Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 585 - Beyond the Demon Overlord

Chapter 585: Beyond the Demon Overlord

After the mist disappeared, the light of the entire Fertile Yuan Realm was greatly dimmed. Isabella and Chen Rui felt a strange squirming at their feet; they had been transferred out of the flower garden.

The Earth Elemental King squatted down and punched the ground. Countless yellow lights burst out from the place he punched, mixed with the dotted lights and rolled toward Zola like countless meteors. Before they got close, they were blocked by a halo and dissolved quickly.

The Fertile Yuan Realm was full of vast and vigorous power. Under Moore’s punching with a strange rhythm, the meteor attacks continued and became more and more fierce.

The halo on Zola’s body kept trembling and began to shrink gradually.

Chen Rui was shocked. He didn’t know why Zola and Moore would get into a fight, and he also didn’t expect Moore to reach the level of suppressing Zola after returning to the peak stage of the Demon Overlord, but now it seemed that Zola was in danger and it was urgent. A mask immediately appeared on his face.

Chen Rui’s figure appeared in the flower garden instantly. A powerful devour power surged out from the mask, and the entire flower garden’s magic and spirit power were instantly absorbed. This was the power of the God-Eating Mask which could devour all spirit power, magic power and soul attack. It was an effective nemesis to the magic.

However, to his surprise, after the power of [God Eater], the meteor and the colorful halo still did not disappear. Seeing that a terrifying pressure was about to swallow him, Zola and Moore acted at the same time to send him out of the Fertile Yuan Realm again.

“Don’t worry, both of them should not be battling to death.” Isabella, who had been observing the battle, said. Her power was not as good as Chen Rui, but her experience was much richer. “Did you just use the God-Eating Mask, 1 of the 7 artifacts? Although I don’t train in magic, I can see that what they cast is no longer ordinary spirit power or magic power, but the purest element power, so the God-Eating Mask can’t work.”

The theory of this world was that the elements were the basic units of matter, just like the atoms understood by Chen Rui in his previous life. The body was equivalent to a combination of various compound elements. There were only 6 basic origin elements: light, dark, earth, water, fire, and wind.

The principle of magic was to use spirit power to control elements, then convert them into various attack methods through magic power. In fact, whether it was a physical attack or a magic attack, according to the law of conservation of elements publicly recognized by the Demon Realm, any kind of attack was just to transform elements from 1 form to another or from 1 object to another. In this process, the initial elements would not change.

According to this principle, the power of this God-Eating Mask actually transformed spirit power and magic power into another relatively harmless form. However, the purest origin element power that Zola and Moore cast at this time had surpassed the scope of spirit power and magic power, so he couldn’t eliminate the attacks of both parties.

At present, in addition to the 6 Elemental Kings, who could directly use the power of elements in this way, there were also rare and super magicians such as Zola.

Isabella’s words made Chen Rui feel embarrassed. I’m not training in magic elements too, why can’t I tell? But since it’s not a desperate battle, I’m not that worried.

The meteor’s offensive became more and more fierce, and the halo in front of Zola was suppressed to the limit. The light burst all of a sudden. Yellow, blue, green, red, black, and white… and they finally converged into a 6-color rainbow on Zola’s head. Even though she was bombarded by the meteors in the sky, she was unharmed.

Moore slowly stood up. The meteors disappeared suddenly, and the 6-color rainbow on Zola’s head gradually faded.

“You can activate the power of pure elements that are close to the origin without an elemental heart. The fairy dragons really deserve to be the natural element controllers.” Moore revealed Zola’s identity as dragons in a sentence, “It’s just that…you actually trained [6 Elements Territory]?”

Zola replied faintly, “En.“

“Is it about to become a kingdom?”

Zola nodded, “Almost.”

“Amazing genius!” Moore’s tone appeared solemnly, “But do you know what path you are taking?”


“Do you really understand the difficulty of it?”


Moore was silent for a moment. A ray of light floating lightly appeared on his fingertips, emitting a faint yellow color, “Then… this should help you.

“The source power of earth!” As Zola looked at the yellow light, a trace of enthusiasm flashed across her purple eyes, “What price do I have to pay?”

Moore looked at Chen Rui, waved his hand, and the yellow light flew toward Zola, “Although the source power of earth is precious, it is nothing compared to the help he gave me and the earth elementals. Since you are his woman, there is no need to mention the word ‘price’.”

“Thank you.” Zola took the yellow light. With a move of her finger, it had disappeared, then she performed a rare solemn and simple courtesy to Moore.

Moore responded with the same etiquette and said to Chen Rui, “My friend, please forgive me for the abruptness.”

Chen Rui did not understand what the source power of earth was, but judging from Zola’s attitude, it should be a very important treasure to her. Moore’s previous moves were obviously testing with kind intentions. He immediately shook his head and said, “I should apologize for my poor eyesight. I sincerely thank you for your selfless help to Zola and Isabella.”

“Don’t be so polite,” Moore smiled. Although the features of the Earth Elemental King were “stones”, they were subtle and vivid which were incomparable to ordinary earth elementals. “Ms. Isabella, please come to the Fertile Yuan Realm to relax your mind. You will sleep here for 3 days, then stay for 3 hours a day after that.”

