Am I A God?

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Ragdoll

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It was an incredibly adorable and sweet kitty. Significantly bigger than Matcha, it had tufts of white fur on its body, and because its fur was too long, it seemed like it was wearing a scarf around its neck.

There were pale grey spots on its head, and its pink nose and mouth were close together, giving others a cute and sassy impression. Its pair of blue eyes seemed clear as a crystal, but it revealed a sliver of panic.

As this cat looked extremely special, Zhao Yao recognized it immediately.

“It’s a ragdoll …”

Ragdolls were a breed developed in the recent decade. Simply put, its outstanding features were its more massive physique, longer fur, beautiful features, and shared intimate relations with people. They were often hailed as the dogs of the cats, and naturally, they were costly, ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to a hundred thousand.

Zhao Yao did not expect such a ragdoll to awaken and activate its unique ability.

Zhao Yao dashed out of the room in two seconds, down the stairs to the side of the ragdoll with three seconds. The remaining one second was only sufficient for Zhao Yao to whip out his rope and go one round around the ragdoll. Time, then, once again resumed.

Almost immediately after time resumed, a loud scream was heard. That loud, painful cry came from the ragdoll right in front of Zhao Yao.

It suddenly became clear that the previous screams actually came from this ragdoll.

At this instant, following the scream, Zhao Yao felt his body sink. It felt as if he had lost control of himself.

He saw the large blue eyes of the ragdoll cat emit a red light, staring intently at Zhao Yao. He felt as if a foreign and strong consciousness immersed itself into his brain, controlling his body for him.

His two hands released the rope, but Zhao Yao could only watch as his body resisted his control.

At this moment, Macha appeared with a loud meow, one paw smacking onto the ragdoll’s head. Following that, a few rapid punches from his left and right paws landed on the ragdoll’s face.

How much damage dealt was yet to be known, but it undoubtedly enraged the ragdoll, and it glared at Macha murderously.

A clear, pure voice which sounded like a little girl floated in the minds of Zhao Yao and Macha, “You dare hit my face?”

Matcha meowed and jumped onto the ragdoll’s back, “I’ll rape you if you refuse to stop!”

This enraged the ragdoll. A pair of diamond-like eyes squinted narrowly, much like a needle, “I want to bite you to death!”

The next moment, Zhao Yao, under her control, kicked Matcha. Matcha could only jump backward to dodge it. Zhao Yao chased and landed a fury of kicks on Matcha. Matcha might have put on some weight recently, but jumping and dodging were easy, as they were a cat’s instincts. This led to Zhao Yao missing all of his kicks.

Just when the ragdoll wanted to continue to use Zhao Yao to attack Matcha, the cooldown time of six seconds had passed. Time freeze could be activated again, and the whole world stopped.

Once time froze, Zhao Yao found that he had gone back to normal, and he could control himself again.

Evidently, when time froze, the opponent’s ability was stopped as well.

He charged up, whipped out his rope and within the short span of six seconds, he tied up the head, neck and four limbs of the ragdoll.

Worried that the opponent would use that weird ability anytime, Zhao Yao did not care if his 6 seconds had expired. He continued to go rounds around the ragdoll using the heavy-duty rope.

“She stared at me with her eyes and I was under her control. Was her power activated through sight?”

“And that scream, did she control me through sound?”

The more pressing the situation, the calmer Zhao Yao was. The scenes from the previous battle resurfaced, floating in his brain.

Hence the ragdoll’s mouth was wrapped up, and so were her eyes. Her entire body was pushed against the floor, and she could not even move.

Only when the rope was exhausted did Zhao Yao realized that many seconds had passed since time resumed.

Seeing that the ragdoll was wrapped like a mummy on the floor, Zhao Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, as she was restrained, she could not use her abilities freely. It also seemed like she couldn’t control two targets at once. Although the limits of her abilities were unknown, it seemed like Zhao Yao was successful in preventing the ragdoll from using her ability.

“Let me go!”

“How dare you tie me up?”

I’ll bite all of you to death when I’m out!”

The crisp and pure voice of a girl sounded in Zhao Yao’s head relentlessly. Matcha walked towards it, nose directed at the butt of the ragdoll and started sniffing intensely.

“You! How dare you! How dare you do this sort of stuff!”

Realising that her butt was being sniffed, the ragdoll was furious.

Cats were actually very independent. Even when living in a community, the territory would always be clear and demarcated.

When it came to a thing like smelling a butt, it was often the superior cat who did this to the inferior cat. Matcha’s actions obviously caused the ragdoll to feel violated.

Matcha licked his lips, “A female as well. Say, what is your ability.”

The ragdoll was silent. Her eyes were filled with rage.

Zhao Yao saw his mission panel and realized that the mission had yet to be completed.

It was then when Jin Jia Jia and Xiao Ming rushed down. The two stared at Zhao Yao astonishingly, with a sense of shock, worship, fear and many complicated emotions in their eyes.

Even after being kicked by Zhao Yao numerous times, Xiao Ming saw Zhao Yao in a different light; all he had for Zhao Yao was respect, there was not a single tinge of anger in his eyes.

He said to Zhao Yao gratefully, “Master, thanks for saving me just now. I felt like a ghost possessed me.”

Jin Jia Jia asked curiously, “Master, where did that thing run off to? What did you catch? Can you show it to us?” She had shifted her gaze to the bundle of wrapped up fur on the floor upon saying that.

Zhao Yao stayed silent and slung the ragdoll over his back, “Don’t worry. That thing has been caught by me. It’s safe here; I’ll make my move too.”

Saying that he turned around and left. Seeing Zhao Yao leave the mansion, Jin Jia Jia and Xiao Ming chased after him. However, just as they walked across the main door, their eyes gazed across the garden, without a sight of Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao had stopped time earlier on and left the mansion immediately.

Seeing the empty garden, Xiao Ming sighed, “Gone like the wind, no wonder he’s a higher being.” He no longer had his mind set on Jin Jia jia, his mind filled with thoughts of his previous mysterious encounter.

Jin Jia Jia looked towards her camera agitatedly and said, “Everyone you guys saw…”

“Huh? Why is my camera reversed?”

“You guys didn’t see anything that just happened?”

Only now did Jin Jia Jia managed to calm herself down and realized that her camera was reversed. The camera was focused on her face since the start of the stream, and the fight between Zhao Yao and the ragdoll was not recorded.

“Still thought this would go viral on the web, why did I not capture anything?”

Her face, at this point in time, was full of confusion and annoyance.

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