Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 836 - This Damned Man Knows How to Act Cool

Chapter 836: This Damned Man Knows How to Act Cool

“You’re willing to go crazy to this extent just for me?” Sheng Xiao stood in front of Mu Qiqi and was slightly resigned to his fate.

“Do you know how much damage it would do to my body if I got rid of the child?”

Of course, Sheng Xiao knew that he was just angry at himself. “I just don’t want you to have to take care of a child at such a young age. You still have a lot of youth to enjoy.”

Mu Qiqi did not answer him. Instead, she grabbed his warm palm and placed it on her lower abdomen and said to him, “Feel it. This is our child. I don’t care that I’m not even 22 years old. Even if I were only 20 years old now, I’ll still want it. This is our child. I can’t bear to… remove it.”

Sheng Xiao gradually pulled her into his arms. “What should I do with you?”

“Just listen to me. I want to give birth to the child. This is our child.”

Mu Qiqi’s tone was very determined and she was filled with hope.

If it were any other woman at this age, the first thing they would consider would be their own studies, their own future, and even the fact that they would no longer be able to go around freely, feeling that their lives were completely bound by the child.

However, Mu Qiqi was not afraid of these problems at all because it was their child.

Of course, Sheng Xiao was reluctant to hurt her body, but he also did not want her to be tied up by the child and make such a big sacrifice for him.

So, that night, Sheng Xiao could not sleep…

This was the only thing in his thirty-year-old life that could make him stay up all night. All that was left in his heart was guilt and heartache.

The next day, Mu Qiqi woke up from Sheng Xiao’s embrace. Seeing the exhaustion in his eyes, she could not help but reach out to touch the corner of his brows. “Have you thought it through?”

“You can continue to think about it, but I won’t abort the child.

“I know I’m still young, but I’ve already thought about it many times in my mind. After the child is born, will it be a boy or a girl? Will it look like you or me? I think it’s a very magical thing because this means that we’ll never be able to part with each other.

“Xiao Xiao, let’s keep this child, okay?”

Sheng Xiao did not say anything. He just leaned closer to the little thing and kissed her gently. “I’ve already asked Xu Che to make an appointment. We’ll go for a check-up later to make sure.”

“Promise me that you won’t give up on the child…”

“Of course I want it. I want you and I want the child.”

An abortion was extremely harmful to the mother, so even if Sheng Xiao had his doubts and his heart ached, one night of thinking was enough for him to see clearly which direction he should take in the future.

Mu Qiqi was finally relieved when she received this answer. She quickly reached out and hugged Sheng Xiao. “Master Xiao, you’re going to be a father.”

Her words felt unreal to Sheng Xiao because this child had come too unexpectedly.

This proved that he could not lower his guard at any time.

“Get up.”

“Carry me up.” Mu Qiqi leaned into his arms and whined.

Sheng Xiao got up and carried her into the bathroom. He did not dare to put her on the sink, so he could only let her stand in front of the mirror. From behind, he carried her and took care of her while she washed up.

Being surrounded by a tall figure, Mu Qiqi smiled and her heart warmed. “From now on, we’ll wash up like this. It’s very safe.”

Sheng Xiao rinsed his mouth with his right hand while his left hand wrapped around Mu Qiqi’s neck. When both of them had finished washing up, Sheng Xiao finally turned Mu Qiqi around and he carefully instructed her. “Since you’re pregnant, you can’t be like before. You have to walk carefully and be careful when using knives. I’ll apply for your leave from school. You can’t smell those strange smells and poisonous gases.”

After Mu Qiqi heard this, she hooked her arm around Sheng Xiao’s neck and nodded vigorously. “Yes, sir.”

The two of them had not gone to the hospital for a check-up, so Sheng Xiao did not tell his family about this.

While the two of them were washing up, a small incident happened. At around 8:30am, the Hanwen Group welcomed the police.

Papa Feng could not help but tremble…

When Feng Wen saw this, she did not dare to say anything. How could she have known that the lousy policeman that her whole family despised really had connections with the people from the tax bureau.

“I’m sorry, Chairman Feng. I’ll have to trouble you to make a trip,” the leading police officer said to Papa Feng.

When Papa Feng heard this, he felt his mind go blank and he collapsed to the ground.


At nine o’clock in the morning, Sheng Xiao brought Mu Qiqi to the gynecologist.

The doctor saw that she was so young and smiled. “You’ve decided to be a mother at such a young age? Do you like children?”

“I don’t like other people’s children. I like my own,” Mu Qiqi replied in a relaxed tone.

“Come in. I’ll take a good look at you.” The doctor with a loving face arranged all the examination items for Mu Qiqi.

Sheng Xiao waited outside the door. When Xu Che saw this, he could guess what was going on.

“Is Young Madam… pregnant?”

“From now on… her safety is in your hands.” Sheng Xiao looked at Xu Che solemnly. “I don’t trust anyone else.”

“Okay.” Xu Che only had one word to say to that.

It wasn’t easy for Sheng Xiao to say the word “trust.” So, Xu Che swore in his heart that he would never betray the CEO’s trust in his life.

A moment later, it was time for the ultrasound.

Sheng Xiao followed them into the ultrasound room. Mu Qiqi lay on the bed and Sheng Xiao saw the cold instrument swimming around Mu Qiqi’s abdomen.

In the middle of her womb, there was a small dot. It was their little mix of DNA.

“Congratulations, the baby has been here for forty days. It’s this small dot. It will quickly grow in your belly.”

Mu Qiqi’s eyes turned red as she looked at the screen. It was confirmed. She was pregnant with Xiao Xiao’s child.

“You’re still new parents, so go back and read more parenting books. The things you need to take note of are also in the books. Congratulations to you two.”

After the examination, Mu Qiqi pulled down her clothes and patted her belly.

This was where their baby was.

When Sheng Xiao saw her, a corner of his heart seemed to have been violently tugged. Then, he helped her up.

“Xiao Xiao, I’m really pregnant, really!”

“Silly thing.”

“This is the baby’s first picture.” Mu Qiqi held the picture in her hand and could not stop smiling. “I really want to tell the whole world…”

“You can’t tell anyone except your family,” Sheng Xiao reminded her. “You must go to fewer risky places in the future. Also, don’t go near people who are dangerous.”

“When a father becomes a father, his mouth will be broken.” Mu Qiqi excitedly stayed in Sheng Xiao’s arms.

“Xiao Xiao, are you happy that I’m pregnant? Are you?”

“Yes,” Sheng Xiao answered coolly. This was because men always hid their feelings deep in their hearts. It was impossible for them to say it out loud.

“Are you really happy?”

Sheng Xiao did not answer this time. Instead, he hugged Mu Qiqi even tighter.

Mu Qiqi smiled in satisfaction.

This damned man knew how to act cool.


“In the afternoon, I’ll go to your school. You can rest at home.”

“Mm.” Mu Qiqi answered simply because she was a little reluctant to part with him. However, it did not matter. After the baby was born, she could still go back and continue doing what she loved.

“Idiot.” Sheng Xiao read the emotions in her eyes and rubbed her head. After the school had dealt with it, there were still the Sheng and Shen families to inform. There was still a lot of work to do.

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