Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 440 - Chapter 440: Victory! Nate’s Request

Chapter 440: Victory! Nate’s Request

Aucklo was a young Mammon Royal Family in his thirties. Although he showed considerable modesty in front of the 3 masters, his gaze toward Chen Rui’s eyes revealed unconcealed arrogance and contempt.

Aucklo did have a reason to be arrogant. He was young, duo-specialized, and from the royal family. His future was limitless. Of course, there were a lot of duo-specialized mechanics, but the duo-specialized mechanic masters were very rare throughout the Demon Realm. A word difference, but a huge difference. Besides the trio-specialized genius, Master Arthur, who shocked the Demon Realm, the famous duo-specialized were only the top mechanic master Nate and Horford, who appeared after that.

President Nate of the Bloody Empire Mechanic Association once said, “If Aucklo can continue to work hard and achieve great breakthroughs in duo-specialized, then his future achievements will definitely be higher than me.” Although this sentence was suspected to create momentum for the royal genius, Aucklo had never failed after competing with mechanics of the same level for many times. His talent was beyond doubt.

This reading hall was already full of mechanics. Although they needed to spend contribution points to be here, they might not be able to see this kind of competition between the genius and the “lucky guy” even if they had contribution points. Therefore, most people put down the book in their hands and consciously acted as an audience.

“Now, any mechanic present, please come up with any piece of equipment as an item for the test!” As soon as Juliet said it, many mechanics rushed to come up with their own proud works as they wanted to show their works to the 3 masters in order to attract more attention. Among them, there were also some people who bootlicked Juliet and Aucklo.

Juliet randomly selected 1 weapon, 1 armor, and 1 accessory. He placed them in the center of the table.

“Well, Aucklo, Richard, you can start now. There are no restrictions on tools or methods. The person who can identify the attributes of these equipment the fastest and most accurately is the winner.”

The noisy surroundings suddenly calmed down not only to avoid disturbing the 2 of them in the competition, but it was also a good opportunity for observation and learning for mechanics. However, almost no one was optimistic about the “lucky guy” Chen Rui.

When Juliet shouted, Aucklo had already taken out the corresponding instrument and began to test the attributes of the dagger. Appraisal was a high-level skill. In order to accurately identify each attribute in percentage without affecting the equipment, in addition to the proficiency and controlling of various test instruments, an experienced eyesight was also required because test instruments were more of data reference. Understanding and experience were the most important elements.

This excellent grade dagger was not the best in Aucklo’s eyes, but Aucklo still rigorously conducted tests to various degrees accurately without any tension or mistake under the watch of the crowds. Those mechanics secretly envied his devotion rhythm and his proficient technique in using the items. However, at this time, a very discordant voice sounded, “I’m done. Which master should I pass this result to?”

It was Chen Rui who said this. Everyone thought that they had heard it wrongly. He must be kidding! This guy didn’t use anything. He only went up and pretended to look at the 3 pieces of equipment. He even yawned and wrote a few lines on the paper. I thought he was doing a last minute preparation of formula before starting, but he already completed it? Do you think you are a master? No, even a master is not that fast!

As a result, not only Juliet and Aucklo, but even Mavinna were taken aback. Chen Rui said, “Alright, I will write 3 copies. One each for teacher, Master Mavinna, and Master Ju, lest anyone doesn’t admit defeat and do something to it when he loses.”

Chen Rui quickly wrote 2 more copies and handed them to the 3 masters. Mavinna and Juliet glanced at each other with solemn expressions. They walked directly to the table and began to appraise the other 2 pieces of equipment in Aucklo’s hands.

Juliet’s expression became more and more unsightly. He even couldn’t help taking the dagger from Aucklo’s hand to start the appraisal. Mavinna’s eyes were also constantly flickering with surprise. Only Master Turia stood aside calmly. He occasionally took a sip of wine to conceal his pride.

“Unimaginable genius.” Mavinna put down the equipment in her hands after appraising. She took a deep look at Chen Rui, and set her eyes on Master Turia, “You have accepted an incredible apprentice this time.”

