Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 1277 - Emotions

Chapter 1277 – Emotions

A retiree, Old Cao, is watching TV at home. An advertisement is playing and two animated characters who look like Junior school students. The characters quickly grow up, and the school bags become briefcases, and they started walking in separate ways out of the screen.

A few words appeared on the empty screen. “Chinese Web. Find the people you miss.”

A website address appeared for around five seconds.

This advertisement used the popular animated advertisement style from Feng Yu’s previous life and sent out a powerful message in ten seconds.

Old Cao suddenly remembered his former colleagues in the factory when he was young. After the factory was moved, they had gone separate ways. It’s been 30 years, and they had never seen each other again.

All of them should be retired now, and Old Cao hopes to see them again to reminisce about their time together over drinks. It would be great if he can write them a letter or give them a call.

What is this Chinese Web? Find the people you miss? How am I going to find them? Old Cao also doesn’t understand what the website address means.

“Xiao Liang, Xiao Liang!”

“Grandpa, what is it? I am playing CS now.”

“Stop playing games. I saw an advertisement on TV about something called the Chinese Web. It claims it can help us find the people we want. Do you know about it?”

“I don’t know and have never heard about this before. Grandpa, why are your eyes red?” Cao Liang had never seen his grandfather cried before.

“I remembered some old friends who had lost contact for years and wondered if I can get in touch with them. When I saw the advertisement, I saw hope. Sigh… but how is this possible?” Old Cao sighed.

“Grandpa, what is the name you mentioned earlier? Chinese Web? I will help you search for it on the internet.”

Cao Liang switched off his game and went to Baidu to search for it. A site called Chinese Web and ‘Find the people you miss’ are written on it. This is a bold claim.

After clicking on the site, Cao Liang was prompted to register. It states this website helps you find the people you are looking for, and the more detailed information you enter, the easier it is to find them.

“Grandpa, come over for a while. When is your birthday, and where had you worked previously? Also, which school did you attend?”

“Why are you asking all these?”

“I am helping you register an account. It says all the information you provide can help others find you, and you can also use the information to find the people you are looking for.”

“Really? This is terrific. My first job is at a factor called XX Second Factory…”


“Eh, what is this Chinese Web? Da Ming, do you know about this?” A University student asked his roommate.

“How do I know? The flyer did not write anything?”

“There is only a website address and claims to help us find our former classmates, and we can get to know people from other schools. Eh, do you think I can get to know the prettiest girl from the Arts stream?”

“Get lost. Do you still want to know girls? If this website works, I will treat you to breakfast this week! If not, you will pay for my online charges and a bottle of Refreshing Cola!”

“No problem. I believe it will work!”

“Eh, the internet café is also giving out this website’s flyers. I think it might be possible.”

The university students saw every table with the website flyer, and the roommate wonders what if that prettiest girl adds his friend to the website?

I should also register, and maybe she will add me first.


“Professor, what are you looking at?”

“Xiao Feng? Have you completed today’s experiment?” Professor Ma looks at his favorite student.

“It’s completed, and this is the result. I had checked with my senior, and it should be accurate.” Zhou Feng passed a copy of the document to Professor Ma.

“Xiao Feng, do you know about the Chinese Web? I saw the advertisement on TV yesterday, and they are giving out flyers in our school today. Have you registered an account with it?” Professor Ma asked his student.

“Oh, everyone in our dormitory had registered. It is more interesting than Weibo as we know everyone. I even use this website to contact many of my former classmates.”

Professor Ma brightens up. “This website works?”

“Yes. It’s very simple. You only need to enter detailed information about yourself. The website will recommend people you might know to you. Also, you can search through its internal search engine. I noticed many people with the same name, and I even added two people who have the same name as me. If it weren’t for our portraits, I would feel I am chatting to myself. It’s quite interesting.”

Zhou Feng recalled playing on the Chinese Web at the Internet café yesterday. The website really works, and he found his former classmates and friends and even made some new friends.

“I would like to register too. I had lost contact with any of my former classmates.” Professor Ma continued with his studies after graduation and then remained to teach at the University. All of his former classmates had gone separate ways, and he wonders what they are doing now.

“I will help you with the registration. It’s quite simple.”


A young man saw the advertisement on TV and remembered his university times. After graduation, he started work and did not contact his female classmate in High school. He wonders if he can find her again on this website.

He immediately runs to the nearest internet café and registers an account. But after searching for a while, he could not find that female classmate. He lost his temper and banged on the keyboard!

The internet café staff ran over. “Eh, what’s wrong with you? You must pay if the keyboard is damaged!”

“This website is a scam. Your internet café is still promoting it? You all are also lying!” The young man shouted.

“What are you talking about? You had just registered on the Chinese Web and could not find the person you are looking for? Just think about this. You have registered, and she might not have registered yet. Be patient. Many people were like you yesterday, but they found the people they are looking for today. If you don’t believe me, you can ask around. There… that guy over there is one of them. Just wait for a while, and your friends might contact you in one or two days. At least you still have hope to find them with this website. Also, even if you are angry, you should not vent your anger on our property.”

The young man cheered up. Maybe that female classmate still had not registered an account. That means he still has a hope of finding her.

“Sorry… sorry… it’s my fault. The keyboard is still working. I will pay you if it is damaged.”

“That’s right. Just go and surf the internet properly and don’t lose your temper. If you cannot find the person you are looking for, you can try contacting other former friends, and they might have news or information. You don’t look stupid and should use your brains.” The staff taught the young man what to do.

“That’s right. Thank you… Give me a can of Qi Li. I want the Blue can. I must find her today!”

The advertisement moves many people as many of them have sweet memories of the past. Some people registered an account immediately, and some registered a few days later. Slowly, the number of registered users increased, and many users can’t leave this website!

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