Forced to Date a Big Shot

Chapter 372 - What Happened?

Chapter 372: What Happened?

Seeing the youngest commander leave, the principal could not help but sigh. He was indeed professional. It was such a hot day and it was only the first day, yet he went to inspect.

Moreover, the instructors who came to the military training had brought blankets. They would not go out during the half a month of closed training.

I heard that General Xiang also brought the blanket?

Does this mean that he will keep observing?

Xiang Huai, who had been praised, was wondering where the little kid was training. It was such a hot day. Could he find a reason to bring the little kid away?

What if she got burnt?

Of course, even though he thought this way, he would not do it.

After all, how could his little kid not be able to endure this bit of military training?

He was just thinking that if the little kid got tanned… his heart would ache.

“Tie the belt tight!”

Two young instructors. One was surnamed Li and the other was surnamed Zhang.

Instructor Li had a serious expression on his face. He was checking if the military training uniform had been properly put on. The belt had to be tightened to make one more energetic.

Xue Xi stood on both sides with her hands crossed. Her posture was straight and she was standing in a military stance.

However, in her mind, she was thinking: How can I bypass the firewall of that system and not trigger the alarm system? Which book talks about it?

Half an hour of military posture was definitely enough to make others tremble, but to Xue Xi, it was nothing.

To her, time passed very quickly.

The students also stood there for half an hour. When the instructor was finally satisfied with their attire, the instructor instructed, “Everyone, stand at attention! Rest for ten minutes! You must stand properly when I whistle. Do you hear me?”



Following this, the group of girls bent down and quickly loosened their belts.

They were wearing such thick clothes under the sun. Their clothes were drenched in sweat.

Li Zixia loosened her belt and said, “I hate sweating so much. Oh my god, how are we going to survive these next few days? Look at my belt. It’s drenched in sweat!”

Although she found it unreasonable, she did not give up.

Xie Yingying was still doing fine, but she was also exhausted. Walking to Xue Xi’s side, the four of them found a tree and sat down. Xie Yingying said, “Sister Xi, were there so many people buying water? Why are you late?”

Liu Zhao said guiltily, “Xue Xi, it’s all my fault. If I hadn’t gone to the washroom, I could still have waited for you, or even stood with you as punishment!”

The moment she said this, Li Zixia said, “Aiya, it’s nothing much. It’s not strange. Alright, alright. I have money. After the military training in the afternoon, I’ll treat you guys to a big meal!”

Xue Xi shot a glance at Liu Zhao and turned to look at Xie Yingying. She asked, “What did you guys do after I went to buy water?”

Xie Yingying said, “Li Zixia accompanied me to buy chocolate and asked Liu Zhao to wait for you. She said that everyone should head straight to the field after buying, that we were not to wait for the others. It won’t be good if you’re late again.”

Liu Zhao lowered her head. “I’ve been looking at the door. I didn’t see you guys, so I thought that you guys had yet to leave. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have acted on my own and waited. It’s all my fault for being inexperienced… Sorry, Xue Xi.”

Xue Xi: “…”

Liu Zhao’s words were too ambiguous. No matter what she said, she was too calculative. In the end, Xue Xi was punished for half an hour.

She did not speak.

It was neither forgiveness nor withholding forgiveness. Instead, she stood up, picked up the water she had bought, and walked toward the sports students’ class.

Xue Xi had red hair. Although she had tied it up and hid it under her cap, she still exposed it. Moreover, during the meeting, Xue Xi had stopped He Gao. Hence, the moment she went over, the sports students started cheering.

“He Gao, someone is looking for you!”

There was also someone sitting under the shade of a tree and whistling, causing the rest to laugh as they joked, “He Gao, come quickly. Don’t let the beauty wait!”

Their words made He Gao, who had his back facing Xue Xi, turn around.

The moment he turned around, he frowned and said in frustration, “I said that I’m not interested in your type.”

Xue Xi: “…”

She passed the water to He Gao. “Here.”

He Gao: “?”

When he did not answer, Xue Xi kept raising her hand.

The two of them clashed.

After they’d been staring at each other for five minutes, the military training was about to start. A coach in their class blew the whistle, and He Gao then took the water and casually threw it at the spot where the boys had gone to rest. He then turned around and walked to join the team.

