Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 15 - Master Kong

Chapter 15: Master Kong

“Control of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, can this Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins be controlled?”

Yi Tianyun eyes lit, presumably they don’t know about this situation, but because of Crazy Leveling System, obviously if Yi Tianyun can’t complete the quest then he won’t get the reward.

The reward says everything, that this quest is not going to be easy. Shi Xueyun just said that second level of Spirit Refinement Realm is actually the minimum qualifications to enter, which means higher level of cultivation is necessary to actually hold your ground in there.

He was immersed seeing the reward, but the elders’ faces clearly showing signs of dissatisfaction, especially Second Elder.

The quota for entering Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins for his disciples is now gone. Since Shi Xueyun saw through her she can only yield. It’s OK to be outer disciple, but this is an exception. Being an outer disciple at Spirit Refinement Realm, that is really rare.

In these ages, someone in such cultivation is definitely a core disciple. Even in the future, he could become a candidate for Palace Lord, but since he is a man, so it is unlikely that he will become Palace Lord.

“Anything else?” Shi Xueyun looked at the three elders and asked again.

“That will be all…” looking so bitter these are the only words coming out of their mouth.

Too many elements are against Yi Tianyun, his gender, his family background and even his cultivation realm, so at best he could only become outer disciples. As unwilling as they are, they could only agree with Palace Lord in this case.

“If that’s all then, moving on to the next matter, forging weapons. I don’t know who is the blacksmith who supposed to come here today. Has he arrived?” Shi Xueyun asked.

“He is resting in the palace, are we going now?” the elder asked.

“Now that the meeting is over, we shall go at once.” Shi Xueyun turned and said to Yi Tianyun: “Let’s go, Master Kong will help you forge a new weapon, it’s not that your gauntlet is a bad weapon, but having a sword, or a spear, will definitely help you fight.”

Most people here believe that the longer the reach your weapon, the better, and close range weapon is just like rushing to your death. If you use close range weapon it will take your all just to block or dodge, so it’s better to use weapon like long sword .

“This ah… that’s OK, considering what happened.” Yi Tianyun certainly does not think that Master Kong can create a good weapon, his Frost Fist, on the other hand although it is common level, but the effect is amazing, the special effect is what makes this weapon amazing.

As for the weapons Master Kong forge, can it use Crazy Point? Obviously not, it’s a different story if he’s the one who forge it though.

Immediately they came to the palace. This palace is mainly used to receive distinguished guests. Undoubtedly Master Kong is a distinguished guest. He has just arrived, Yi Tianyun saw the middle-aged man sitting in the hall and drinking tea leisurely. He looks rough and looks very burly. His realm is quite high, reaching fourth or fifth level of Spirit Refinement Realm.

Although he is weaker than elders here, he can be called a master! The reason is very simple. He belongs to third level Blacksmith and is capable of creating a Spirit Tool. In this world, cultivator is everywhere. But posessing such special skills and reach quite high level to boot, they can be called master!

Because even if  your cultivation realm is high, doesn’t guarantee possessing this special abilities, but with special abilities, it will help in cultivation realm as well in the future. In other words just possessing this profession can heighten your status and fame.

“Master Kong, we need your help to forge three spirit tools this time, you don’t need to worry regarding the price.” Shi Xueyun walked over with a smile, the attitude is very decent, even if she is a Palace Lord, Master Kong’s standing must be respected.

The other three elders are smiling.

Instead, Master Kong, said to them indifferently: “Spirit tool are not so easy to forge, and the cost is not low either. I have several conditions for this, if you don’t comply the deal is off.”

“What conditions?” Shi Xueyun asked: “As long as it is within our power, no problem.”

“Actually, my conditions are very simple. The first condition is to let my disciples join Jade Palace and become outer disciple.” Master Kong said.

“Umm… ok, no problem.” Shi Xueyun thought quite hard about it, but considering Spirit Sect also have outer disciple here, she agreed in the end. Outer disciple and other disciple will train separately anyway. And different areas usually do not interfere with each other.

“The second condition, the price of the three pieces of the material is expensive, since you agreed to my first condition, we can continue the negotiation. As for the materials for forging the spirit tools, after giving me the money necessary for the materials, i will purchase it myself.

“No problem on that as well, the price of spirit tool is obviously expensive, but I do not know how much you need?” Shi Xueyun asked.

“Not high, 10.000 gold it is enough.” Master Kong nonchalantly requesting an astonishing price.

After they heard it, they are stunned, 10.000 gold, this is too expensive! This is really a lot for a small organization like Jade Palace, 10.000 gold, which means even one of them cost more than 3.000 gold!.

Under normal circumstances, People mainly used silver. This means 100,000 silver! And one costs more than 30.000, the price is nothing to laugh at.

“This price… Can you lower it a little?” Shi Xueyun said embarrassedly.

Jade Palace is not a big organization. It’s not that they don’t have that much money, but using that much at once will inhibit the functional operation.

“This is the lowest price i can offer, Palace Lord Shi, I believe you should understand the price of Spirit Tools. Buying outside will at least cost you 50.000 per spirit tool, compared to the price i offer it’s way cheaper.”

They are all well aware of the price, and it’s just as Master Kong said, that’s why all they can’t do is just smile helplessly at each other.

“Well, then, if that is the price you want….” Shi Xueyun can only compromise.

“The last condition is actually related to myself.” Master Kong smiled indifferently.

“What is it?” Shi Xueyun’s eyebrow wrinkled, this guy really gives a lot of conditions.

“it is not difficult. I fell in love with a disciple here. I wonder if she can become my dao companion. If you allow it, I will give all three Spirit Tools to you for free!” Their expression changed drastically upon hearin his last condition, this is obviously a sweet deal.

After hearing his two hard condtions, I did not expect Master Kong to make this request, but Jade Palace does not object to marriage, as long as the two loves each other.

“There is no problem with this, but who is your choice?” Shi Xueyun asked with patience

“A disciple named Xiaolian, as long as she promised to be my dao companion, three spirit tools is yours!” Master Kong said with a smile.

“Little Xiaolian!?” Yi Tianyun stunned, did not expect to be Xiaolian!

He’s surprised to hear this, it would be fine if Xiaolian is okay with it, but if she is forced to do it, she will never be happy!

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