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Chapter 868 - That’s Not a Good Habit

Chapter 868: That’s Not a Good Habit

“Ah Kai, walk with Qiaozhi and get to know Bozhi.” Song Jiang quickly pushed away Sheng Kai, who was filled with hatred.

“Yes, Godfather.” Sheng Kai turned around and held Song Qiaozhi’s hand. The two of them walked out of the banquet hall to get some fresh air.

“Was that on purpose?” Song Qiao Zhi leaned against the fence and asked.

“How else would Godfather believe that I hate the Sheng family?” Sheng Kai raised his head and felt the cold wind all the way into his limbs. “He can handle it anyway.”

“That brother of yours is really a god. He was able to handle such a situation with ease.” Song Qiaozhi had seen everything clearly just now. She was amazed at Sheng Xiao’s adaptability, eloquence, and imposing manner.

“Wouldn’t all women choose him?”

Song Qiaozhi was slightly stunned. She could hear the hidden meaning in his words and laughed lightly. “Look, when men like you get jealous, don’t you just say whatever you want?”

“Sheng Xiao is indeed a rarity among men. He’s hard to come by, but I don’t like a perfect god like him.”

Sheng Kai’s expression was slightly unnatural. After a while, he said softly, “That woman once told me that she likes the strongest man.”

“I don’t have a hero complex. I just think that every soul is extraordinary, don’t you?”

Song Qiaozhi’s smile did indeed have the ability to heal people.

Sheng Kai unconsciously fell into it, but he knew that this shouldn’t be the case.

“With Sheng Xiao’s money, he could have a group of women, but he happened to like a little girl.”

“I’ve seen her before,” Song Qiaozhi said. “The girl who came with Feng Shanshan for checkups feels like Sheng Xiao. She’s not someone to be trifled with.”

Sheng Kai let himself be drenched in the drizzle for a while to regain his senses. Then, he said to Qiaozhi, “Go in. I’ll accept all your sarcasm and insults tonight.”


At the cocktail party, Sheng Xiao and Song Bozhi were still locked in a heated argument. However, based on Sheng Xiao’s level, not only was Song Bozhi not tall enough, his eloquence also put him at a disadvantage.

Although the guest could do as the host wished, Sheng Xiao had no intention of conceding at all.

However, Song Bozhi was very competitive. The more Sheng Xiao refused to yield, the more he regarded Sheng Xiao as his opponent.

Out of a sudden, he was quickly interrupted by a call.

Noticing it was from the little one, Sheng Xiao’s face immediately softened, completely different from his fierce look just now. He then said to the guests who were chatting, “Sorry, I have to take this call.”

With that, he left the crowd and walked toward the hotel’s garden.

When Song Bozhi saw this, he smiled with interest. It was not a good thing for a man like Sheng Xiao to care so much about a woman.

This was because people were the most afraid of having a weakness, and Sheng Xiao’s weakness was not small.

In the garden, Sheng Xiao held his phone while feeling a little helpless. This was because when he left the house this morning, he had already said that he would be home late tonight. This cocktail party would not end until ten o’clock.

However, when she picked up the phone, she asked, “I miss you. When will you be back?”

Sheng Xiao raised his hand to look at his watch. It was only a little over eight o’clock.

It was completely intentional on her part.

“There’s still a while to go.”

“It’s so boring to face those people. Master Xiao, your son said that he wants you to come home quickly.”

“At least till nine o’clock.”

“But there’s thunder at home and my parents aren’t back yet. I’m afraid to stay at home alone.”

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

This person wasn’t afraid of a rotting corpse or a ruptured hea, but she was afraid of thunder?

“Stop fooling around. I’ll try my best.”

With that, Sheng Xiao ended the call and returned to the guests. When Song Bozhi saw this, he walked up to Sheng Xiao and smiled warmly. “I did guess that Madam Sheng isn’t sick. Looks like I’m right.”

“Do you always rely on intuition when you do things? That’s not a good habit,” Sheng Xiao replied.

“Speaking of which, Sheng Kai still owes my father a cup of tea. You should witness it together.”

Sheng Xiao did not hear what Song Bozhi said because he could actually hear the sound of thunder. In the afternoon, Mama Sheng did say that she would go to her class reunion with Papa Sheng tonight, so the little one was indeed alone at home.

With that thought in mind, Sheng Xiao put down the champagne glass in his hand and said to Song Bozhi, “I think it’s better to leave your probing until next time. Anyway, there will be plenty of chances in the future, won’t there? My humble wife isn’t feeling well today, so I’ll take my leave first. Everyone will see each other often in the future, so I won’t say goodbye.”

“Is Madam Sheng really sick?”

“What has it got to do with you?” Sheng Xiao gestured to Xu Che and the two of them walked out of the banquet hall together.

When the guests saw this, they could not help but be surprised. “Why did Sheng Xiao leave?”

“Rumor has it that his little bride is seriously ill. It must be something to do with her,” one of the guests guessed.

“That’s true. She is his heart and soul. What’s there to care about at the banquet?”

A few words of discussion followed Sheng Xiao’s trail and disappeared into the night. The rain tonight did not seem to have any intention of stopping.

Song Jiang could not help sighing. He had originally prepared a program to see Sheng Xiao’s reaction, but in the end, he had left just like that.

But it did not matter. There was still a long way to go.

Sheng Kai’s tea had yet to be toasted!

He had to kneel down and greet his godfather before it counted.


It was only half past eight in the evening.

Mu Qiqi was alone at home, sighing. Although she was not really afraid of thunder, she was the only one in such a big house. She could not help feeling uncomfortable.

She had thought of calling Feng Shanshan or Lu Qianqian to relieve her boredom. However, at that moment, the door of the house suddenly burst open. Mu Qiqi propped herself up to look. Realizing that it was her man, she immediately stood up with bright eyes. It was not hard to see her joy. “Why are you back?”

“Someone made a call…” Sheng Xiao took off his coat that carried the cold wind and entered the living room.

Seeing that the house was empty, and that thunder rumbled and lightning flashed, he reached out and pulled her into his arms. “As expected…”


“Rather than drinking with a bunch of irrelevant people, it’s better to be home. It’s more interesting to see you making handicrafts.”

“Don’t think that I don’t know that you’re laughing at me.” Mu Qiqi took the opportunity to hammer Sheng Xiao’s chest.

Sheng Xiao hugged her and sat down, letting her lean against his chest. In front of the two of them were the new handicrafts that Mu Qiqi had just opened and had yet to get started on.

“Did you see Sheng Kai?”

“Yes.” Sheng Xiao hummed.

“Did you have a fight?”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Sheng Xiao did not want to bring those troublesome things home, nor did he want to worry her.

Sheng Kai was not worthy of her attention.

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