These words almost directly half-determined Aucklo’s failure. Master Juliet’s face became extremely pale, but he said nothing. Aucklo couldn’t believe his ears. How is it possible? Isn’t the word genius exclusive to me?

Aucklo couldn’t be bothered about being rude. He grabbed the paper in Juliet’s hand, and saw that it really listed the attributes of each piece of equipment. Not only that, there were also the materials used for each piece of equipment, but some materials had an additional note: “I don’t know, my teacher hasn’t taught this yet.”

“It’s just a little talent.” Master Turia was very proud. He couldn’t show off in front of Mavinna, so he said a few words of humility. Chen Rui was not arrogant as well. He used his little maid wife’s obedient and submissive demeanour and stood respectfully behind Master Turia.

At this time, the paper in Turia’s hand was handed over to the surrounding mechanics. Someone read it out loudly. The 3 mechanics who took out the equipment were shocked. When the person read the additional note, many people laughed, but their gaze toward Chen Rui changed drastically.

No wonder Master Mavina actually used the 2 adjectives “unimaginable” and “incredible” consecutively. This guy named “Richard” did not become Master Turia’s disciple out of luck, but because he has a really extraordinary genius talent!

At this moment, Master Turia, who had been unknown for a long time, would perhaps be famous in the Bloody Empire. In other words, Master Turia was the lucky one who could actually find such a talented apprentice!

“Impossible! I won’t lose. It must be some cheating tactics you despicable guys used!” Aucklo yelled rudely. He had always been held up high, and he was used to be arrogant. Falling down hard now, the gap was unbearable for this so-called genius at the moment.

Master Juliet’s face was even more pale. I selected these 3 pieces of equipment. If Aucklo said so, isn’t he even scolding me, his teacher?

The mechanics around were not fools, and some people who usually disliked Aucklo shouted.

“Don’t compete if you can’t admit defeat. You even call yourself genius?”

“Shameful guy!”


These words triggered Aucklo even more, and he said angrily, “Richard! It didn’t count just now. If you’re a man, let’s compete again!”

The fact that Aucklo did not admit defeat made Chen Rui look down on him a bit. He didn’t bother to entertain such people.

Aucklo was fumed by anger for a while to the point that he was almost hysterically yelling, “I’m the most outstanding genius of the royal family. I order you, lowly Great Demon, to compete with me again!”

This sentence offended even more people. Majority of the mechanics were Great Demon, accounting for about 50%. The 3 masters were Great Demon as well. Suddenly, there was a burst of scolding.

Mavinna’s face became more gloomy. When Turia was about to voice up, Chen Rui said, “You made the 2 rings on your hand right? This one increases your physical strength and speed by 20% and 10% respectively. There is also a special material that seems to stimulate the male sexual function. I remember I just saw it on the information on this level. It’s called something like horny goat weed? The effect should be to treat male sexual dysfunction? Ah, what is this one? It can actually increase “limb” stiffness by 10%, endurance and stamina by 20%? Dear Demon God, what kind of rings are these 2! It doesn’t matter if we compete again, but what I suspect now is whether you are worthy of the word ‘man’ in some aspect if you throw away those nasty complementary items on you?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the rings in Aucklo’s hand. The horny goat weed that treats male sex dysfunction? Increase the stiffness of the “limb”? Increase the endurance and speed of physical strength recovery?

The whispers sounded one after another. The topics were all about the abilities of the genius’ male function. There was laughter from time to time including female voices.

Aucklo’s body trembled, and his face instantly burned red. He spouted a mouthful of blood and fell straight to the ground; he actually fainted.

Juliet also wanted to faint because 5,000 contribution points were almost all of his accumulation. However, with so many people as witnesses, especially with the presence of Master Mavinna, it was obviously impossible to go back on his words.

After this sensational Book Collection Hall competition, Aucklo became famous for some matter. Probably it would become a topic of discussion among idlers for a long time. What was certain was that this mechanic genius would not appear in the public for a while.

