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Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Chapter 10 gay is so magnanimous, and he even offered himself to her?


He Wenqing asked immediately, completely ignoring the fact that she was “injured. “.

Last night at the hospital, she saw that she crashed into the news. She didn’t expect that her parents’attention was actually on he ruoxue. They didn’t even know that she was injured so badly.

“I. . . I. . . I almost died in a car accident last night. ” He lanjin’s voice was choked with sobs. Before she could finish her words, the medical record in her hand fell to the ground …

“Lu Zifan… He is with Ruoxue. Mom, didn’t you see the news… They betrayed me. ”

“Ah Jin. ” Tang Zhilin heard her cry and saw that there was “blood” oozing out from her “serious injury” gauze. Her heart ached as she hugged her and said, “why are you covered in injuries all over your body? ”

He Wenqing was a businessman. Everything was for profit. When he saw that he lanjin was injured, he was so angry that he wanted to give her a few slaps. He asked angrily, “after so many things have happened, you still dare to sell alcohol and self-harm? ”

“And you, what exactly are your intentions? Didn’t you say that Lanjin misunderstood you and Lu Zifan last night and ran out to fool around with another man in anger? Look at her, does she look like that? ” He Wenqing said as he threw the medical record over.

He ruoxue was scolded so badly that she forgot to cry. Originally, she had successfully “sold her misery” and cried to win their sympathy, but she did not expect he lanjin to actually come back with injuries and ruin her plan, causing her to be scolded. She felt indignant and looked at he lanjin hatefully.

Why was he lanjin the little princess and she was living under someone else’s roof? Why did she have to look at their faces Why Moreover, at the end of the day, he lanjin was still the most painful one among the two old fogies of the he family

“Ah Jin, I thought you had gone to do something stupid. I was worried for the whole night. You misunderstood me and brother Zifan. There’s really nothing between us… ” he ruoxue immediately burst into tears. She looked at he lanjin pitifully and explained …

“You still lied to me at a time like this. I saw those photos last night. I was going to fulfill your wish, but you said in front of my parents that I was fooling around with a man. Ruoxue, you are really my good sister, ” he lanjin said in disbelief.

“You’re my best friend, and YOU’RE MY SISTER! You and Lu Zifan messed up the toilet in the nightclub. What do the people of Jiang City think of our he family now? ” He lanjin threw her bag on the ground and stepped forward to slap he ruoxue down.

He lanjin grabbed he ruoxue’s neck, and he ruoxue’s eyes rolled back as she struggled.

“sister, you’ve misunderstood me. I was with my boyfriend last night, not brother Zifan… ” he ruoxue immediately explained when she saw that he lanjin’s expression was not right …

The two elders of the he family, who were standing at the side, suddenly felt a headache coming on. They immediately stepped forward to stop the sisters

However, he lanjin graduated from a military academy. She was very strong, but her strength was controlled properly. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t break it open. …

“Xiaoxue. ” At this moment, a figure rushed in and pushed he lanjin away.

He lanjin took advantage of the situation and fell on the SOFA. The blood hidden in her arms spurted out, dyeing her clothes red.

“Ah Jin, Ah Jin, how are you? ” Tang Zhilin saw the situation and immediately let go of the hand that was holding he ruoxue. She quickly helped he lanjin up and asked with a pained expression.

When father he saw who it was, he was so angry that he kicked her and frowned in disgust. “Get out. My he family’s territory is not something you can come to. ”

“Zhao Yuyi, why are you only here now? Sister wants to kill me. She wants to kill me. ” He ruoxue cried pitifully. Her hair was in a mess as she hid in Zhao Yuyi’s arms.

Zhao Yuyi appeared to help her out. This was what Lu Zifan had agreed with her at the police station!

He wanted him to be her temporary boyfriend and help them out of this situation. He wanted to settle the relationship between the Lu and he families and send Zhao Yuyi Away with a sum of money after taking down the he family!

The most important thing was that he lanjin usually looked down on Lu Zifan, saying that he had nothing but skin. Last night, she had suspected that everything was he lanjin’s scheme. She did not expect that she would be so sad and crazy today, crying so much. It seemed that she had really misunderstood.

“Miss He, you have misunderstood Xiaoxue. Last night, I was with Xiaoxue, not young Master Lu! It’s all my fault for being drunk. If there’s anything, come at me. Don’t make things difficult for her. ” Zhao Yuyi stepped forward After protecting he ruoxue, he knelt in front of the he family’s parents and told them about last night’s nightclub in shame.

Looking at him protecting he ruoxue, she was stunned Could it be that gay people nowadays were so magnanimous? Her man had slept with a woman in front of her, and now he came out to rescue her?

Just how good was Lu Zifan in bed that both men and women were willing to wash his name clean?

He lanjin suddenly had a bad taste in her heart. If one day he ruoxue found out that this man and Lu Zifan were a pair of true love, what would she do… …

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