Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 1163 - Land Of Hibernation

Chapter 1163: Land Of Hibernation

The Titan Cronos had already sat down on the ground again. There was no longer any vitality in the large mountain-like body.

In the Haiga Mountain Range at the beginning, Lin Li obtained a Titan skeleton, and used it to create the Black Front Fortress. However, Lin Li did not covet the Titan’s corpse this time, partly because the corpse was no longer of much use to him, and also out of consideration for the following exploration. After all, he was now in a cooperative relationship with the Gilded Kingdom’s team. Lin Li had already obtained the corpse of the Ice Phoenix, and if he asked them for the Titan’s corpse again, the Gilded Kingdom would definitely be displeased. Hence, he decided to give the useless corpse to the Gilded Kingdom.

Of course, Lin Li did stand to gain something this time. The debris of the stars, Thunderbolt, had captured a glimpse of divinity; hence, if it could make him comprehend something, it would definitely be something that no amount of wealth could be compared to.

Hence, after the battle ended, Lin Li generously waved his hand, and said to the people of the Gilded Kingdom’s team, “The Titan’s corpse is just as valuable as the Ice Phoenix. Since we’ve obtained the Ice Phoenix, you can have this.”

However, Lin Li’s words did not make the people of the Gilded Kingdom happy at all. Although they all knew that the Titan’s corpse was valuable, they didn’t have a way to bring it back. It was massive, and not just a little pet that could be brought back easily or tucked away randomly. Apart from Lin Li’s Ring of Endless Storms, what else could be used for bringing the mountain-like Titan away?

“Damn it, that rascal must be doing it on purpose!” High Priest Poer glowered at the team of the Tower of Dusk and cursed softly.

On the other hand, Elder Zumar had no choice but to shake his head helplessly after sizing up the Titan’s corpse for a while. “Our task at hand is very important. Leave this thing here for the time being, we’ll figure it out later.”

The two teams bypassed the Titan’s corpse, arrived at the lock bridge behind the Titan, and walked all the way to the opposite side of the great rift. The length of the bridge was unknown, and it seemed to be really long as the two teams still couldn’t see the end even until they reached the back. Fortunately, the lock bridge was very wide, and could fit about 10 carriages side by side. Hence, it didn’t feel squeezy for them.

After walking for a long time, the two teams finally saw a huge building that was gradually being revealed amidst the light. Based on the outline of the building, it seemed to be a tall and majestic wall that was hundreds of meters high. The edges could not be seen at all.

Clearly, Saint Edmund of the Illuminati knew what was at the end of the lock bridge. After seeing the scene in front of him, he immediately ordered his team to speed up. The team from the Gilded Kingdom did as they were told, and thus the Tower of Dusk naturally could not lag too far behind. They followed closely behind the team from the Gilded Kingdom, and headed towards the end of the Lock Bridge.

When the two teams walked into the Lock Bridge, and stepped into the land opposite the great rift, the city walls, which were still a bit hazy in the light, were finally fully revealed in front of them. However, the thing that was revealed was drastically different from what they imagined. Although it was indeed a tall and majestic wall, it seemed very shabby and dilapidated. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a wrecked wall. Besides, the wall directly opposite the Lock Bridge was a tall city gate section, but the gate had disappeared long ago.

At this juncture, Edmund raised his hand to signal the team to stop temporarily before turning around to say to the crowd, “We have now reached the real core of the Holy Land, which is also the God’s land of hibernation. Now, we must all be careful not to make any noise. Otherwise, it will be disrespectful to the god.”

Hearing Edmund’s words, the faces of the people from the Gilded Kingdom immediately became much more serious as they all seemed to be reverent. Although they did not belong to the Illuminati, there was no difference in their beliefs, and everyone knew how huge of a sin it would be to disrespect the god. Hence, no one was willing to take any risks.

However, when Lin Li saw this, he couldn’t help but be amused, because he could already guess from the previous conversation with Edmund that Edmund and other senior members of the Illuminati didn’t actually believe much in the so-called God-king of Light. Hence, Edmund’s words sounded extremely ironic to Lin Li. He felt that the ones who were really disrespectful to the god were them, the senior members of the Illuminati.

Of course, Lin Li merely mused to himself about it, and he wouldn’t really voice it. Besides, he could also tell from Edmund’s words that the god that was in hibernation there was probably not in deep sleep, as it would be easily awakened by any slight noises.

