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Chapter 867 - Shh!

Chapter 867: Shh!

Song Bozhi’s words seemed to stir up the flames of war once again.

However, Sheng Xiao was a strong fighter. He was not afraid of such a provocation at all.

“Is that so? Then I really have to thank the Song family for treating my second brother as a distinguished guest. After all, everyone makes mistakes. There will be times when family members get lost. However, I believe that the dark clouds will disperse one day, and my second brother will also return home one day. Because sooner or later, CEO Song’s family will be criticized, won’t it?”

After hearing this, Song Bozhi was slightly stunned. Then, he laughed. “You sure have a glib tongue. You won’t take any losses at all.”

“I’m pretty good in other areas as well. Feel free to give it a try some other day.”

Seeing this scene, the people who were initially worried about Sheng Xiao finally relaxed.

Even though Sheng Xiao was already thirty years old and had a family, he was still as tough and difficult to deal with as he had been for ten years.

Initially, they had thought that the Song family would have the upper hand since they were so aggressive and even had the second son of the Sheng family in their hands. However, when they were in front of Sheng Xiao, they actually had no advantage at all.

“I made a lot of jokes with CEO Sheng just now. Please don’t take it to heart. You’re the guest of honor tonight. Please take your seat.”

Sheng Xiao was unusually calm because he knew that tonight’s show had yet to truly begin.

Not far away, Sheng Kai was standing beside Song Jiang. The injury on his face was especially obvious.

Their gazes occasionally met, but neither wanted to look each other in the eye.

That was because Sheng Kai was the meat on the grill tonight. What he was about to face was discussion and ridicule from all directions.

“Calm down. Don’t lose your composure,” Song Qiaozhi whispered in his ear.

“You’re not the one being humiliated. Naturally, you don’t need to panic.”

“What’s in it for me if you’re humiliated? I’ll be by your side,” Song Qiaozhi said gently.

Sheng Kai was a little surprised, but he relaxed a little. It wasn’t like he had never fought against Sheng Xiao before. What was going on with him now? Couldn’t he do it?

Song Jiang brought Sheng Kai around to greet the guests. From time to time, he would mention this beloved godson of his. However, everyone knew that Sheng Kai was a member of the Sheng family and that he had fallen out with them to the point of irreconcilable enmity.

Song Jiang did this because the Sheng family did not mean anything to him.

A moment later, Song Bozhi introduced Song Jiang to Sheng Xiao. “This is my father, Song Jiang.”

Song Jiang looked at Sheng Xiao with a hint of a smile on his face. He had always looked kind on the surface, but he had done so many evil things in secret that even he himself could not figure it out.

Sheng Xiao also smiled faintly and said, “We’ve had some dealings, haven’t we, Old Mister Song?”

Sheng Xiao’s words hid a deep meaning. Whoever was not in the game would not understand it at all.

Song Jiang really liked how extraordinary Sheng Xiao was, so he said, “With a grandson like President Sheng, the old man of the Sheng family can really spend his old age peacefully.”

“You’re a VIP today. You must drink a few cups later.”

“Oh right, Sheng Kai… come over and say hello to President Sheng.”

Song Jiang turned his head and said to Sheng Kai.

Sheng Kai knew that he couldn’t hide, so he took two steps forward and stood beside Song Jiang. He looked at Sheng Xiao, but no expression could be seen in his eyes. “CEO Sheng, long time no see.”

“This old man has been talking about you a lot recently. When you’ve had enough fun, go home.” Sheng Xiao was out of character. There was no sarcasm and no hostility. He was the younger brother, but he spoke softly to Sheng Kai as if he was older.

It was also because of his attitude that Sheng Kai was given a way out.

Sheng Kai originally thought that he was going to be burned by the flames, but Sheng Xiao’s rain had dampened his heart.

“With the Song family’s background in education and finance, you can learn a lot. Having a godfather to take care of you saves me from having to worry, don’t you think so, Old Mister Song?”

Song Jiang did not expect Sheng Xiao to play such a trick. He had been showing off outside for a long time, but he did not expect Sheng Xiao to end up using the fact that his brother ran away from home in a mischievous manner.

“Ah Kai is very outstanding. As his godfather, I have high hopes for him!”

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.” Sheng Xiao acted like he had entrusted him with the task and like they were a big family. Then, he said to Sheng Kai, “Of course, if you want to go home, let me know.”

The two brothers seemed to have returned to their initial state. There was no hostility and no conflict.

However, Sheng Kai knew that since he was on Song Jiang’s side, he had to stand his ground and take the initiative to attack. Otherwise, should he get schemed against, he would not even have the right to speak.

Therefore, he sneered and then said sarcastically, “I still can’t forget everything that happened in the Sheng family. President Sheng, you seem to have forgotten it quite quickly.”

“There’s no place for me in that family. Everyone’s fate is in your hands. Go home? My family is in the Song family. It was Godfather who gave me a chance to be reborn. Since the Sheng family doesn’t want me, why are you putting on a show now?

“Therefore, I won’t forget what the Sheng family did to me, and I won’t dare to forget it.”

Sheng Kai’s sharp reply pushed Sheng Xiao to a whole new level.

Song Jiang blinked. He did not expect Sheng Kai to give him a surprise at a time like this.

Look at Sheng Xiao. He was being criticized by his own brother. Could he still say anything?

Everyone looked nervously at the atmosphere between the two brothers. Could the Song family really suppress Sheng Xiao?

However, Sheng Xiao chuckled and maintained his demeanor as the head of the family. “It’s good that you remember this. I do too. If Changrong Electronics can also advance by leaps and bounds alongside Zhongteng, I think it’s worth your remembering of this hatred.”

“Sheng Xiao!”

“Shhh!” Sheng Xiao made a shushing gesture to remind him to stop. “Old Mister Song and CEO Song are both modest gentlemen. Since you’ve learned everything, why not learn a little more patience?”

“Or are you saying that you haven’t made any progress in the few months you’ve been at Changrong Electronics?

“Then I don’t think the Song family has been very good to their adopted son.

“Speaking of which, I also thought of something. The employees of Changrong Electronics don’t seem to have good psychological quality. If you really want to improve, I’ll lend Zhongteng’s team to you to try.

“The Song family is in the education and finance business. How can they be too busy to help with this?”

His words were sharp.

Sheng Xiao brought up Bai Xinyi’s case and also revealed the Song family’s intention to control Sheng Kai.

Since they wanted to provoke him, they couldn’t blame him for being vicious.

After all, he was a righteous person. Was he afraid of using such unorthodox methods?

Song Jiang’s expression changed. He knew that Sheng Kai couldn’t provoke Sheng Xiao anymore. Otherwise, the matter might really escalate too far.

“CEO Sheng, this is a huge misunderstanding. You and your brother are the same. How can you bicker at such an occasion? We’re all family…”

Sheng Xiao lowered his head, his brows sharp. When he raised his head back up, he looked at Song Jiang, his expression showing a clear intention.

Was the game over?

Song Jiang’s mouth twitched. He finally understood what kind of level Sheng Xiao was to be so difficult to deal with.

If they could not even handle such a level, perhaps tonight’s arrangement would not be as they wished.

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