Xue Xi also turned around in time.

The two classes were very close to each other. While He Gao’s instructor was whistling, Xue Xi’s Instructor Li was also whistling.

The girls stood up from the shade and ran toward the team.

Xue Xi stood at the front of the second row.

Instructor Li started getting everyone to report the numbers. He frowned as his gaze landed on Xue Xi.

Just now, when he and Instructor Zhang had returned from the washroom, they saw Xue Xi giving water to the boy from the neighboring class.

They were still university students, so it did not matter.

However, they’d heard three girls discussing under the tree. Xie Yingying and Li Zixia had their backs facing them and did not see anyone.

Liu Zhao was facing them, but she did not seem to see them. She was saying in a low voice, “What should I do? I feel that I did something wrong. I shouldn’t have gone to the washroom and let Xue Xi be punished. She didn’t even speak just now. Sob, she must be blaming me.”

As she spoke, her eyes turned red.

Li Zixia coaxed, “Alright, Sister Xi won’t take such a small matter to heart.”

However, Liu Zhao continued, “No, Xue Xi is so arrogant since she scored full marks in the college entrance examination. She is such a formidable person. In her opinion, it will be embarrassing for her to be punished by two soldiers who have not even finished high school…”

Just as Li Zixia was about to say something, Liu Zhao suddenly spotted the two people and hurriedly said, “Stop it. The instructors are here.”

Li Zixia and Xie Yingying hurriedly changed the topic.

Both Instructor Li and Instructor Zhang were very young. They looked like they were not even twenty years old. When they introduced themselves and said that they had been soldiers for three years, it meant that they had not finished high school.

Instructor Li’s expression changed instantly.


This was Huaxia University, the best university in the country. Did they have to look down on them?

Hence, Instructor Li’s expression was very ugly.

He shouted, “Xue Xi!”

Xue Xi remembered the discipline of military training. She had always been a person who abided by the rules and regulations, so she immediately stood to attention. “Here!”

Instructor Li chided, “This is military training, not a place for you to pursue love. Please take note of your image! Moreover, who allowed you to return to the team?!”

Xue Xi: “?”

Didn’t he say that they would be punished to stand in a military posture for half an hour if they were late?

She was stunned for a moment and saw Instructor Li pointing ahead. “If you haven’t received any orders, you cannot return to the team. You’ll now be punished to continue standing. When your standing posture is sufficiently accurate, you’ll return to the team!”

The military training had just started this morning and everyone’s military postures were not standard. If they were to stand in the standard way… they would probably have to stand for the entire morning!

This punishment was ruthless.

Moreover, by making her stand in front, the teacher would know that Xue Xi had been violating the rules.

At this thought, Liu Zhao’s lips curled up.

Xue Xi did not understand why Instructor Li suddenly harbored such malice toward her.

However, this was military training. Obeying orders was her duty.

Hence, she stood in front.

She stood up straight. She had always been a good student. Her posture was straight, her chest was puffed out, and her posture was very standard.

Instructor Li and Instructor Zhang started to manage other people. They let everyone stand for a while before starting to teach them how to march.

Half an hour later, everyone rested again.

After the instructor called for a rest, Liu Zhao hurriedly said, “Look at Xue Xi. She must have been studying hard and has never encountered any difficulties in her studies. She must be exhausted!”

The moment he heard that, Instructor Li’s anger, which had been appeased, returned.

Just as Xue Xi was about to relax, she heard Instructor Li say, “Xue Xi, continue standing!”

Xue Xi: “?”

This was a malicious targeting.

She said, “Report!”


“Why should I continue to stand?”

Instructor Li’s attitude was very cold. “There’s no why.”

Xue Xi: “…”

She immediately said, “Sir, I think you have ill intentions toward me.”

Instructor Li sneered. “I have ill intentions toward those who don’t train well and only think about chasing boys. Stand properly and don’t move!”

After saying that, he turned around and prepared to leave.

At this moment, everyone exclaimed.

Everyone turned around and saw Xiang Huai circling the training ground and finally walking over. He was wearing a camouflage uniform and saw Xue Xi the moment he arrived. His expression turned cold. “What happened?”

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