Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 1528 - Seeing His True Colors

Chapter 1528: Seeing His True Colors

There was an uproar when the media heard Dai Na’s tearful complaints.

The Third Prince had betrayed his relationship with Princess Dai Na and had even let another woman give birth to an illegitimate child for him?

God, this was too explosive!

The private life of the Royal Prince was so messy.

Dai Na was crying very sadly, as if she was a real victim. “After I found out about that, I had the thought of killing myself. As a princess, I don’t know which part of me is worse than that ordinary woman! I did mention breaking up with Ye Qing, but he grabbed my neck and threatened me that if I dared to break off the engagement, he would harm me and our country!”

The reporters were furious when they heard this.

The Third Prince was too arrogant!

The image of him in front of the camera usually was cold and dignified, noble and elegant, deep and wise. He had grown up in the royal family and had received higher education. Who would have thought that he would be a shameless scum after shedding that serious facade?

Of course, Dai Na knew that the reporters would not believe her completely just because she said it.

She asked the bodyguard to play a video.

The video was taken by the secret guard she had sent to monitor the movements in the Autumn Leaf Villa.

Ye Qing’s Rolls-Royce drove into the Autumn Leaf Villa. Ye Qing, who was wearing a suit and leather shoes, got out of the car. Gu Meng, who had a big belly, was walking around the yard. Ye Qing walked toward her and the two of them said something to each other before he pulled Gu Meng into the villa.

The video was not very clear. Gu Meng was wearing a hat on her head at that time, so her face could not be seen clearly in the video. However, from the outline of her face, she looked pretty good. She was pregnant, but only her abdomen was protruding. Her limbs were still slender.

They could not see Ye Qing’s appearance clearly, but from his figure, silhouette, and aura, everyone could tell that he was the Third Prince.

Some of the reporters were still doubtful at first, but after seeing the video, they all believed Dai Na’s words.

The Third Prince had really betrayed Princess Dai Na first and had made the Princess suffer a great grievance and humiliation.

It was no wonder the Princess was with another man. The Third Prince was two-faced and had gone overboard.


There were also reporters who raised their doubts. “Princess, the Third Prince has let you down, but this is a separate matter. Didn’t you also let Miss Ling Hui down when you were with her husband?”

Dai Na looked at the reporter with red eyes. “Actually, everyone doesn’t know that Sister Ling Hui and Brother Motian have been living separately since they got married. Brother Motian is going through legal procedures…”

“But Miss Ling Hui and Mr Ling just got married two years ago. Do you mean that they lived separately even as newlyweds?”

“From what I know, Sister Ling Hui lied to Brother Motian before she got married. She had lied to him that she was still a virgin, but…” Dai Na did not finish her words, but all the reporters present understood what she meant.

Dai Na asked the bodyguard to release another photo.

The photo was a checkup report from two years ago. The contents of the report stated that Ling Hui was no longer a virgin and it had the signature of the most authoritative gynecologist in Country Y on it.

Ling Hui used to be Country Y’s top socialite. Rumor had it that she had been rather noble and arrogant, but her private life was so messy as well?

It seemed like Dai Na and Ling Motian were the real victims of the scandal!

When Ling Hui saw the live-stream, she was in a villa in the suburbs.

The villa was the only property that had not been confiscated. When they were young, the family of three would come here to stay when they had holidays.

The villa had not been taken care of for many years, and many weeds had grown in the beautiful yard.

Ling Hui spent half a day clearing the grass in the courtyard and cleaning it.

She had not watched the news online. It was only when her assistant called her and told her that the company’s shares had suddenly fallen that she opened her phone.

In the end, she was really surprised when she saw it.

How could there be such a disgusting scumbag and b*tch in this world?

They had actually washed themselves clean and made her and the Third Prince the main culprits who had hurt them, while they became the victims?

Ling Motian had even kept the report that he had asked the doctor for.


How ironic.

When he had saved her back then, she had treated him as a hero, a benefactor, and had been moved by him. Now it seemed like it had all been an act!

To clear his name, he had allowed Dai Na to defame her like this.

Of course, from the moment she had chosen to expose their affair, she was already prepared to fight a tough battle.

Ling Hui packed her luggage and prepared to leave the villa for the company.

She had just arrived downstairs when she heard the sound of a car engine in the yard.

After a while, Ling Motian came in with several bodyguards in black.

The leading bodyguard was carrying a silver box. The moment he entered, the bodyguard took out something that looked like a detector from the box.

Ling Hui looked at Ling Motian. “Didn’t you live separately from me for two years and are about to get a divorce? Why did you bring people into my villa?”

Ling Motian didn’t speak until the bodyguard searched the entire villa and found no trackers. Ling Motian then said, “Ling Hui, you forced me to go to this extent.”

Ling Motian approached Ling Hui and stretched out his long hand. “Give me your phone.”

Ling Hui raised her exquisite chin, raising her eyebrows slightly as a proud and arrogant smile appeared on her bright and eye-catching face. “Why? Are you afraid that I’ll use my phone to record our conversation? Ling Motian, how many guilty things have you done to be so afraid?”

Ling Motian didn’t want to talk nonsense with Ling Hui. He snatched her bag away and took out her phone from her bag. He only returned the bag to her after making sure that she couldn’t record anything.

“Ling Hui, don’t blame me. Now that things have come to this, I can only sacrifice you.”

“Really? Do you think I can’t do it if Dai Na can hold a press conference? I didn’t betray this marriage, nor did I mess around with any man. The gynecologist did check my hymen for me, but did she not tell you that she couldn’t find any traces of sexual history during my physical examination? You were too suspicious and didn’t believe me or the doctor’s words. Now, you’re using this to frame me. Ling Motian, I must have been blind to have married you!”

“Ling Hui, I won’t give you a chance to clear your name!” A trace of ruthlessness appeared in Ling Motian’s eyes.

Ling Hui’s pupils constricted. “What do you mean?”

“It means…” Ling Motian suddenly approached Ling Hui. She was about to dodge when she felt a sharp pain in her arm.

Ling Motian moved back and Ling Hui saw that her arm had been pricked by him.

“A report can’t prove anything. If the reporters take photos of you being so thirsty that you were with a bar gigolo, do you think Dai Na and I will be able to wash our guilt even more?”

Ling Hui raised her hand and slapped Ling Motian’s face.

But before she could touch him, her body crumbled.

She fell to the ground and saw Ling Motian smiling wildly and ruthlessly.

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