturally, he wanted to save more patients.

“I’ll go and cook for you, ” He Wenqing said. He ran in the rain with the key and umbrella in his hands. He even forgot to open the umbrella.

He left in a hurry. His figure became more and more blurry in the rain. Zhao Yuyi did not feel good.

“got it. I’m fine. ” Zhao Yuyi returned to his office and received a call from he lanjin. He said in a low voice, “I’m fine. He’s… He’s fine too. ”

“Are you sure you don’t want to come back? Zhou Ling gave birth to a child. I’m afraid Shangguan Zhi won’t be able to handle it. ”

“Hanye means to let you manage the hospital. Do you want to consider it? ” He lanjin said.

No matter what, they were still family, even if they didn’t say it out loud.

“No need, ” Zhao Yuyi said. He hesitated for a moment and said, “I’ll go back for the old man’s birthday this year. ”

He lanjin’s heart relaxed when she heard this. She said, “If he knew, he would definitely be very happy. Actually… Dad has always wanted to… forget it. Let’s not talk about this. ”

She had never changed her words. She still called He Wenqing “Dad. ” Whether it was just a slip of the tongue or the kindness of raising him, she should have done the same.

“I know, ” said Zhao Yuyi before hanging up the phone.

In the scenery garden

He lanjin sat at the side and watched Huanhuan stare at her.

“What’s wrong? ” She asked.

Huanhuan put the bottle aside and threw herself into her arms. She said in a childish voice, “Mommy, you have to treat daddy well. ”

He lanjin was upset. She said, “when have I not treated him well? ”

“hehe. ” As she listened, she threw herself at her and kissed her.

After kissing her until her face was covered in milk, he lanjin immediately lifted her up and placed her on the bed. As she watched her roll around, she almost fell off the bed.

He lanjin held her little bottom with the back of her hand and lifted her up.

“Wow. ” She immediately became happy and waved her little hands.

Now, she liked mommy more and more. So she was like daddy and could lift up Although Huanhuan was only two years old, she already had her own ideas.

“little sister. ” At this moment, Lele walked in.

They all called each other by their nicknames. According to Qiao Zhenting, the Qiao family could only name their children after they were three and a half years old. This meant that the children raised by their nicknames could grow up quickly.

“Okay. ” Huanhuan was so happy that she ran towards him barefooted, her face full of happiness.

The two children accidentally bumped into each other.

“Daddy. ” When they bumped into each other and almost cried, their tears rolled out. When they saw Qiao Hanye’s figure, the two children blinked their tears back.

This scene was so magical that he lanjin almost screamed.

“Go out first. Daddy has something to talk to mommy about, ” Qiao Hanye said in a deep voice. The two children eagerly went out.

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