Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 325.4 - Unable to Choose  

Chapter 325.4: Unable to Choose

Mo Jing Yu’s face was grave, as he listened quietly.

He had always known the immense price that Fei Er had paid for his sake, and that was why he felt that he was given far too little time to be able to adequately make it up to Fei Er for all the suffering she has endured.

Speaking up till that point, Qing Lan Fei then laughed softly. “And now, it seems we have been thrown right into having to make another difficult choice that could mean life or death for us. But at this moment, it seems that I do not feel any fear. I think it is because this time, I have you here with me.”

“As for regrets…..”

Qing Lan Fei’s eyes suddenly turned red at the rims, looking like she had words that she was finding it extremely hard to say.

She fought very hard to force back her tears that were threatening to gush out, her voice struggling to contain her emotions as she said: “Little Yu and Little Bei….. My two children have never once enjoyed how it feels to be loved and doted upon by their parents from the day they were born, but were dumped into the lower realms by me when they were still so very young, left to roam around aimlessly. They….. were just barely in their teens then, but were already so mature and resilient….. It pains me to no end…..”

Those words….. immediately caused Mo Jing Yu’s face to change slightly. He then said in a soft voice: “It’s both of us….. who have not fulfilled our duty as parents.”

“We will definitely get out from here. Jing Yu, I cannot bear to leave them…..” Qing Lan Fei’s voice cracked slightly.

“Mm. We definitely will.” Mo Jing Yu replied.

He then bent his body slightly. “The rest of the way, let me piggyback you. You need to conserve your strength and must not allow yourself to fall.”

“But…..” Qing Lan Fei was hesitant.

“Just do as I say.” Mo Jing Yu’s tone was firm. “Moreover, you’re so light. It wouldn’t burden me at all carrying you on my back.”

Hearing that, Qing Lan Fei could only give up on resisting any further and went on to lean herself onto the man’s broad back.


“Stop it! I do not want to hear anymore!”

Ming Yue clamped her palms over her ears with an agonized face, every one of the man’s hurtful words feeling like they were stabbing into her heart, driving numbing pain into her that engulfed her entire being.

“If you have never loved me before, why did you save me back then? Why did you give me hope? !”

Her exquisite countenance seemed to fill up with icy viciousness. Clad in a long black dress, her entire person turned to look exceptionally dark and sinister.

The white clothed Lian Shi’s face remained gentle as he slowly raised his hand that was holding his sword, its hilt pointed at her.

He then opened his mouth to say softly: “Do you feel cheated? Angry? Then….. Just kill me now!”

“Do you think that I wouldn’t dare?” Ming Yue asked icily, her hand grasping the sword’s hilt to pull it out of its sheath fiercely and pressing the sword’s point right at his throat.

“Ay, does that man really want to die?”

Cloaked in invisibility on one side all this time to watch everything happening there, the Earth Fire Devil’s Vine blinked his eyes in bewilderment. “To think that the woman is actually able to pull out his sword. Is she also a dead person?”

“From what I see, he wouldn’t have much longer to live even if he doesn’t die from this.”

With his arms crossed before his chest, Zang Mai looked at him with an upraised eyebrow to say: “Aren’t you aware that besides people who are dead, the person who is most important to him can also unsheathe his sword?”

“Most important to him?” The little toddler scratched his head. He then nodded his head knowingly with a mischievous smile. “So that’s the kind of relationship they have…..”

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