Fatal Shot

Chapter 646 - Decline, Leave!

Chapter 646: Decline, Leave!

“Mr. Feng, we can also auction out the T-Virus Permanent Strengthening Potion and the Thunder’s Eye Sniper rifle for you at no cost, and another two items of similar types with the exact procedures. Like Huan Yu, to provide you with a variety of raw materials for manufacturing needs, in this regard, Xing Kong, with a greater market share, would have a larger say than Huan Yu.” Upon noticing Feng Luo’s prolonged silence, Xiao Luo Shui frowned, but hurriedly repeated what he said from before.

“Permanent Strengthening Potions, Thunder’s Eye, the first mass-produced Rare-Grade Sniper Rifle.” Once that line came out of Xiao Luo Shui’s mouth, Black Rose and Lonely Galaxy, the two people off to the side, who just regained consciousness after being stunned from “10 billion,” again revealed some shock.

Whether it was the T-virus Permanent Strengthening Potion or Thunder’s Eye, it had caused quite a stir among players, many especially wanted to know who were the two players who were behind these two items.

However, Huan Yu was highly confidential about customer’s information, especially about these two items that were related to their development strategy, so no one had been clear about this situation.

However, the line that Xiao Luo Shui had just mentioned was clearly stating.

Whether it was the Permanent Strengthening Potion or the Thunder’s Eye, they were both related to Feng Luo, hence it was stating that the player responsible for these two items was the same person.

“Wow, I really couldn’t imagine. Although I knew that Mr. Feng was running a gun shop, he was the manufacturer of Thunder’s Eye and the initial Permanent Strengthening Potion was related to him as well…” Black Rose awoke from her shock, as she softly spoke.

Lonely Galaxy, who was beside her, did not say anything, after the shock in his eyes dissipate, it instead took on a new special taste. On closer inspection, this taste should be jealousy.

“I’m sorry… Chairman Xiao…” After a moment of silence, Feng Luo still shook his head in the end.

While the conditions that Xiao Luo Shui raised were attractive and generous. However, since he had made a promise to Sister Rui, Feng Luo would not break that contract.

Although it was extremely unpleasant, under the unspoken circumstances where it was never mentioned, the sudden attack by the Xing Kong Company was making him feel a little uncomfortable about this situation and conversation with Chairman Xiao Luo Shui.

“Mr. Feng… You can directly raise any conditions that you want, as long as you can allow us to auction off this Boss chip, we would agree to anything that was within our capabilities.” Xiao Luo Shui frowned, this time he raised her hands to remove the large sunglasses from her face.

Exposing her naturally flawless face, a pair of thick drawn slender eyelashes, and with a doubtful squinting ingress eyes.

Xiao Luo Shui’s appearance, after taking the sunglasses off, was indeed gorgeous. After making eye contact with her, even Feng Luo was distracted for a short while.

Lonely Galaxy, who was standing beside them was also stunned for a moment, but Black Rose, who was similarly shocked, naturally did not observe this.

Xiao Luo Shui’s face was only an aspect of this well-developed technology, which was able to create a so-called perfect face with not much difficulty, especially for a game that provided plastic surgery services as well, this was easily changed.

However, one’s qualities would still be unable to be forged.

Xiao Luo Shui’s qualities were likened to the natural elite, where the commoners would feel ashamed of themselves after taking a look at her.

In contrast, whether it was Phoenix who was charming but becoming as cold as an ice hill after “transformation,” or Sister Rui, who had the wildness of a soldier while wearing a camouflage uniform and having the look of superiority while wearing the office attires, was still slightly inferior.

“Chairman Xiao, I’m sorry. Because I have created at a contract with Huan Yu recently, I am unable to give it to Xing Kong to be auctioned off.” Feng Luo stared into Xiao Luo Shui’s eyes and after the two looked at each other for a few more seconds, he shook his head again.

Xiao Luo Shui was not angry, but she only continued to use her bright and clear eyes to look towards Feng Luo, as she seemed to be pondering about something. “I’m sorry, it suddenly occurred to me that there was another important thing that had to be done at once. President Xing Kong, Miss Black, I’m sorry, but I have to leave first. I sincerely apologize, next time you all come over to Storm City, I will treat everyone here.”

Feng Luo suddenly raised his head and turned to look at Black Rose.

