Am I A God?

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Blackmail

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Cats belong to a group of animals that have a strong guarded mentality and most of them are actually very timid.

They’ll hide at the slightest sign of trouble.

Favourite hangout spots for cats include any small spaces that resemble a tiny cave as it gives them a feeling of security. Hence, most cats enjoy lounging under the bed, in the closet or in a box.

Only after living in the house for a long time, will they slowly get used to the environment and treat it as the safest place, and slowly become more relaxed.

Roly Poly was apparently a very timid cat.

Even though he might be a little black-bellied, he always seemed especially weak in front of humans or other cats.

Just like now, looking at Matcha, who had a wicked smile on his face, Roly Poly’s fat body trembled once. He said, “I’ve not played Mobile Legends before.”

“Is that so…,” Matcha licked his lips, “I’ll teach you then, it will be fun.”

Ten minutes later, Roly Poly was still playing the Mobile Legends tutorial helplessly and when he saw that it finally ended, he couldn’t help but silently heave a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Matcha, who was beside him, stretched out his claws and rapped the floorboard. The clear and sharp sound frightened and startled Roly Poly.

“Roly Poly, my finances are a little tight recently, could you lend me some money.”

“…This is extortion…” Looking at Matcha’s claw slowly stroking the floor, Roly Poly said with a crying face, “I…I don’t have much money either.”

“It’s fine, you just have to help me buy the 28.8 monthly gift box.” Matcha showed off his sharp teeth, “I’ll help you get on the ranking board in return.”

“But I don’t want to play Mobile Legends, I just want to eat Kentucky.” Looking at Matcha’s sharp teeth, Roly Poly did not dare to speak his mind.

Seeing that Roly Poly had not yet bought the monthly gift box, Matcha tilted his head, his expression darkened and said in annoyance, “Well? Do you think that I will not return you the money? Do you think that I can’t even afford to repay you this measly amount?”

Saying so, his claws lightly scraped across the floorboard, producing a screeching sound.

“N…N…No it’s not like that.” Roly Poly trembled and bought Matcha that monthly gift box.

The account that he used to pay with was opened using his previous master’s identity documents, which he had stolen using his invisibility powers. The few thousand dollars earned by him and his brothers were saved in this account.

Since his master did not use a payment account, they were able to go undiscovered.

Nevertheless, the few thousand dollars that Roly Poly had secretly saved had been accumulated little by little.

“Hahaha, you’re indeed a good brother.” Matcha looked at the diamonds and monthly gift box in his paws and smiled instantly. Patting Roly Poly on his head, he said, “Come, let me help you get onto the leaderboards.”

Saying so, he fished out the cell phone that Zhao Yao bought him and said, “Perfect, let’s try this baby out.”

“One doesn’t let me eat, another snatched my money.” Roly Poly was crying on the inside, and silently roared, “This human and this cat are both hooligans – bullies! Who will save me! I must escape from here!”

On the other side, Zhao Yao was driving with Elizabeth in his Panamera to Xiao Shiyu’s workplace.

Although the Panamera was not a sports car, it cost a million dollars and was considered expensive for most people.

Stopping outside the door now, it immediately attracted the attention of many passersby.

Xiao Shiyu quickly rushed over and greeted Zhao Yao with a smile.

When the people in the shop saw this scene, they immediately started gossiping.

“Who’s this? Xiao Shiyu’s boyfriend?”

“How’s the car? Is it worth a lot? Looks really pretty.”

“This is Porsche’s Panamera, probably costs a million dollars.”

One person said jealously, “Xiao Shiyu’s so lucky to find herself an affluent second generation man.”

“Sigh, if only I had someone to drive me to and fro work in a sports car.”

“Give me awhile more, I still have some work to do.” Xiao Shiyu said to Zhao Yao.

“It’s fine, I will wait for you by the side.” Zhao Yao replied.

About a 100 meters away from Panamera stood a middle-aged man dressed in a blouse and pants, his pupils started dilating as he looked at Xiao Shiyu and Zhao Yao, who was sitting in the car.

“To kill….”

“Or not to kill…”

“To kill….”

“Or not to kill…”

Confusion was written on his face, “If I kill, it will be against my principles. But if I don’t, this power will still be useful, and if she took it away, I would be in trouble.”

Looking at Zhao Yao, the middle-aged man thought, “Boyfriend?”. He recalled that Xiao Shiyu did talk about something related before, like, “Yep, find a rich boyfriend and I will be able to live in Jiangmen City.”

“If I kill you, I should kill him too.”

At this moment, Zhao Yao became suspicious and turned his head over to look at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man smiled back, thinking, “Eh? He is so sensitive, that’s quite rare for a human.”

“If he’s so sensitive, would it also mean that he will be able very good at detecting when someone is suffering ?”

Thinking of which, he couldn’t help but shiver. Like a cat when it sees a mouse, like a lion when it sees a lamb, having the desire to pounce on the prey. Just then, images of predators indulging on their prey appeared in his thoughts.

“No, I can’t”

“I can’t kill.”

“I can’t just kill as I want here.”

Giving Zhao Yao one last look, the middle-aged man held back his temptation to kill and left.

Zhao Yao frowned.

Elizabeth asked, ” What happened, Zhao Yao?”

“It’s nothing.” Zhao Yao said while shaking his head, “I think I saw a weird person.”

Moments later, Xiao Shiyu carried her handbag and went into Zhao Yao’s Panamera but caught a glimpse Elizabeth lying in the back seat with bright eyes sparkling in the dark.

“That is so adorable! Zhao Yao, you have another cat?”

Xiao Shiyu excitedly returned her gaze towards the back seat where Elizabeth, with fur so soft and luscious, laid graciously. The impeccably adorable ragdoll characteristics of Elizabeth completely won over her as she swiftly went over and picked Elizabeth up.

“What is the cat’s breed? Why does it look so much like a princess? It’s so soft and fluffy!” Xiao Shiyu said as she caressed Elizabeth in her arms after failing to plunge her head into the luscious fur of Elizabeth having been stopped by her paws.

As ragdoll cats are a new breed of cats that only surfaced in the past 10 years, it was no surprise that many did not know of its existence.

“This is a Ragdoll cat, it’s a relatively new breed of domesticated cats.” Zhao Yao said with a smile.

“How much is this? I want to have one too!” Xiao Shiyu exclaimed in curiosity.

Zhao Yao pondered for a moment and replied, “Normally they cost around 10 to 30 000 dollars because of they are bred in small quantity and not many cat breeders sell them.”

Astounded by what Zhao Yao had said, Xiao Shiyu’s mood turned from excitement to disappointment as she muttered, “Oh, this is such an expensive cat only the rich can afford. I guess I can only play with your cat then.”

“Oh yes, whats her name?”


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