Isabella entered the flower garden according to his words. She gave a deep salute to Moore without saying much. Moore nodded in response. The small tree turned from the Fertile Yuan Soil in the center of the flower garden began to glow with colorful light. Isabella immediately felt tired. She did not channel the power to resist according to Moore’s instructions. Soon, she fell to the ground and fell asleep.

“Chen Rui, see you in 3 days.”

After speaking, Moore sat down under the small tree with his eyes closed. The small tree began to sprout little by little at a speed visible to the naked eye. The process was relatively slow. Isabella’s body was wrapped in colorful light like a big cocoon on the ground.

Chen Rui relaxed as soon as Isabella’s danger was alleviated. He left the flower garden with Zola so as not to disturb Moore.

Chen Rui felt that Zola seemed to be very emotional after getting the source power of earth. Even the “attribute” of fake daze could not be suppressed. He couldn’t help but ask curiously, “What kind of treasure is the source power of earth?”

This question caused Zola to be in a daze, “What?”

“What is your ‘path’ that Moore mentioned?”


“Zola!” Chen Rui said with dissatisfaction, “Are you despising my lack of strength? I know that you have been hiding many things from me.”

Seeing that the man was really upset, Ms. Fairy Dragon finally stopped fake dazing. She took the initiative to hug him and rubbed his face, “Don’t be angry, I didn’t mean that.”

Chen Rui glanced at her, “What?”

“I’m afraid you will be distracted. I will tell you everything when you reach the peak stage of the Demon Overlord.”


Zola, “Hmph…”

“Ouch!” Before Chen Rui finished using her trick against her, he was bitten on the shoulder by Zola, “When did you learn to bite?!”

“Isabella told me that it worked for a woman to do this trick to you.” When Zola spoke, his shoulder finally got out of the dragon’s mouth. Before he could react, she bit his neck again. Fortunately, there were no fangs or blood sucking.

Chen Rui’s expression was a bit bitter. Ms. Secret Intelligence has already started to stir up trouble before entering the harem. I’m afraid that the blood of the male protagonist will stain the altar of the crystal harem red.

However, under the training of Her Majesty Empress, he still had some experience in dealing with this trick, which was biting back.

Sure enough, after some kissing, Ms. Fairy Dragon melted into his arms.

“From the conversation between you and Moore, I heard that the path you have to go will be very difficult… I just want to help you.” Chen Rui stroked the smooth face of Ms. Fairy Dragon. “For example, the source power of earth that you received today. Moore said that you are training a 6-elements territory, so do you need the source power of the 6 elements?”

“Source power is the fastest way to let me realize and master the origin of elements. Otherwise, it may take tens of thousands of years or even a lifetime.”

“Is kingdomization a territory kingdom? What on earth is beyond the Demon Overlord? Believe me, my path is different from ordinary humans or demons. Perhaps knowing this in advance will have more benefits for me. “

Zola was silent for a moment as she thought of Chen Rui’s extraordinary “talent” and growth rate of strength, then she finally nodded.

In the common knowledge of the Demon Realm, beyond the Demon Overlord was a Demi-God powerhouse also known as Demon Supremo, but the real realm division was not like this.

Demi-God level was just a general term.

The real Demi-God level was divided into 3 stages, and there were huge differences in each stage.

The first stage: kingdomization of territory. This is the lowest threshold to enter Demi-God. The territory kingdom of the powerhouses at this level is still in its prototype. The Demon Realm calls it Demon Supremo while humans call it Super Saint.

The second stage: Establish a complete territory kingdom with believers, possess [Armor of Faith], and strengthen believers through faith power. Those who reach this level are called Demi-God.

The third stage: Condensing the prototype of Godhood is the highest level of Demi-God, which can be called Pseudo-God. At this stage, one can touch the edge of God. Once one can evolve the Pseudo-Godhood to a real Godhoo, and turn the territory kingdom into the Kingdom of God, then one can become a true god.

The fairy dragon family had a strong talent in magic, but the higher the level, the more difficult it was to progress, especially the bottleneck of the peak stage of the Demon Overlord. There was a very difficult territory kingdom method in the bloodline memory of the fairy dragon called the Kingdom of Elements. It was equivalent to using the power of the fairy dragon’s bloodline to build a territory kingdom with elements as “believers”. Elements were omnipresent. This kind of kingdom was far more powerful than others, but it was also the most difficult. It required an extremely deep understanding of elements’ origin. Even the fairy dragon family had only a handful of successful ones.

Zola chose not the single elements, but the complete element of 6 major elements. In the Demon Realm which lacked the light element, the power of the light element she realized was derived from the other 5 elements by using her terrifying magic talent. That was the reason the Earth Elemental King praised her as an “amazing genius”. [6 Elements Territory Kingdom] could be regarded as the most powerful territory kingdom, but the difficulty was also the greatest. Every time a type of element was added, the difficulty and danger of training would increase by multiple.

The elements’ source power was the essence of the Elemental King’s origin power. For Zola, it could greatly enhance the perception and danger of the Kingdom of Elements.

The reason why Zola possessed such great power was through harsh training.No one knew how many dangers and hardships she had experienced.

“Understood.” Chen Rui took a deep breath and kissed Zola’s forehead. He was secretly determined to help her get the source of the rest of the elements.

TL: Then isn’t Chen Rui at the Demi-God level since he can already use the [Armor of Faith], right?

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