Hence, Lin Li also instructed his subordinates to be careful when they entered lest they got into big trouble before the Gilded Kingdom was harmed. They would really be devastated then.

The two teams got even warier, and slowly walked into the ancient underground city through the huge hole in the city gate.

When walking to the ancient city, everyone realized that the scene inside was considered relatively incomplete compared to the wrecked walls. The ancient city presented before them was just a path of ruins. There wasn’t a single intact building at all.

Edmund must have understood the situation long ago from the information provided. Hence, he didn’t pay much attention to it, and instead led his team to the depths of the ancient city below. On the other hand, Lin Li followed behind with the team of the Tower of Dusk, but he discovered something that seemed very interesting from those ruined walls.

Lin Li found some ancient Titan Print on those ruined walls that were still somewhat in shape. However, after some identification, he realized that it was really quite difficult for him to make out anything from it. Besides, the print was incomplete because of the wreckage of the building, but even if they were clear, he still wouldn’t be able to tell with his current abilities.

After following the Gilded Kingdom’s team all the way there, Lin Li only managed to recognize a few words from the Titan Print on the ruined walls, such as some words about shrines and prisons. He couldn’t connect them to form a complete, coherent sentence.

However, in addition to the Titan Print, Lin Li also discovered that the material used in the underground ancient city’s buildings was actually a material that did not exist in Anril. Despite being knowledgeable, Lin Li couldn’t even recognize what kind of material it was—it seemed to be something that didn’t even exist in the Endless World. However, he felt that the building materials were vaguely similar in nature to the crystal ball that Edmund had just taken out.

At the thought of the crystal ball that Edmund had used earlier on to draw the Power of Light of the entire space to suppress the Titan Cronos anew, Lin Li guessed that the crystal ball was very likely to be related to the ancient god who had been in slumber there. Hence, he wondered if the ruins here had something to do with the ancient god. In that case, could the materials of this world be from the legendary Divine Kingdom?

Lin Li couldn’t help but be shocked by his own conjecture too. Reaching the realm of gods and creating a Divine Kingdom were two completely different concepts. It was like comparing a Sanctuary powerhouse who had just entered the Sanctuary-realm to a Sanctuary powerhouse who could create his own Domain World. The two were simply worlds apart. Legend had it that only when one reached the position of a high-level god could they create a Divine Kingdom that truly belonged to oneself. It was almost no different from creating a world. It could be said that a god that could create a Divine Kingdom would definitely be a superior existence among the gods.

If the ancient god that the Illuminati believed in was really the one that brought the Divine Kingdom to Anril, the power of that ancient god would be really terrifying. Although Lin Li had always been brave, the thought of the fact that he might be facing a god with a Divine Kingdom this time made him feel terrified.

At the same time, Lin Li also had no choice but to be amazed by how terrifyingly powerful the Immortal King was since he could suppress an ancient god who had a Divine Kingdom. The power was truly unimaginable!

At this moment, the Gilded Kingdom suddenly stopped in their tracks, while Saint Edmund turned around, and sternly said to everyone, “In the depths of this ancient underground city is the place where our great founding Saint, Lord Aquilo, sleeps. However, before we enter, I have to warn everyone, including all of you from the Tower of Dusk. Once you see the Holy Lord, you mustn’t touch his body. Otherwise, you will definitely receive the Divine Punishment of the God-king of Light.”

The fact that Edmund said that it would lead to the Divine Punishment of the God-king of Light might mean nothing special to the others, but it meant something different to Elder Zumar and Edmund. If someone touched the body of Aquilo, it might awaken the God-king of Light. Otherwise, there would be no Divine Punishment.

“Yes, Saint Edmund, we understand!” everyone in the Gilded Kingdom, including Zumar and Poer, who knew some insider information, answered respectfully.

On the other hand, under Edmund’s gaze, Lin Li also nodded, and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t create trouble for myself. Besides, if anyone tries to get up to some tricks, I won’t let them off.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Li was slightly stunned because he immediately realized that he should not have said something like that. No matter what he thought deep down, he wouldn’t be that straightforward as to say it out loud. However, despite sensing that something was amiss, he had indeed said those things after all. He couldn’t figure it out, but didn’t dwell on the reason behind his strange behavior.

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