Fatal Shot

Chapter 698 - City Building

Chapter 698: City Building

“Don’t cheer too early! The map extracted from the terminal is just a structural image and not a realistic map.”

“Even if it is a spaceship, it is still highly possible that it has been driven away by someone, and the only thing left is the launchpad!”

When he first thought that a spaceship was in the middle of the ruin, Feng Luo felt excited for a little while too, but he quickly realized this.

“That’s right… How could we forget this?”

After Feng Luo’s remark, everyone’s excitement died down.

Indeed, the structural image may show that but, no one can guarantee that it has remained that way.

The spaceship might have already been driven away by the NPCs of the base, and the launchpad might be the only thing left.

The launchpad might even be gone too!

Who knew? It might have already been blown up to prevent the “rebels” from chasing them.

It was simply too early to be excited about it right now!

“We have to go and check it out!”

Everyone looked at one another and understood that they were all in agreement.

A spaceship that might exist is simply too meaningful for anyone, no matter the player.

If they could really confirm that a spaceship existed in the ruin… Then, even if they failed to find the A-2 research base and complete their mission, it would still be fine.

However, it is extremely difficult to get to the zone with the spaceship.

The distance between them and the zone with the spaceship was approximately five kilometers. However, if there were twists and turns along the way, the total distance they would have to travel is over ten kilometers!

With such a long distance, it was guaranteed that they would encounter a lot of monsters and it would be very dangerous. They will need at least a few hours to get there.

“Why don’t we turn around and travel along the desert? Since we already know the position of the spaceship, we will only need to drive the SUV for half an hour before getting there!” Burnt and Run suggested.

“We can’t do that. The clock has just struck midnight. It is the peak period for creatures in the Death Desert to come out and forage for food. Moreover, the SUV causes too much of a commotion, the noise it generates might attract a lot of monsters in the surrounding area!”

“However, many of the monsters underground would have surfaced at this time, and the number of monsters down there should be lower compared to that during the day. So, going there through the underground route should be even safer than from above!”

Feng Luo shook his head as he answered.

“Brother Feng is right. Although we may not be able to see well underground, with Mu Zi’s Legendary-Grade recon meter, detecting the monsters in advance won’t be as hard. Moreover, in an environment like this where there are so many corridors, there’s a lower chance for us to encounter monsters.”

Mu Zi nodded in agreement.

“That’s right, as long as we don’t encounter a boss monster, we will be alright as we can still fight a Level-70 Commander-Grade monster… The only thing we need to worry about is encountering a horde of gregarious monsters. Actually, we should be able to handle that too… We still have the Ambergris, the rare material dropped by the Sand Whale Commander earlier on.”

Rose Thorns said as they raised their shields.

“That’s right, the Ambergris is able to chase away all the gregarious monsters living in the desert, right? I almost forgot about it!”

Hearing Rose Thorns’ words, Dai immediately remembered, evident from his facial expression.

The main reason being the name, Ambergris. [1]

However, its smell was really very “special”. She smelled it once before and that was more than enough! She did not want to be reminded of that smell ever again!

“Why don’t we vote? Should we head towards the zone with the spaceship right now?” Feng Luo asked as he looked at the others.

The results? It was a unanimous decision to go there right now!

Inspired by what One Pillar Skyward once said, they had to at least go there and take a look. To see if there really is a spaceship in the zone…

In the dark, underground corridor, the group slowly moved forward towards the zone with Terminal using his tools to illuminate their surroundings, allowing them to see where they were going better.

Holding Wings of Death, Feng Luo walked in the middle of the group. His incredibly sharp eyes took in everything around him. He remained on high alert in case any monsters that had the ability to hide from Scouts’ detection ability decided to ambush them.

At the same time, his mind was racing with many thoughts and worries.

Perhaps with the help of the NPC’s army, we might be able to completely explore this ruin.

At the same time, if we do this correctly, we might even be allowed to complete another important task together!

Maybe we will even get to build a city by ourselves!

As for Mu Zi and the others, after seeing the markings on the map that indicated the area of the ruins with the spaceship, the first thing they thought of was to explore this remarkable underground ruin and obtain all the treasures hidden in it!

If it were the old Feng Luo, he might have had the same thoughts as Mu Zi and the others!

However, after he saw the map earlier on, a different thought filled his mind.

Could he use this underground ruin to build a city?

The reason Feng Luo thought of this?

Even though he is still a solo player, he is also the boss of Nightless City!

The handover agreement by the big boss was already in effect and now, the entire Nightless City belonged to Mu Wu and him.

After discussing with Mu Wu, the two of them decided that Nightless City would become independent and eventually break out of Lu Conglomerate City in a few days.

Naturally, Nightless City Club would also exit Lu Conglomerate City in the game!

However, after they moved out of Lu Conglomerate City, where would Nightless City’s base be?

This was certainly going to be problematic.

At first, Mu Wu wanted to base it in Storm City. They would wait a while and when Nightless City had enough funds, they would build their own guild base just like Lu Conglomerate City!

Mu Wu looked quite confident about this plan!

Feng Luo had initially agreed to this plan.

However, when he saw the underground city map, even before he noticed the existence of the spaceship, Feng Luo felt that the ruin would actually be a nice place to build their city!

Building a city on top of a ruin would definitely reduce the amount of capital they would need to build the base of their guild. Moreover, they would be able to build the city a lot faster.

Although it is an underground ruin, it was wide enough. It was even comparable to the size of a second-tier city and only a little bit smaller than Storm City — a main city!

Since it will be a military base, building a city there would mean that they would not need to worry about defense or expansion issues in the future!

On top of that, the ruin was located in the depths of Death Desert, a zone with the highest-level monsters, its future potential is fairly good too.

Transportation in war will be quite convenient and there is no monster density requirement in the surrounding area when players decide to build a city. However, since Boss monsters are too powerful, building a city in an area with high monster density might also mean it could be destroyed in an instant.

Nonetheless, the higher the risk, the higher the return!

One should know that even though the game had many high-level maps containing Level 50 to 60 monsters, top-level maps that contained many Level-70 monsters were certainly much rarer.

Players’ average levels are still low right now so the demand for Level-70 maps is still low. Nonetheless, it is evident that with the introduction of the Force, players’ levels will naturally increase. Before long, these Level-70 maps will quickly become important resources that would be in high demand but are of low supply!

If Nightless City Club could initiate building a city there, they will naturally get a head start in occupying top-level maps.


[1] In Mandarin, the term for Ambergris has the word that means fragrant. This is why the author says that the name “Ambergris” implies that it smells nice.

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