“Ah? Mr. Feng, the dishes had been served, why not finish eating first then do what you wanted to do afterward?” Black Rose was stunned for a moment, before blurting out.

“No, the task is more important, it is regarding a mission, and it needs to be settled urgently, I’m very sorry.” Feng Luo shook his head, as he stood up.

“But…” Black Rose stood up, as she seemed to have something to say.

“Then, Mr. Wind, let’s send you off, but you don’t have to say anything. Sorry, we should be the ones who are sorry actually. You will be very busy these few days, we should not have disturbed you from the start, you being able to take out time to attend the dinner has already made us very thankful.” Lonely Star stood up afterward, as he spoke with some regret, his voice was coincidentally interrupting Black Rose’s dialogue.

“10 billion credit points… Did he not overly hesitate before rejecting this price? He even chose to leave directly after, not allowing us to re-bargain about the price… In Hound’s information, he was still just a regular player who only had just a few million dollars in credit stake two months ago. Although he had gained many objects these past few days, would his total assets be exceeding 50 million Star Coins? He was able to resist the temptation of 10 billion credits?” Looking at the back view of Feng Luo leaving, Xiao Luo Shui frowned.

“Chairman Xiao, I thought that we should not have used this type of means to discuss with Mr. Feng about this.” Green Plum Boiling Wine, who was holding a document file in front of her, carefully looked towards Xiao Luo Shui, who was talking to herself, as he said made this point.

“Well?” When Xiao Luo Shui turned and looked towards her, her eyelashed moved, as if she signaled Green Plum Boiling Wine to continue talking.

“Chairman Xiao, when you used to talk about business in the capital star, the people whom you faced would be businessmen as well. Therefore, we would pay attention to only the interests, and intuitively; and only mention the star currency, as long as the bargained price that was to be given was high enough, the two sides would certainly be able to conclude.” Green Plum Boiling Wine took a breath, as she stared into Xiao Luo Shui’s eyes, as she seemed to have made a huge decision in saying this to the chairman.

“But players like Mr. Feng are not businessmen. For them, something else is more important perhaps. For example, allowing Lonely Galaxy to invite him to dinner, then talk about forming a contract might have made him uncomfortable…” After Green Plum Boiling Wine finished talking, her heart was still beating.

To be honest, two days ago, she was still just a regular salesman in Storm City for Xing Kong Company.

Just yesterday, after meeting this Miss Xiao, who only took on the new appointment for barely a week and had an extremely powerful means to win the controlling interest of the Xing Kong Company from the founding team, was directly selected as Xiao Luo Shui’s assistant.

Although this made an ordinary worker like her extremely happy, she was still a little cautious about this new chairman, who was considered by many to have some authoritarian characteristics.

“Is it?” However, after hearing the words Green Plum Boiling Wine just said, Xiao Luo Shui was, surprisingly, not angry, but instead was pondering with huge consideration.

Formerly in the capital star, because she was the most core member of the Xiao family, and the top of the main branch of the heir as well, she was usually successful in any business negotiations.

To put it bluntly, she was hardly required to conduct basic business negotiations in person before but only required to take the general direction.

When she reached the 17th Administrative Planet, it was different, especially in the family meeting where she made a bet with that person where they must produce results in the 70th Administrative Star’s War, but because she was worried about finding any hiccups, she did everything by herself. “You’re right, I did make some mistakes this time. Little Shadow, the reason why I chose you as my assistant, was because I have seen your experience in the company’s first-line sales where there were no poor evaluations from any of your customers. You can cover the areas which I am most lacking in… in the types of areas that I am not as good in, I hope you can directly remind me.”

“Yes, I can do that for you.” Xiao Luo Shui thought for a while and finally sounded out, allowing Green Plum Boiling Wine to let out a huge breath, feeling relieved.

“However, since he had left immediately, it shows that his determination to give his items to Huan Yu is still very high. Even if I’m quoting a real psychological cap, I won’t be able to get this Boss chip. As for how to deal with Huan Yu’s auction this time, it looks like we need to return and renew the contract, place this on the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting.” Following that conversation, Xiao Luo Shui’s face was still a little disappointed as she stated.

In Xiao Luo Shui’s mind, the true value of this Boss chip was not simply just 10 billion credits.

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