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Chapter 1737 - Can you tell me how exactly I“m supposed to help you?

Chapter 1737 Can you tell me how exactly I“m supposed to help you?

Practitioners all over the universe were holding their breaths in anticipation of the speech of ‘Ancient Sage Doudou/Lasilasi’, so when they heard this series of barks, their minds almost collapsed.

“Is he delivering the speech in the dog language? I can’t understand anything.”

“I’m not from the dog race, can you change your language?”

“This just goes to show how important it is to learn other languages.”

“Strange, I recall that the ‘Profound Sage Speech’ comes with its own translation function, so regardless of which language the speaker speaks in, the listeners should be able to understand it, right? With that said, why can’t I understand anything he said? I only heard barking, could the translation function be broken?”

“Are there any dog fellow daoists who can translate what was said?”

“Fellow Daoist, can you please translate what Ancient Sage Doudou was saying? I recall that you’re from the husky race, right?”

“Go away, I’m a wolf. I just look similar to huskies.”

“Ancient Sage Doudou… his words are so incredible.” The dog cultivators all over the universe spoke out with an inscrutable expression on their face—although they didn’t understand what was said, as long as it was spoken by Ancient Sage Doudou, it was incredible to them! The other party was the pride of their entire dog race, the eighth Sage in 1,000 years! For someone from their dog race to be able to take one of the 10 spots for the 10 Sages in the past 1,000 years was a great honor. So to them, whatever he said was good; whatever Doudou said was pleasant to their ears!

“So, what exactly was Ancient Sage Doudou saying?”

Similar messages were sent between fellow daoists in every corner of the universe.

Meanwhile, the practitioners of the Black Dragon World had dumbfounded expressions on their faces the entire time.


Venerable Yellow Mountain smiled bitterly, and said, “It seems Doudou was feeling too nervous.”

“Should I sing a song to ease his mood?” After Dharma King Creation said that, he tried poking his head out of the ‘gate’ to see if he could peek at Doudou.

“It’s useless, Senior Creation. The previous spatial gate has already closed.” Song Shuhang shook his head and took advantage of this time to stretch his body. “Doudou is currently in a special space that the Black Dragon World has constructed. I’m the only one who can communicate with him through the Dragon Network.”

When the main world’s Profound Sages had their Divinity Show, they would directly carry it out in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

However, the ‘Saint Space’ of the Black Dragon World was an older product that could no longer be changed. Therefore, the Black Dragon World needed to create a dedicated speech space, one for the local practitioners to use for their Divinity Shows and Speeches in the future.

This was the first time that the Black Dragon World held a ‘Divinity Show’, and it was doing it in conjunction with the main world… It was precisely because it was its first time doing this that it allowed the main world to guide it in how to operate the ‘Divinity Show and Speech’ process.

In the future, the ‘Divinity Shows’ of the Black Dragon World would only appear locally, and would be completely separate from the main world.

At this moment, Doudou shouted in his mind, [Shuhang, Shuhang, quickly save me!]

This is bad. The more nervous Doudou is, the more likely he’s going to forget his lines.

Doudou could sense billions upon billions of pairs of eyes staring at him through space. From his perspective, it was as if the entire space was filled with eyes. The pressure he was feeling was so immense that all his hair stood on end.

Song Shuhang tried to get Doudou to calm down. [Calm down, just follow the words in the script. The manuscript should have already been activated, and it should automatically select the most suitable speech for you. You simply need to read it out loud.]

[I can’t. I just bark as soon as I open my mouth. I… I can’t curl my tongue. I feel like all the eyes in the universe are staring at me,] Doudou said. [Hurry up and think of a way to help me. Right, can you ask Stupid Yellow Mountain if there’s any way I can feel less nervous?]

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior Yellow Mountain, do you have any idea how we might be able to relieve some of the tension Doudou is feeling? He’s currently feeling pressured from all the eyes staring at him.”

Senior Yellow Mountain thought for a while, and then said, “How about we have Doudou try to picture all of those eyes being the gazes of ‘Chu Chus’? Either that, or you can tell him that there are definitely a lot of ‘Chu Chus’ hidden among all those eyes. That should help him quite a bit.”

Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up. Great thinking!

As expected of Senior Yellow Mountain… He truly knows Doudou well.

But at the same time, Shuhang silently lit a candle for Doudou since he understood just as well that he was destined to never be able to escape Senior Yellow Mountain’s palm.

Song Shuhang quickly contacted Doudou. [Doudou, don’t be afraid of these gazes. Think about it this way: although there are indeed many eyes staring at you, there are also countless ‘Chu Chus’ from the universe hidden amongst these eyes, and they’re all looking at you at this moment!]

[Chu Chus? You’re right, at this moment, all the ‘Chu Chus’ in the universe are looking at me!] Doudou seemed to be filled with power all at once.

He raised his head, and looked straight ahead.