Of course, the most famous were Chen Rui’s “magic eyes.” These strange and talented eyes could not only accurately identify the attributes of the equipment, but also the materials used. Even if this newly-certified mechanic’s accomplishments in the rest of the aspect were messed up, his unique and powerful talent alone was enough to make him stand among the top geniuses most valued by the Mechanic Association.

The masters of the association began to envy Turia the drunkard. With such good luck, he accepted an apprentice who might be the first appraisal master of the Demon Realm in the future. Several masters had already begun to befriend Turia. Their purpose was to use Chen Rui’s magic eyes to distinguish the materials of some rare equipment so that the production process and techniques could be calculated more clearly. This provided hope for the original mechanics bottleneck to be improved again.

Out of Chen Rui’s suggestion, Master Turia was not responsive to all requests. He claimed that he did not want to disturb his apprentice’s normal learning, but this did not affect Chen Rui’s elevated status in the association.

A few days later, Chen Rui was about to go to Turia’s laboratory when he suddenly received a notice. This notice was sent by Nate, the president of the Bloody Empire Mechanic Association and the top mechanic master of the Demon Realm. Nate asked him to visit the president’s office.

Nate would be behind the closed door to comprehend about mechanics from time to time previously. These days, he happened to finish his session. Perhaps he wanted to see Chen Rui after hearing about the magical talent of Master Turia’s newly acquired apprentice.

Nate’s appearance was a middle-aged man in his forties. He had a burly figure, a square face, thick eyebrows, a mustache, and a faint deterrence momentum. The [Analytical Eyes] showed that his Comprehensive Strength Assessment had reached the peak stage of the Great Demon King.

Nate did not try to get Chen Rui to appraise the equipment or ask other questions. His first sentence was, “I’m Nate. Mammon, the strongest mechanic master of the Demon Realm.”

This tone revealed strong self-confidence and dominance. It had the momentum: Who else is the Demon Realm’s top person besides me? Then his second sentence was actually, “I asked you here for only one matter. Are you willing to be my apprentice?”

Nate’s straightforward and even domineering demands made Chen Rui a little surprised. At present, Nate’s authority and status in the mechanic world was indeed the highest pinnacle level. Being a disciple of the top master was not at all comparable to people like Turia whether in terms of skill or future prospect.

Even if “Richard” had that kind of special talent, this was a golden opportunity.

If it was any ordinary mechanics, they would inevitably be interested, but Chen Rui was not an ordinary mechanic or even an ordinary master. He was Nate’s subconscious biggest “enemy”; the trio-specialized genius master who shocked the Demon Realm.

Nate did seem extraordinary, majestic and bold with a touch of charming personality. Unfortunately, Chen Rui also learned from Master Skye (Fonsaq) long ago that this extraordinary appearance of the Demon Realm’s top mechanic master was actually a despicable person who used secret technique to devour the mind of others in order to absorb their memories and abilities.

Accepting an apprentice this time might be because of the special talent of “Richard” or maybe there were other sinister plans.

Nate couldn’t even dream that the “lucky guy” in front of him was his biggest enemy, the genius Master “Arthur”. What he didn’t expect was that even his unknown details were clear to Chen Rui.

Chen Rui had already realized this. He deliberately maintained a surprised expression, then he hesitated, “Sir President, this incident is too sudden… I’m not mentally prepared…”

Nate didn’t chat further with him. He just asked, “Then tell me your choice.”

“Master Turia is very good to me…” Chen Rui seemed hesitant. He was apparently intrigued by Nate’s proposal, “Sir President, can you give me some time to think about it?”

“I will comprehend behind closed doors tomorrow which takes about a week or so. After this comprehension is over, I must get an answer.” Nate gave a deadline, “Not every so-called genius can come to me like this. In this office, whether you can seize the opportunity depends on your own choice. Remember, you only have the opportunity to choose this time.”

Chen Rui bowed quickly, “Sir President, then I will leave first.”

Nate: “Not everyone can be sucked by me👿

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