Emperor of Steel

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Reina’s Crisis 4

‘Keu, I’m sure that the princess is all black and blue right now, right?’

A grand seat with a superb view of the stadium.

An old man with a stiff physique buried himself in the gorgeous sofa and smiled viciously.

He was Lippie de Monarch.

He was the second most prominent prince in the Southern Empire, including the city of Lamer.

“You must have done well to the Red Reaper?”

The knight who was next to the Count answered coldly.

“I firmly paid the share he was promised and sent him to the Castia Kingdom.”

“Yes, good job.”

There was no evidence of the conspiracy.

No matter how stubbornly the princess protested, the bet was already placed.

“Any chance for any dumb mercenary riders to enter?”

“All the clans and mercenaries in the arena were informed not to intervene in the Duel. There will be no one willing to defeat the Count, the Lord of Lamer and the owner of the arena.”

“Good good! Now all I have to do is wait and see the results?”

It was three years ago when the Monarch had heard rumors about the princess.

It was the time when rumors about the beauty of the princess surfaced.

She was young and beautiful, above all, he could just go and place his hand on a prestigious princess.

Which was why he was looking for an opportunity to make her his own.

Knowing that Reina had a huge debt in the Imperial bank, he began to use the banking system and encouraged the Imperial bank to ask for repayment.

And the beautiful slender bird got caught in his trap.


“What is it that is making you feel so good?”

Count Monarch was laughing alone. The elder priest of a high class approached.

“Ah, Bishop Pascal!”

Count Monarch rose from his seat and greeted the elderly priest.

Pascal was a senior priest of the El Kassel, where Monarch invited him and played as a notary for the bet with princess Reina.

“If it is something good, can’t you let me know? Joy multiplies only when shared, right?”

“Hahaha, it isn’t such a huge deal. I just laughed…”

Bishop Pascal was a very knowledgeable man even in the dark world.

Had the Count said that he played all the things to ‘Want the princess for my own’, then he would have been completely against it.

He would have severely condemned the noble.

“Must have been hard for you, coming all this way.”

“It was. If I think about the donations you make every year, I wouldn’t mind using my legs to move.”

“Hahaha, don’t say those…”

Count Monarch was laughing outside, but he was feeling bitter inside.

The donations to the denominations were not in good faith.

Because of the gaining political and social recognition, he donated the money with tears in his eyes.

“But, when will the notarized fight begin?”

“We placed it to the last, as it is going to be the most exciting one.”

“Huhum, that so?”

The two men talked twice and then turned their heads to the arena where the ninth match was taking place.

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