Those countless eyes seemed to suddenly become the beautiful eyes of ‘Chu Chus’ in his mind. All kinds of Chu Chus, and even many Chu Chus that were beyond his imaginations, were looking right at him.

Doudou opened his mouth. “Woof~ Woof!”

F*ck, I was too excited, my tongue curled up again.

Fortunately, Doudou readjusted right away.

“Everyone, to all of you who are looking at me (Chu Chu),” Doudou said in a standard Beijing accent. “I love you!!”

All of the practitioners in the universe were able to understand these lines.

An old Profound Sage smiled, and said, “Oh, this Monster Sage Doudou is very good at talking. It’s playing the emotion card right as soon as it went up… Even if it doesn’t deliver that great of a speech, just because of these lines, the practitioners of the universe will already be giving it a level higher of an evaluation.”

“Moreover, it is very clear that it did not just say these lines casually. In those lines, a sincere affection could be sensed through the live broadcast of the ‘speech’. This Monster Sage Doudou must practice a cultivation technique that has some connection to ’emotion’.”

In an instant, several big shots of the universe raised their evaluation of Doudou.



[Shuhang, Shuhang, I’m stuck again, please help me,] Doudou screamed again. [Because I felt so excited, I confessed to all the Chu Chus of the universe. But now my mind is blank from happiness, I’ve forgotten what to say.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

When you’re too nervous, you freeze up… And when you’re too excited, you also freeze up? Can you tell me how exactly I’m supposed to help you?

“Doudou is too excited now.” Venerable Yellow Mountain sighed faintly. No one knew the son better than the father, so Yellow Mountain knew what Doudou was feeling as soon as he saw his expression.

“Perhaps thinking of the millions of Chu Chus staring at him caused him to be overjoyed.” Fairy Lychee face-palmed.

Song Shuhang asked, [Has the content of the speech appeared?]

Doudou quickly said, [It has. It’s a speech related to ‘monsters’.]

Song Shuhang said, [Then start delivering the speech according to the script!]

When it came to this kind of ‘Profound Sage Speech Manuscript’, one only needed to read it wholeheartedly, and they would immediately enter the proper state.

This could be seen from what happened for Senior Seven Lives Talisman—he obviously didn’t have an in-depth understanding of Buddhism, yet once he began his speech, he immediately became a peerless monk, with golden lotuses and sounds of chanting exiting his mouth.

Doudou replied, [I’m too excited, I can’t read it. I opened my mouth and barked again.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

You annoying drama queen.

[Hurry up and think of a solution, Shuhang. I’ve frozen up for quite some time already.] Doudou felt like he was going to start crying soon.

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyebrows, and after a while, he gritted his teeth and said, [Don’t think about anything, and just listen to my instructions. I’ll try and help you build momentum.]

Doudou replied, [I’ll listen to you.]


[First, raise your head and squat in the most imposing posture.] After Song Shuhang said that, he looked at the Dragon Network Assistant. “Can you use the authority of the Dragon Network to create some phenomena? For example, some flowers, a seven-colored treasure light of sorts, or things like that?”

The Dragon Network Assistant shook its head. “The speech space was built too hastily, and many functions have yet to be added. Currently, the speech space is just a pure white space.”

Even a clever woman would have difficulty cooking a meal without rice; although it had the authority, this feature wasn’t implemented yet, so the Dragon Network Assistant wouldn’t be able to help in this regard.

Song Shuhang asked, “Then… Can you transfer things I make over to Doudou?”

The Dragon Network Assistant closed its eyes, tested it, and then nodded.

“That’s good.” Song Shuhang opened his mouth, and gently spat out white lotus blossoms one after the other.

At this moment, the virtuous lamia behind him stretched out her hand, grabbed a lotus, and then stuffed it into her mouth.

Song Shuhang turned his head, and stared at Fairy @#%×.

The virtuous lamia blinked. She then chewed the lotus in her mouth, and slowly fell to the ground. “Aaah~ Ah~”

“…” Song Shuhang.

In the speech space.

Doudou raised his head and puffed out his chest, assuming an imposing posture.

The practitioners of the universe all waited silently.

Suddenly, in front of Ancient Sage Doudou, blossoming white lotuses appeared.

Speech phenomena?

But wasn’t Ancient Sage Doudou still delivering the speech?

Could it be that there was some mystery to the posture he had assumed?

While they were in thought, 36 Ancient Holy Ape projections suddenly appeared behind Doudou, one of which was especially large.

The 36 Holy Apes each brought out Scholarly Scriptures, and recited them aloud.

Although they couldn’t hear what the apes were saying, everyone still felt that they were reciting something grand.

Song Shuhang said, [Raise your right palm.]

Doudou followed by slowly raising his right palm, his expression unpredictable.

[Don’t think about anything, just repeat after me.] Song Shuhang read Doudou’s script through the Dragon Network.


In the eyes of the practitioners in the main world and Black Dragon World, Ancient Sage Doudou slowly raised his right palm.

