Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Young master is young master

“Scram!”  Ye Yu Xi’s expressionless face gave an ice cold feeling to people.

Yang Wei did not move, but the four large men he brought slowly moved back before running towards the door.  The door was only half open and with the four of them pushing and shoving, it created a large mess.

Qing’er saw Yang Wei was still standing there, so her little eyes glared at him, “You’re still not scramming!  Are you waiting for my young miss to personally throw you out!”

Yang Wei’s legs kept shaking.  His lips kept trembling, but he didn’t have a chance to say anything.

Ye Yu Xi walked over to him in just a few steps and her hand gently grabbed Yang Wei’s shoulder.  Yang Wei’s body was sent flying in the next minute.

The four large men outside the gate looked up at Yang Wei flying through the sky and they couldn’t help sighing.  The young master is the young master. We had to run, but he can fly away…..

The old housekeeper watched Ye Yu Xi’s actions.  When Yang Wei was sent flying, a trace of shock flashed in the bottom of his eyes.  Only strength in the fifth spiritual level or above could achieve that effect!

“Where is the patient.”  Ye Yu Xi cut through the old man’s thoughts.

“Oh, please come this way, young miss Ye.”  The old man led Ye Yu Xi’s group to a bedroom.

Entering the room, there was a doctor inside currently diagnosing the madame.  He kept shaking his head and sighing from time to time.

“Doctor Zhou, how is my family’s madame’s illness?”  The old man saw Doctor Zhou’s reaction and his expression became nervous.

Doctor Zhou stood up and deliberately sighed, “Prepare some gold coins and buy some Blood Scattering Medicine from the pharmacy.  The madame still needs rest.”

Looking at the woman on the bed and looking at Doctor Zhou asking for money, Ye Yu Xi evaluation of him in her heart was only two words, quack doctor.

“Move aside.”  Ye Yu Xi walked over.

Doctor Zhou looked up at Ye Yu Xi and immediately recognized who she was, “I was wondering who was talking in such a firm tone, but it was the famous young miss Ye of Ningyuan City.”

“If I want you to move, you move.  Why are you talking so much! Haven’t you heard the saying that good dogs don’t block the road?”  Qing’er saw that Doctor Zhou was ridiculing her young miss and couldn’t sit still.

“Humph!  A waste like you wants to cure the City Lord’s wife?  She thinks that she is an alchemist!” Doctor Zhou walked to the side and allowed Ye Yu Xi to pa.s.s.

Qing’er narrowed her little eyes curled her lips.  With a snort, she said, “Moving because someone said so, truly a good dog.”

“s.l.u.t, what did you say!”  Doctor Zhou’s face turned a bit red.  After all, he was in front of the City Lord’s wife and the old housekeeper, he wouldn’t be able to keep his face if someone said something like this.

“I said that a good dog just moved aside, what are you so nervous for!”  Qing’er said while deliberately sticking out her tongue. She looked like she could drive someone made from rage.

“You!”  Doctor Zhou wanted to speak.

Dong!  Doctor Zhou’s body flew out of the window.

The old housekeeper saw Ye Yu Xi kicking Doctor Zhou out the window and said with a strange voice, “Young miss Ye, this is?”

“He’s too noisy.”  Ye Yu Xi said this while looking over at Qing’er who was bickering with Doctor Zhou.  Qing’er stuck out her tongue in fear, expressing that she wouldn’t talk anymore.

“Ai!”  The old housekeeper came into the yard and helped Doctor Zhou up from the ground.  With a sorry expression, he said, “Doctor Zhou, I’m sorry about today.”

“Humph, tell that cheap person that today’s matters aren’t over.  They aren’t!” Doctor Zhou had experienced that kick and knew that he couldn’t beat Ye Yu Xi.  He left a few fierce words before rushing away.

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