Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 329.2 - I Love You, And, Please Remember Me

Chapter 329.2 : I Love You, And, Please Remember Me

Qing Ye Li’s impassive green eyes suddenly turned dark, his gaze sharp as he stared at the man. Even though he knew very well that this was merely an attempt by Qing Tian Lin to intentionally antagonize him, his heart could not help wrenching up at those words.

It seemed those words had struck true onto what he was unwilling to face up to the most deep in his heart.

“Shut your trap right now!”

Qing Yu’s sudden sharp voice cut him off, her face terrifyingly grim. A storm seemed to be roiling within her long narrow phoenix like eyes. She stared at Qing Tian Lin with her jaws tightly clenched as she squeezed her words slowly out through her teeth: “I only hated you in the past, thinking you were cunning and treacherous, without and scruples in order to achieve your goals. Now, I have really come to despise you.”

“I find that you just seek to hurt with your words, a despicable cad who maliciously twists and warps people’s deepest feelings with your own made up conjectures.”

Hearing those words, Qing Tian Lin laughed out loud instead of getting angry. “So what if I’m shameless and despicable? At least that will make you remember me forever.”

He lowered his head to look down at his incapacitated arm and then laughed even more haughtily. He then turned to look at Xi Zhan Chen with an almost imperceptible smile and said: “Though thrash, but you’ve done something useful at least…..”

Those words sounded a little strange and the few people there did not know how to react in that instant.

But the expression on Qing Yu’s face suddenly changed.

At the spot on her cheek where Qing Tian Lin’s blood had splattered onto when his arm was sliced off, she could feel an intense searing heat start to burn and roast, before it spread highly rapidly throughout her entire body, turning her skin bright fiery red.

“Little Fox!” Lou Jun Yao noticed the strange phenomenon on Qing Yu and his eyes immediately flared wide in shock, and was just about to rush forward.

Qing Yu’s brows creased together tightly when she saw that and quickly shouted out to stop him. “Do not come any closer to me.”

Lou Jun Yao’s footsteps stopped just a single step away from her and his eyes turned dark before he continued to move closer towards the young lady.

“I told you not to come close to me!”

Qing Yu glared at him angrily, her burning skin scalded so red it looked a little grisly and terrifying. She knew very clearly the situation she was in and she was aware she must not come into contact with another person at that moment. She was trying her hardest to endure the agony inside her body.

Does this man not understand what she told him! ? Why is he still coming towards her?

Her wrist was suddenly held in someone’s grip and the very next moment, she felt herself being pressed against his wide broad chest. No matter how hard she struggled, she was unable to break free from the tight embrace that held her close.

“Have you gone mad? You’ll get hurt! Let go of me…..”

She could even hear the crackling sound of his flesh burning but the man did not even make a single sound.

The low magnetic voice slowly came to sound beside her ears: “At this bit level, the pain is nothing compared to what it was like when I was afflicted with the Fire and Ice Yin Yang Grub and the Emotion Devouring Curse.”

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