Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 801

Chapter 801

After seeing this situation they figured that Huan Chuyou almost surely had a good level of confidence in Baili Hongzhuang.

“It seems that this time, the old man was hiding this girl privately. I didn’t expect that there would be such a good seedling in addition to Liu girl.” Chen Yiyu chuckled, looking at Baili Hongzhuang with appreciation.

Chu Jiyou nodded. “She is obviously a bit more talented than Liu girl”

It wasn’t their first time to be the referee of this alchemy contest. They used to know the tricks of Lingyin College and Beihai College.

They never thought that this time, in the alchemy contest Baili Hongzhuang would shock the other to defeat, this was a very rare scene.

“I think the character of this girl is good. The character of Liu girl is too soft. Although the Alchemist should be easy going, if the temper is too soft, it is easy to be bullied.”

Lin Hao shook his head. They had known Liu Qinyue for a long time. They were worried about her temper.

“I don’t know what about this girl’s rank in alchemy, but at a young age, she is already a practitioner of the innate realm. It is really amazing to have such an accomplishment in alchemy.” Chu Jiyou smiled.

Chen Yiyu smiled faintly. “That’s not easy. I will naturally know when I wait for this third round of assessment.”

When Baili Hongzhuang completed refining, because they were too surprised, Ye Ruyu and Gu Yaoyi failed again.

When the two heard the sound from the Pill furnace, the faces of the two were pale, and the time had passed, and they had failed again!

They are likely to be eliminated because they can’t finish in such little time!

At the thought of this, the two were even more resentful about Baili Hongzhuang. If not for Baili Hongzhuang, they would not be distracted at this critical moment.

When the two hated Baili Hongzhuang, Baili Hongzhuang was uninformed about this. She passed the round and she was resting.

However, even if Baili Hongzhuang knows the thoughts of Ye Ruyu, she would not care. It was their fault for getting distracted, who are they blaming for their own fault?

In the end, it’s just that their self-control is not enough.

At last, Wei Hanyun and Liu Qinyue completed the refining at the same time, Qi Junnan also completed, and Ye Ruyu and Gu Yaoyi were eliminated because the time was up.

“The second round, Baili Hongzhuang, Liu Qinyue, Wei Hanyun, Qi Junnan passed! Ye Ruyu, Gu Yaoyi eliminated!” Chen Yiyu immediately announced the final result.

The people under the high platform also sighed after hearing the result. This time, the Canglan college is really going to shine!

In the first two rounds of this alchemy contest, the best results were from the Canglan college students, which was amazing!

Ye Ruyu and Gu Yaoyi walked down the high platform, and both of them were unwilling. But so what if they were unwilling? It was useless…

“The level of the Alchemists of the Canglan College is really good. The performance of Liu Qinyue and Baili Hongzhuang are very outstanding.”

“This Baili Hongzhuang is really magical. As a practitioner, I can still have such a level. I don’t know if she can persist the third round.”

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