Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 595 - Master, I’ll Kill Him!

Chapter 595: Master, I’ll Kill Him!

Jian Qi was stunned.

This person really knew how to ask!

“Master, how could you say that?” Jian Qi smiled. “But if he makes you unhappy, I’ll kill him!”

The man looked at Jian Qi coldly. She was indeed a lackey!

Ah Feng smirked as he looked at her.

“Qi, I like what you said!” Ah Feng’s smile deepened. Then, he took out a gun and handed it to her.

“Kill him!”

Jian Qi was stunned for a moment. Then, she quickly grabbed the gun and pressed it against the man’s forehead.

Jian Qi said to Ah Feng, “Master, I’ll shoot!”

Ah Feng smiled and nodded.

Jian Qi tightened her grip on the gun. She was still smiling, but her hand was covered in a cold sweat.

“Shoot!” Ah Feng’s voice became colder.

Jian Qi smiled and stared at the man. “Brother, you asked for it. Who asked you to make my master unhappy? You’re lucky to have a complete corpse!”

The man did not say anything. He only scoffed and closed his eyes.

Jian Qi tightened her grip and pulled the trigger.

She was relieved when she heard a muffled sound.

She won the bet!

It was indeed frightening!

She would get a heart attack sooner or later!

Jian Qi quickly calmed herself down and turned to look at Ah Feng in shock. “Master, there are no bullets in the gun…”

Ah Feng smirked. “There are no bullets in the gun!”

“Why?” Jian Qi pretended to be confused.

“How can we get rid of him without bullets?” Jian Qi said as she put down the gun and picked up a knife. “Master, I’ll cut him!”

The man was speechless.

Ah Feng couldn’t help but laugh as he took the knife from her.

“Master, you have to do it yourself!” Jian Qi asked. “Are you afraid that I won’t be able to kill him with a single slash? Don’t worry, I’m very capable!”

Ah Feng smiled and remained quiet. He looked at the knife in his hand and then at Jian Qi.

“Qi, since we couldn’t kill him with one shot, it means that he’s still useful!” Ah Feng said.

“But if he dares to make you angry, what’s the point of keeping him?” Jian Qi glared at the man arrogantly.

The man was speechless.

He had never seen such a lackey before!

Ah Feng didn’t say anything. He threw the knife away and said, “Let’s go!”

Jian Qi was stunned for a moment. “Master, are we not going to continue the interrogation?”

“Next time!” Ah Feng walked toward the door.

Jian Qi lifted her hand and patted the man’s face again. She said smugly, “I’ll let you go this time. But I’ll kill you next time!”

“Get lost. Don’t let me see you again!” The man said coldly.

Ah Feng stopped in his tracks.

He walked back and looked at the man again. His eyes darkened. “It seems like this rascal is quite to your liking. There are so many people here, but you seem to hate him? You’re quite against him!”

The man remained quiet. He lowered his head again as if he did not hear him.

Seeing his reaction, Ah Feng’s smile deepened. “Qi, let’s go. We’ll have plenty of chances to play with him next time!”

“Alright, Master!” Jian Qi slapped the man again and left arrogantly.

The man gasped in pain.

He was indeed annoying!

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