Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 47 - Begging For Mercy

 Chapter 47: Begging For Mercy

“Yes, hand over the Dragon Tail Grass, and we will spare your life!” Tan Yongsheng looked sly, his eyes are full of killing intent and greed.

He is not a fool. He can see that this Dragon Tail Grass is the key to open the door, and it is impossible to enter withoutDragon Tail Grass, so he must get this Dragon Tail Grass!

“I don’t think you will just let me go after i hand this Dragon Tail Grass to you right?” Yi Tianyun noticed  the killing intent in Tan Yongsheng’s eyes, but he just smiled and not concern at all.

Tan Yongsheng and his companions have already surrounded him. They can’t afford to let him escape into the Dragon God Palace. Dragon Tail Grass serves as the key, if they don’t get their hands on this Dragon Tail Grass they may get locked down here.

“If you know that much then just hand it over!” The next moment, Tan Yongsheng has already rushed up with amazing speed and quickly draw his long sword, aiming for Yi Tianyun’s heart!

Yi Tianyun did not move at all, he let Tan Yongsheng rushed toward him untill the moment Tan Yongsheng thrust his sword, all of a sudden Yi Tianyun vanished and Tan Yongsheng just stab into thin air

Then all of a sudden Yi Tinayun reappear in front of Tan Yongsheng and pushed his shoulder down with brute force forcing Tan Yongsheng to kneel in front of him.

“You, your speed…” Tan Yongsheng was shocked. Both strength and speed can’t even be compared to that of Tang Yongsheng’s.

He can’t move because Yi Tianyun locked him in place!

Yi Tianyun didn’t even let him finish his sentence, use Absorbing Stars Great Technique and absorbed his spiritual power.

『1.500 exp, 1.300 exp…』

The spiritual energy constantly turns into exp. Tan Yongsheng tried to break free, but he can’t do anything. He’s so powerless before Yi Tianyun, in the blink of an eye already more than a half of his spiritual power is absorbed!

Usually earth level martial arts are all mastered by big faction. Even in Jade Palace only one or two can use earth level martial arts!

This is enough to prove that having extraordinary talent really gives you an advantage. Earth level martial arts is much stronger than human level martial arts, simply because it’s ten times stronger.

“Boss Tan, I’m coming to save you!” His companion next to him yelled and rushed over to Yi Tianyun. He swung his sword trying to save Tan Yongsheng, but the difference in their power was too big.

Yi Tianyun deflect it and send his sword flying! then, he reached out and dragged that cultivator, hold him on the ground the same way as Tan Yongsheng and absorb his spiritual power.

Almost in the blink of an eye, his spiritual power was drained, and there was no spiritual power left. This person’s cultivation is low, only 8th Level of Body Refinement.

He runs out of spiritual power, and he is unarmed, he cannot fight anymore.

“How do you feel, who is going to die again?” Yi Tianyun smiled lightly.

Tan Yongsheng’s face is pale, finally knowing how powerful Yi Tianyun is now they realize how stupid they were for mocking him!

“I beg you, I will never stand against you anymore…” Tan Yongsheng instantly asked for mercy, and break into cold sweat.

“You think it will help after all this?” Yi Tianyun squinted.

After Tan Yongsheng heard it, his face became paler. He wanted to run, but he can’t move. He can only tremble and constantly ask for mercy: “I beg you, don’t kill me, I, I will become your slave, please spare my life, I am willing to do anything for you!”

“I, me too! Yes!” The cultivator next to him are also begging for mercy together. In order to survive, they are willing to do anything.

“Yes, that’s a pity, there are some things that you must can’t get simply by begging.” Yi Tianyun sneered, there was an Immortal Fire on his hands, he throw it into their bodies, and they were completely burned.


They screamed, while being burned to ashes! This is their final outcome.

“No point in begging for mercy after all this…”

Yi Tianyun shook his head. When they came in, they were destined to be dead. They think he is weak, but they’re wrong.

『Ding, killing Tan Yongsheng, gaining 2.000 exp, 200 Crazy Point.』

『Ding, killing Cai Wen, gaining 800 exp, 80 Crazy Point.』

They are like two small monster, no reward whatsoever. However, it’s also a fact that Yi Tianyun didn’t even active Luck Aura, so maybe that’s why.

After killing them, Yi Tianyun turned and walked inside the palace,.

Re-examine the Dragon God Palace, the decoration inside is just as great as the outside. However, maybe because it’s already here for quite a while, it seems very old, like there is no sign of living being, there is a thick dust everywhere.

“This Dragon God Heritage, so the first person to get this Dragon Tail Grass will get it?” Yi Tianyun frowned, isn’t it too easy?

Whoever gets the Dragon Tail Grass first will be a successor, come to think of it isn’this just too easy?

There’s no point to think about this, all he could do is keep pushing forward. After entering this passage, suddenly a row of sharp arrows was shot from the wall and it’s quite fast. However, Yi Tianyun’s reaction time is faster and quickly dodge all the arrow using Sky Cloud Steps.

It’s just that there are countless bonus arrows followed after the first wave, trying to fill him with holes!

Yi Tianyun did not panic, continued to rush forward, easily avoiding these sharp arrows and keep moving forward. However, the further he goes all the wall are filled with arrows untill he managed to get out of the passage.

“Sure enough it’s not that easy but this kind of attack is nothing special” Yi Tianyun remain cautious, this is just the beginning, this maybe won’t be so easy!

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