Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 46 - Followed

Chapter 46: Followed

Yi Tianyun rushed to the depths of the Illusory Beast Mountain and mounted the Snow Wolf. With snow wolf his speed increased. However, the closer he is to his destination the higher leveled the monsters he encountered.

When he already deep inside the illusory beast mountain, a huge black tiger suddenly appeared in front of him. Its dark eyes is staring at Yi Tianyun, preparing to charge, showing his dagger like fangs. Its cultivation is Seven Level Spirit Refinement!

Yi Tianyun showed no signs of fear, because its cultivation is lower than himself. At the next moment he jump out from Snow Wolf. Snow Wolf rushed to the black tiger to intercept it, while Yi Tianyun jumped to the tiger’s back to ride it!

“Absorbing Star Great Technique!”

Yi Tianyun cannot miss this opportunity to gain experiences, he still wants to level up quickly, for the time to go to the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is approaching near.

As long as he keeps leveling up,  by using Hundred Transformations Mask, he will be able to blend in with the participant of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruin later.

『Ding, obtains 130 exp, 150 exp, 120 exp…』

『Ding! Absorbing Star Great Technique level up!』

『Ding! Dark North Divine Art level up!』

『Ding! Frost Fist level up!』

His martial arts and weapon is improving, they suddenly leveled up! Its not easy to level these up, Yi Tianyun has overcome many killings to level it up by 1 level.

The martial arts and weapon only need 1.000 mastery to level up, but it still a hard points to earn, he need to deal a significant amount of damage to increase the mastery.

After leveled up, the speed of the absorption and the amount of exp received is greatly increased!

『Ding, obtains 1000 exp, 1300 experiences, 1100 exp…』

Exp received has been improved ten times. In fact, it is not the amount of exp that increased so suddenly but, because of the absorption rate increased by ten times so the amount of exp he get is bigger too!

Almost in the blink of an eye, the spiritual power of the black tiger was completely drained. Originally, the beast wants to shake Yi Tianyun off his back, but because the speed of absorption that Yi Tianyun has the beast couldn’t do anything in time. Its huge body keeps weakening until the Snow Wolf have a chance to rip its throat, ending its live almost immediately.

『Ding, kill black tiger, get 6.000 exp, 500 Crazy Point!』

『Ding, Host level up to Ninth Level Spirit Refinement!』

『Ding, Snow Wolf level up to Sixth Level Spirit Refinement!』

After the successfully killing the beast, he get leveled up, which made Yi Tianyun excited.

“Very good, lets go!”

Yi Tianyun jumped on the Snow Wolf’s back, continuing his ride to the depth of illusory beast mountain, he encounters many more beasts along his way, and he always decided to fight them. First, he rushed to absorb the spiritual power. Because the absorption level up, they don’t stand a chance, their spiritual power was sucked dry in a small amount of time.

At this speed, he soon came to the depths of the Illusory Beast Mountain, and not failing to notice that the deeper he went, the stronger the enemies seems to be.

“We will reach the destination soon…”

Yi Tianyun took out the Dragon Tail Grass and hold it in his hand, Dragon Tail Grass was glowing faintly with a red hue which seemed to guide him. Eventually, he finally arrived at his destination.

Yi Tianyun caught a glimpse of a fluctuate of colorful mana, he quickly ran up to investigate it. After getting near the fluctuation suddenly his eyes can see what hidden behind the veil. In front of him was a huge palace!

Looking at the soil around the palace, it’s as if it just emerged from the ground. If it has always existed here the soil would be covering up the entire floor of the palace, but the soil around the palace has gotten detached, like something just pushed the ground to come out.

“This is Dragon God Palace?”

Yi Tianyun looked up. On the stone pillars around Dragon God Palace, there is a dragon statue wrapping the pillars. Every dragon looks alive, like any moment the dragons could fly from the pillars. However, the door was closed and it seemed to be locked and could not be opened.

He unsummons his Snow Wolf and looked around the outside area of the Dragon God Palace. A dragon aura emanating from inside the palace makes the place looks sacred.

He didn’t think much of this and approaches the door. He paused for a bit, his eyes slightly cast to the side, revealing a smile.

Then he went over to the door and pushed hard, but no matter how hard he tried, it didn’t budge. This door couldn’t open by a normal ways and made his brow wrinkle: “Can’t open it… do I have to use the Dragon Tail Grass?”

Yi Tianyun took out Dragon Tail Grass and pressed it on the door, as the Dragon Tail Grass glowing red, the door itself glowed following the Dragon Tail Grass, then a loud “rumbling” noise was heard, and the door opened, confirming the use of the Dragon Tail Grass as the key.

After the door opened, he walked inside and as soon as he stepped his foot inside the palace the door began to make a rumbling sound, ready to close. At this moment, two figures rushed in from the outside and got inside the palace just in time before the door was closed completely.

“Oh, it’s you. You didn’t escort Miss Yan back?

Yi Tianyun saw that Tan Yongsheng rushed in without caution, any person who see what happened probably will quickly rushed inside too, because it is possible to find treasures in a place like this, how can someone miss an opportunity like this?

Tan Yongsheng looked at him with a sly look, staring at Dragon Tail Grass in Yi Tianyun’s hand and said: “I didn’t expect you to be so lucky. This Dragon Tail Grass is the key to Dragon God Palace. If you give it to me, I will spare your life.”

“Spare my life?” Yi Tianyun laughed. If he didn’t kill the demon beast all the way here, how could Tan Yongsheng catch up with him? Or, how can they follow him safely if the demon beast could intercept them at any time.

Since Tan Yongsheng didn’t realize the real situation he is in, he must be very stupid. Because Yi Tianyun definitely notice them following him.

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