Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 the passionate betrayal in the toilet


Jiangcheng, Winter!

As night fell, the city lights lit up, and the snow fell in disorder!

The streets on a snowy night were like an empty city, but the luxurious nightclub was filled with a luxurious atmosphere amid the noise.

In Room 888 of the Presidential Suite, he lanjin woke up in a daze in front of her desk. She found that her fianc�� and best friend had disappeared, and she was a little puzzled. She had promised to throw a Bachelor party for her tonight, but why was she the only one left?

Thinking of this, her stomach hurt so much that she did not think much about it. She got up and walked towards the bathroom.

She pushed the door open and walked in. Just as she was about to wash her face, she heard the sound of a man panting. She looked at the word “female” pasted on the wall and boldly took two steps forward. She saw two men hugging each other and passionately kissing each other on the toilet bowl in the small cubicle that was half-closed.

“Baby, hurry up. ” The man was panting non-stop. This voice was so familiar that it was like a bolt from the blue, waking her from her drunken stupor.

She had never dreamed that Lu Zifan, who was going to be engaged to her the next day, would actually be gay Although the two families did not reject gay people, they had already decided to form a marriage alliance. In the future, the person lying next to her would be a gay person who had even “performed a passionate act” in front of her. When she thought of this, she could not help but feel disgusted.

Out of the blue, she took out her phone and turned on the video recording. She looked at the flashes of love and passion on the screen, just like how the he family was now, in the depths of Hell Her heart sank. She resisted the urge to vomit, but her little hands were trembling with anger.

Halfway through the video recording, she heard the door of the ladies’room being pushed open. The sound of high heels approached from afar, and she subconsciously hid in the dark.

“Zifan. ” The woman’s delicate voice was heard, and she gave he lanjin a blow on the head. Her entire body seemed to have been struck by lightning, and the blood in her body congealed. When she heard the sound, she looked over and saw her best friend, he ruoxue, approaching her.

Lu Zifan, who was almost having a g-wave in the bathroom, pushed the man under him away and held back his desire to raise Ku Zi. His tone carried an imperative tone as he comforted her, “I’m just playing along with her. You know that. Don’t ruin it. When the time comes, you’ll have your own benefits. ”

Then, with a bang, Lu zifan slammed the door of the cubicle behind him. When he ruoxue appeared, he quickly flashed behind her and hugged her. Then, he covered her mouth and pressed her body against the cubicle door He said ambiguously, “baby, aren’t you afraid that he lanjin will find out that you asked me to come here? ”

“…”He Lanjin’s pupils continued to dilate. Her phone fell down and hit her foot, landing quietly on the carpet. This he ruoxue was actually sleeping with her fianc��.

Lu Zifan was really amazing. Not only did he sleep with men, but he also slept with women. He was really a young master from a famous family in Jiang city.

He was so angry that he flew towards he lanjin and watched this scene.

He ruoxue said in a delicate voice, “Zifan, AH, don’t you think that the toilet is more exciting? Moreover, he lanjin is as drunk as a dead pig right now. How would she find out? ”

He Lanjin, that idiot, had been drunk by her. She was so happy that she thought it was really a celebration for her.

He ruoxue bit her lips and exhaled as she whispered in Lu Zifan’s ear. Then, she looked at the handsome man in front of her with her seductive eyes. This young master from a famous family in Jiang city should be hers. How could he lanjin, that idiot, be worthy of her.

Lu Zifan heard the words of the woman who was wrapped around him. He looked at the woman who was intoxicated and looking at him. Then, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

“You want to play? Then your husband will fulfill your wish, ” Lu Zifan said and deliberately pressed down on her body.

He Lanjin, who was standing in the dark. When she heard the disgusting conversation between the two, she was so angry that her forehead was jumping. She wanted to kick the two to death.

However, the moment she wanted to jump out, she suddenly heard some movement in another small cubicle. The noise woke her up at the same time.

He lanjin quickly calmed down after being awakened by this person’s action. She could not be impulsive. She wanted to see the two of them and find out what else she did not know.

“Ah… you’re the worst. ” He ruoxue’s eyes were blurred by Lu Zifan’s superb tricks. She wanted to be relieved immediately, but Lu Zifan did not give it to her for a long time. He ruoxue could not help but become anxious.

Seeing her anxious look, Lu Zifan deliberately hung up on her and said seductively, “have you investigated everything that I told you before? Did you get the thing? ”

Hearing this, he ruoxue immediately woke up a little. She reached out and tapped Lu Zifan’s chest. “honey, don’t worry. I’ve already investigated the things that you told me. I’ll definitely get the information when the time comes. ”

Hearing this, Lu Zifan finally revealed a sincere smile of praise as he looked at the intoxicated woman below him.

He ruoxue was seduced by him, and she was as wild as she could be.

“As long as you follow our plan and expose the secret of the he family’s influential family in Jiang City during the engagement banquet tomorrow, then the he family will have completely offended the entire circle of influential people. The he family will lose their trust in the influential people of Jiang City and will definitely go bankrupt. At that time, you can try to turn the tide and the he family will be yours. And our marriage will still continue. At that time, the mistress will have to be changed, ” he said Lu Zifan looked at he ruoxue and said with an unclear meaning.

Her eyes lit up when she was toyed with by him. At that time, she would be the person in charge of the he family, and she would be able to marry zifan openly. Then, she would be Mrs. Lu, and he Lanjin, the proud daughter of the heavens, would become a rat crossing the street Thinking of this, he ruoxue revealed an even more determined viciousness.

He Lanjin, who was standing in the dark and listening to everything, heard the conversation between these two B * Stards who were scheming against the he family. Her feelings of betrayal were greatly reduced by the scheming and scheming of this shameless B * stard couple.

Shameless people were invincible. Not only did this B * stard couple sleep together and betray her, they even wanted to plot against her he family. This was simply intolerable.

He ruoxue, this good friend, was taken as an adopted daughter by her parents and raised for ten years. She was taken care of like her own sister and gave her everything. Now, she was secretly conspiring with Lu Zifan to plot against the he family Even an ingrate would not dare to do this!

He lanjin’s exquisite little face turned from anger to coldness, and her almond-shaped eyes shone with coldness.

At this moment, he ruoxue was getting more and more excited as her beautiful eyes filled with greed. The he family was hers, and he lanjin would become her prisoner. Thinking about this scene, every pore on her body revealed a sense of comfort. “Zifan, you… ”

The two men and women, who were immersed in passion, thought that there was no one else in the toilet. While they were scheming viciously, they acted as if there was no one else beside them.

At this moment, when he lanjin heard this kind of unrestrained voice, her anger had already disappeared. Her eyes shone with a calm and profound look. He lanjin’s almond-shaped eyes instantly glanced down at the bottom of the toilet. The messy clothes immediately gave her an idea.

Then, she quietly observed the two small cubicles without anyone noticing. He lanjin put away the phone that had successfully recorded the video. Then, she gently walked out and picked up all the clothes that had fallen on the ground and wrapped them up.

She hung the words “He Ruoxedin / Ku” on the door handle of the cubicle and quietly left.

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