Am I A God?

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: The Murder

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On the second day at the same hotel, Song Fei handed Zhao Yao a stack of documents, “The details in these documents aren’t what they seem to be. I would advise you to destroy them after reading.”

“The superiors are watching. In fact, this has deeper implications than we thought. You should not delve into it.” Song Fei said with a stern expression.

Understanding the severity of the situation, Zhao Yao briefly flipped through the documents. As expected, the documents were details of tip-offs that Song Fei consolidated. With 12 murder cases already committed, including 2 deceased officials, even with utmost efforts to contain the facts, it can no longer be suppressed. More shockingly, these 12 cases were not committed by just one serial killer, which meant that these acts were done by a diabolical group of them. With no loss of valuable possessions at the scene of crime, it was clear that the killer’s intention was of pure revenge as all the victims’ remains had been cruelly maimed and tortured.

After Zhao Yao was done with the documents, Song Fei grabbed it from him and burned it all to ashes. As he looked up from the charred debris, he said, “Do you understand the gravity of the situation now?”

Zhao Yao nodded, and though he said nothing, he thought to himself, “What exactly could the supercat do? Control humans? Conjure illusions? Shapeshift? This supercat is too dangerous! We have to stop him as soon as possible.”

With no further assistance provided by the police, Zhao Yao turned his attention to the supercat’s case.

After Song Fei left, Zhao Yao went on to WeChat and discovered that a new member, Yiyi, had joined the SuperCat group.

“Does anyone have new information on the supercat’s killing spree recently?” Zhao Yao asked in the chat.

“Finally learned how to type?” Leopard Head mocked Zhao Yao, “Meow meow meow, there’s a killer cat on the loose? Is this for real?”

Number 1 dried fish fan replied, “It must have been a moggy cat. These killers are the most psychotic and ill-tempered.”

“Don’t joke about the breed!” Meow Gibson said, “I think I’ve heard of this before, why do you want to know?”

Just as Zhao Yao was about to reply, he held back and wondered if the Supercat was also in this group chat. Playing on the side of caution, he replied, “I heard it from a friend. Just curious.”

“You shouldn’t be bothered about this.” Meow Gibson replied, “I heard that these cats are just seeking revenge for the abuse they have gone through. ”

“Though humans are strong, not all are bad. I don’t support the actions of these revenge-seeking killer cats.” Meow Gibson continued, “Everyone here is a neutral party If you see these cats, don’t get too close to them. A war with humans will not only make us suffer but so will every other innocent cat.”

Chubby Luban Assassin interrupted, “I’m not afraid of humans. I’ve killed over 2000 humans in People’s Square and even the tanks couldn’t stop me. If not for my stomach-ache, I would have invaded the City Hall!”

“Stop showing off, chubby” Leopard Head replied. “Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were sat on by the house husky?”

“How could I bring myself to kill such an adorable and playful husky?” Chubby Luban Assassin said defensively.

Realising that they were drifting off topic, Zhao Yao placed his phone down and thought hard about deciphering the supercat’s thinking and rationale for killing.

He muttered to himself, “I guess for now all I can do is to check the internet constantly for any supernatural cases and garner more evidence of the possible location of these cases from my daily patrol. Hopefully, this will lead me straight to supercat.”

Zhao Yao’s phone suddenly rang aloud. It was Xiao Shiyu.

“Hello, what’s up?” Zhao Yao asked.

“Zhao Yao, do you know what’s with Bai Quan?”

“Bai Quan?” Zhao Yao expressed concern, “Did he do something to you again?”

“No”, Xiao Shiyu’s voice broke, “This morning he came apologizing to me, saying that he will not harass me anymore and then quit his job right after.”

“Oh,” Zhao Yao smiled, “isn’t that great?

“But it was too sudden. This is so unlike him. Is this your doing?”

“I did speak to him, he’s a nice chap!” Zhao Yao laughed.

“Oh, so it was really you? I haven’t thanked you for buying a property near me yet.” Xiao Shiyu smiled.

“So, my savior, can I treat you to a meal soon?”

“Sure, when?”

“How about tonight?” Xiao Shiyu said. “An ordinary girl like me can’t afford to treat you to a luxurious meal. I hope you don’t mind.”

Zhao Yao smiled and said, “What time do you get off work, I can come and pick you up.”

Upon reaching home, Matcha was playing with his phone, Roly Poly was lying on the floor with a look of boredom and Mango was running around in the living room. Zhao Yao looked at the window seal and found Elizabeth playing with her phone. Realizing that Elizabeth had just gotten a new phone this morning, Zhao Yao asked her, “Are you Yiyi in the Wechat group?”

“Yes, it’s me!” Elizabeth exclaimed excitedly and jumped down from the window seal, her lush and fluffy fur ruffled as she landed. “Do you have any news on the killer supercat?”

“Oh..” Zhao Yao thought about it and decided to tell Elizabeth about the information he gathered about the killer cat.

“For now, the killer cat’s location is still unknown, but I plan to gather more information from the internet and the SuperCats WeChat group. I will also be patrolling every day and look into more suspicious locations.”

With beautiful sparkling sapphire blue eyes, Elizabeth asked Zhao Yao very seriously, “Can I come along? I want to contribute to this search too.”

Zhao Yao continued with his usual routine, prepared food for the cats and did a workout. He then continued online to search for possible suspicious locations.

That night, as he drove over to pick Xiao Shiyu up for dinner, he brought Elizabeth along, with plans of exploring the suspicious places with Elizabeth after dinner and hopefully obtaining some trace of SuperCat.

Being left at home, Matcha and Mango started indulging in their food but Roly Poly was not enjoying it. He thought, “What kind of life is this? Why do I have to eat the same thing every day, it’s like living in hell. I can’t take it anymore.”

Making sure no one was watching him, he whipped out his phone and opened the food delivery app.

At that very moment, Matcha crept up from behind Roly Poly and asked, “What are you doing?”

In shock, Roly Poly hastily apologized, “Sorry, sorry, sorry, I wasn’t planning to order delivery !”

“Oh? Food delivery?” Matcha snatched over Roly Poly’s phone to take a look at the app. “Oh my, you have money??”

Upon seeing Roly Poly nodding his head, Matcha patted his head proudly and asked slyly, “Brother, have you played Mobile Legends before?”

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