Am I A God?

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Feces Disaster

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Teleportation, ability to read minds, and the ability to manipulate people like puppets. Bai Quan saw Zhao Yao’s back view and thought: Having the ability to teleport is powerful enough, and now he is also able to read minds and manipulate others.

In the brief moment that Zhao Yao opened the room, a pungent smell gushed in, suffocating everyone. Zhao Yao aggressively covered his nose and mouth, saying shockingly and angrily, “What happened! Who last took a dump here, the smell is unbearable!”

The odor was sour and Zhao Yao was certain that even after being in the feces industry for close to a year now, he had not encountered such a pungent smell.

Matcha purred while running towards Zhao Yao and said, “Zhao Yao, it was Mango! After Mango took a dump, the automatic toilet had become roasted feces!’

Zhao Yao slammed the door shut before Matcha could reach him, leaving Matcha knocking continuously from the other side of the door, proclaiming, “I’m sorry Matcha, this smell is too pungent, it could kill and harm people.”

The automatic cat toilet used electricity to shovel away the feces, flush with water, increase the temperature, then blow dry it.

However, if it’s cat diarrhea, there is no apparent way to shovel the feces away. This will result in diarrhea to be flushed with water, heated up, blow dried, forming this roasted feces phenomena.

Zhao Yao’s entire house was filled with the odor of the roasted feces. Thinking about that sour smell alone made him helpless.

Zhao Yao turned his head towards Elizabeth and said, “Elizabeth, you…” He just thought of letting Elizabeth control Bai Quan to clean up the mess, but realized what she had already done. Elizabeth swallowed the entire can of cat food and sprawled all over his shoulder.

Zhao Yao said, “Have you really fainted?”

It was precisely at this moment, Bai Quan realized immediately that he regained his ability to move, although he was also affected badly by this pungent smell, he still took advantage of this opportunity. He held his breath momentarily and entered his stealth mode once again.

Zhao Yao shouted, “Hey you!”

Looking at Zhao Yao shout made Bai Quan snicker. But before Bai Quan could even make a move, he felt a shapeless figure aggressively banging on his chest, causing him to directly fly three or four meters, his entire body thrown onto to the ground.

Bai Quan’s chest burned in pain. He felt as though his entire chest had exploded. Every breath he took was extremely difficult. Needless to say, he could no longer remain in stealth mode and exposed his true self.

This time, Zhao Yao stomped on Bai Quan several times within a short moment.

Looking at Zhao Yao walking towards him, he said in pain, “What a strong ability.”

Zhao Yao ignored him, glancing upon Elizabeth who was sprawled on his shoulders, and he thought about her.

Next, he used Elizabeth’s ability. Looking at Bai Quan on the floor, subtle red flashes shone in his eyes. However…

“Failed… Sigh… 60 loyalty points.”

He tried twice more and finally succeeded. Luckily for him this time, he was ruthless enough. Bai Quan could neither get up by himself nor hold his breath, Zhao Yao’s use of Elizabeth’s ability was successful.

Bai Quan felt his body stiffen up, and it seemed as though nothing could be entering his brain. He completely lost control of himself. He thought to himself ‘Not this feeling again, I can’t believe he can actually control my entire body.’

Subsequently, Zhao Yao looked at Bai Quan’s indignant stare and controlled him to clean the cat toilet’s with the dry, hot roasted feces.

Elizabeth also managed to wake up a few minutes later. Bai Quan saw, hiding from a corner in the room from a distance, two cats, and a person, which made him more indignant.

Mango, a British shortcat, stood curiously by the side, occasionally sniffing Bai Quan’s smell, as though like he truly interested in this stranger.

He had no clue to what a big mess he had caused and was extremely pleased that the entire house was filled with his smell.

Bai Quan felt like the odor was basically like after someone had diarrhea, added a dead rat in the toilet bowl, and then dug some of the concoction out, placed it on a bowl and in the microwave oven for 10 minutes. It felt as though all his internal organs were going to explode.

Zhao Yao consciously sighed from the other side ‘The automatic cat toilet isn’t that powerful, it is unable to flush out diarrhea. Not only does it have difficulty removing it, it will even result in its smell spreading across the entire room.

Elizabeth pleaded for help from Zhao Yao and said, “Zhao Yao, this public toilet is too disgusting, from today onwards, you must arrange a private one for me. And I also need my own private bedroom.”

“Hahaha” Matcha snickered in a corner, “You long-haired fatty. Have you forgotten the last time you took a shit and had feces in your butt? How dare you still have the audacity to pick on and despise Mango!”

Elizabeth raised her eyebrows. Being a long-furred cat indeed resulted in it being easier to stain her own body with shit, and that was what she had most hated about herself.

Upon hearing what Matcha said, her eyes had flashes of red, an image of Matcha already started to imprint itself on her mind.

She screamed, “Slave, watch your tone! Also, keep some distance away from me. Your entire body stinks of shit!”

Matcha defended himself, “At least I didn’t run out of the toilet with a shit-stained butt!”

“Alright, stop fighting, you two!” Zhao Yao proclaimed.

Half an hour later, the mess was cleaned up, the windows in the entire room were opened and the entire room was ventilated.

Bai Quan was controlled and brought to the window, Zhao Yao hid a few meters away, covered his nose and said in a disparaging tone, “Spit it out! Where did you get your abilities, and what are your intentions for attacking me!”

Though Bai Quan’s body was stained with cat feces, he seemed as though he was already used to this kind of treatment. His looked sternly at Zhao Yao and replied, “My abilities were bestowed upon me by our God from the Brotherhood.”

Zhao Yao wrinkled his eyebrows ‘Brotherhood?’ He was shocked and second-guessed, “Gao Ji has supernatural abilities?”

“Who said it was Gao Ji?” Bai Quan rebutted, “We are an organization. We worship and pray to the holy spirit!”

Zhao Yao, Matcha and Elizabeth’s were appalled and were speechless.

They then realized that Bai Quan’s powers did not come from himself, but from an organization called the Brotherhood.’

This Brotherhood was seen by Bai Quan as an evil and malicious organization, a cult, which had gathered a large number of unemployed people together. They prayed and interacted daily, hoping that their God will bestow upon happiness onto each of them.

However, the difference between the Brotherhood and an ordinary cult was that there had been occurrences of people from this organization actually being rewarded. For instance, Bai Quan has been given privileged to receive the ability to enter stealth mode for 3 hours exactly.

At this very moment, the book’s task page jumped slightly, and a new mission appeared.

The task presented — How to cause chaos within the malicious and evil cats with abilities?’ The intended target – Exterminate the Brotherhood, capture the supercat with the abilities behind the scenes and a reward of 200 experience points will be given.

Upon looking at the task on the board, Zhao Yao wrinkled his eyebrows and thought ‘Is it really that simple to gain 200 experience points? Are my experience points too high, or is it because this task is actually very difficult?’

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