Beauty and the Beasts

Chapter 1369 - Go On, Continue Weaving Your Lies

Chapter 1369: Go On, Continue Weaving Your Lies

He was just a second-level beast but held two treasures that would drive the Beast World crazy with desire. It was like throwing a piece of fatty meat into a den full of wolves.

Gu Mengmeng frowned. She had truly been too careless. How could she, as a mother, not consider the trouble that would befall Chixuan from her decision?

Cole continued. “So I took the Soul of the Forest from Chixuan just to divert the attention from him. After all, it is much more justifiable to kill a stray beast king than the son of the Messenger of the Beast Deity and the Wolf King. You can activate your Beast King bloodline and not worry about answering to the Messenger and the Beast King. I am doing this for Chixuan, why are you angry with me?”

Lea leaned into Gu Mengmeng. Although he was very weak now, he didn’t look wretched at all. Instead, he exuded an elegant charm akin to the poignant allure of a beautiful person weighed down by the worries of the world. The contrast between him and Cole made Gu Mengmeng feel like the kneeling Cole looked even more contemptible.

Lea spoke in a gentle voice, “The Fox King’s silver tongue can really turn black into white… you took Chixuan’s Soul of the Forest to protect him? Ha, forget it. As Mengmeng said, we are all sly foxes. You can’t fool me with your fantastical act.”

Lea tried to stand again but failed. He was still too weak and had no choice but to sit there, gently squeezing Gu Mengmeng’s hand as a reminder for her not to get influenced by Cole.

Gu Mengmeng smiled as she returned his squeeze. Only then did Lea relax and continue. “You took the Soul of the Forest to activate your Beast King bloodline—aren’t you shouting out to the entire Beast World that as long as they get that pearl from Chixuan, they could activate their own Beast King bloodline just like you? Ha, are you protecting him or pushing him to the edge of a cliff?”

Cole rubbed his own nose as he smiled helplessly. “It seems like no matter how hard I try, you will never believe my explanations…”

Lifting his head, Cole stared right into Gu Mengmeng’s eyes. “I don’t mind Ah Gu hating me or being disgusted by me. But I refuse to be made a scapegoat… I didn’t snatch over the Soul of the Forest. Little Xuan was the one who framed me and forced it upon me.”

Angered, Gu Mengmeng gave an ironic smile as she scoffed. “Are you telling me that it was Chixuan himself who begged you to take the Soul of the Forest to activate your Beast King bloodline, so that you could come stir trouble for me?”

Cole nodded in admission.

Gu Mengmeng gave a long exhale. “Could your bullshit at least be more a bit more reasonable?”

Cole sighed. “Chixuan took the opportunity of my absence to incite Kanwu to take over the stray beast camp territory. Did you know of this?”

Gu Mengmeng didn’t answer but just continued staring coldly at Cole.

Cole knew from Gu Mengmeng’s expression that she was aware of it. Hence, he continued. “I went to see Chixuan after I came back, hoping that he would return the stray beast camp territory himself. After all… he is your precious son and I wanted to try diplomacy before force for your sake. But Little Xuan told me that there is a type of fruit you loved inside the stray beast camp and so he had to have the territory. However, he was willing to give me the Soul of the Forest in exchange, to help me activate my Beast King bloodline. In this way… I won’t need to hide from you in fear anymore. The lure of his offer was too great, so I agreed.”

Gu Mengmeng just looked wordlessly at Cole, as if saying, “Go on, continue weaving your lies”.

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