At this moment, the Holy Apes, who had been unceasingly reciting Scholarly Scriptures behind him, stopped as if to listen to Doudou’s Ancient Sage Speech.

“How big is the palm?

“How big is the world?

“How big are our hearts?

“The palm is a world, but why can’t we jump out of this world in our palm sometimes?

“That’s because we don’t know how big this world is, and our hearts are bound.

“Once we know how big this world is, this world can no longer hold our hearts, nor can it hold us.

“Afterward, we become detached from it, detached from the world.”

In the beginning, Doudou was just following Song Shuhang, reading the ‘speech manuscript’ sentence by sentence. But after a while, Doudou entered a state similar to the one Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman had entered, plunging into the ‘Monster Sage Speech’ both physically and mentally.

At this moment, the aura from deep within his body changed.

He was delivering a speech on the ‘Heart Sutra’.

It was a kind of supreme Heart Sutra that could improve one’s state of mind. It was applicable to everyone in the universe, and so it was also applicable to those in the Black Dragon World.

When the speech began, it was actually Doudou who was the biggest beneficiary.

His state of mind improved greatly.

Not only that, but his body also changed. On his monster core, the ‘Steel Song Shuhang’ slowly disappeared, turning into the last core pattern.

The quality of the monster core of a monster cultivator mainly depended on its color. For monster cores, the more colorful it was, the higher its quality was.

But some monster cultivators who were adopted by human cultivators when they were young grew to practice cultivation techniques that were originally made for humans. As such, when their golden core formed, core patterns similar to ‘dragon patterns’ would also appear on their monster core.

Doudou’s monster core originally had eight core patterns, but now his monster core finally turned into a nine-patterned monster core.

The Monster Sage Speech didn’t last that long, but its content was deep.

After the speech on the Heart Sutra was completed, the practitioners in the universe and Black Dragon World felt that their souls had been cleansed, and their state of mind greatly improved.

The more one comprehended this ❮Monster Sage Heart Sutra❯, the more their state of mind improved.

With that, the speech ended.

Doudou closed his eyes, and his body was reminiscent of the wonders brought by the ❮Monster Sage Heart Sutra❯.

At this time, a kind of energy descended on it from the air.

Usually, when a Profound Sage Speech was completed, great amounts of virtue would descend to protect the Profound Sage against the inner demon tribulation.

But the Black Dragon World’s ‘Ancient Sage Speech’ did not have the ability to gather the power of virtue. Therefore, it created a permanent blessing, which then fell on Doudou.

This was a spiritual protective blessing. From then on, Doudou would not be hurt by mental power attacks below level 8.

Doudou opened his eyes again.

He got up and walked away, disappearing from the speech space.

At the same time, Song Shuhang vaguely sensed a wave of fluctuations in his ‘Inner World’—Doudou’s figure had appeared in his Inner World.

Song Shuhang’s life-bound whale core shook slightly, seemingly having been stimulated.

But soon, the whale core sank inside the dantian, going back to being motionless.


“It’s over.” Venerable Yellow Mountain finally let out a breath of relief.

“The speech manuscript is still over at where Doudou was,” Song Shuhang said. “That manuscript can still be used six times, who’s going next?”

There were numerous benefits to be had from the Divinity Show and Sage Speech.

It could even be said to be a great opportunity that should not be missed.

“Let Soft Feather go first. She is in her physical state, after all,” Venerable Yellow Mountain said after thinking for a moment.

Soft Feather giggled and shook her head. “No, I’ll wait a moment.”

Song Shuhang looked at Soft Feather suspiciously.

“I might be able to get a speech manuscript myself,” Soft Feather said, “so I’ll wait.”

Song Shuhang guessed, “The Heavenly Emperor?”

“Yeah.” Soft Feather nodded.

“Then I’ll go,” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator warned, “Be careful, and don’t be reckless. Don’t seek death when you’re delivering a speech.”

“You don’t have to worry about me, Northern River.” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber smiled, and then his primordial soul jumped towards the spatial gate.

His figure crossed the spatial gate and disappeared.

The group of fellow daoists slowly raised their heads, preparing to witness Thrice Reckless’ show.

At this time, Song Shuhang, who was holding Little Yinzhu in his arms, felt that his body was attracted by a kind of magnetic force, and moved towards Fairy Firefly.

Song Shuhang called out, “Fairy Firefly, what are you doing? Deactivate your technique.”

“???” Fairy Firefly.

I haven’t done anything.

At this time, all the primordial souls of the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group experienced what Song Shuhang did just now—they all seemed to be attracted by some kind of ‘magnetic force’, and flew towards Fairy Firefly.

“What’s going on?”

Fairy Firefly shouted, “It’s not me, it’s really not me.”

“Let the world feel pain… Do you think that I’d appear charming if I said this line during my Divinity Show?” Dharma King Creation said while being sucked and flying backward.

“Senior Song!” Soft Feather reached out and grabbed Song Shuhang.


Then, the group of people was sucked into the spatial gate, flying to Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

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