Am I A God?

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Moving

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And so it was Friday, the day of the transaction. Zhao Yao headed to the transaction center to finalize the administration details and went to the bank afterward to transfer the money.

This feeling of splurging so much money, it was like piercing Zhao Yao’s skin. After the manager left, Xiao Shi Yu stayed on.

“What’s wrong? You just bought a huge luxury home, why do you look unhappy?” Xiao Shi Yu was not wearing her uniform today, and instead donned a t-shirt and a pair of hot pants. Her white and juicy thighs glistened under the scorching sun, and with her perfect complexion and beautiful powdered face, it gave people a feeling of eternal youth.

Zhao Yao smiled and replied,” Nothing much, have you contacted the movers for me? I intend to move as soon as possible.”

“Yup, how does tomorrow sound? You send me your address!” Xiao Shi Yu continued, “How much stuff do you want to bring? Usually, they’ll decide which lorry to drive depending on how much stuff you have.”

“Not much, no furniture. Just some luggage and belongings.”

“Oh, you haven’t bought furniture?” Xiao Shi Yu said,” Most furniture now contain formaldehyde, you should have bought furniture earlier and let it blow off. It’s not healthy to inhale formaldehyde for long periods of time you know.”

“Oh, is there such a thing?” Zhao Yao scratched his head. He was still clueless about this sort of stuff.

“Of course.” Saying that, Xiao Shi Yu went on to push Zhao Yao out of the bank,” There’s a furniture warehouse nearby, let’s go together. It’ll be the best if we could order their display sets, the formaldehyde should have worn off after the display.”

“There’s no need to.” Zhao Yao said embarrassedly. “It’ll trouble you so much.”

“It’s okay; I’m on leave these few days anyway.” Xiao Shi Uu smiled,” You bought this house from me, I haven’t thanked you yet. I’ll help you with the moving and do some work for you.”

Xiao Shi Yu then accompanied Zhao Yao to the furniture warehouse to purchase all sorts of furniture, as well as electronics such as television sets.

For the ensuing days, Xiao Shi Yu assisted Zhao Yao in purchasing furniture, moving, interior design, installing the WIFI, and even hiring a cleaner to clean up the new house together. Through the entire process, Xiao Shi Yu was enthusiastic and excited, resulting in Zhao Yao feeling slightly shy and embarrassed.

Through this period of hard work, Zhao Yao’s greatest thought was to have a car. Just relying on walking was too tiring, and he also had a carpark entitled to him with the purchase of his house.

Finally, it was the day of moving in. Zhao Yao walked into the house with his hands filled with his bags. The place was clean and shiny, and the marvelous spick and span house seemed to be glistening with a wide and welcoming smile.

Setting his luggage aside and opening the cat pouch, Zhao Yao looked and Matcha and exclaimed,” Matcha, we’ve arrived at our new house!”

Matcha, however, had a look of slight discomfort in the cat pouch. He widened his eyes to scan the new house. This look of discomfort had not been seen on Matcha since he became intelligent.

Zhao Yao stroked Matcha’s head, and Matcha rubbed himself against Zhao Yao’s hand and let out soft meows.

Zhao Yao smiled and switched his laptop on. He began surfing the web for automatic cat toilets.

The mission stated that Matcha had to be given an automatic cat toilet, automatic food and drinks dispenser after moving to the new house. Having settled the moving into the new house, Zhao Yao naturally had to start looking for all these stuff.

These three items cost Zhao Yao more than RMB 5000. Together with the furniture he bought, electricity, WIFI, movers, and cleaners, Zhao Yao spent over RMB 100 thousand.

Compared to the million he spent on the house, this hundred thousand did not feel as painful.

These few days, Matcha has been eating superior cat food, gaining some experience points every day. The current experience points stood at Lv2 (6/100).

“Not counting the mission, eating three months of superior cat food could result in a level up as well.”

As he was pondering, Zhao Yao looked at Matcha who was cuddling in his arms. His body was curled up and was throbbing slightly. His snowy-white belly was skyward, and he was giving off soft snores. Evidently, he had entered a deep slumber.

“According to the web, ordinary cats would adapt to new houses after a few days.” Zhao Yao touched Matcha’s white furry belly. Matcha, still asleep, moved slightly, “Hopefully Matcha would adapt soon.”

The next morning, Zhao Yao was woken up by the shrilling doorbell. He rubbed his eyes and raised his head only to see Matcha on his bed with his white belly fully exposed.

At this moment, the ground rumbled, a hint of an earthquake came about. This is already the fifth time a mini earthquake occurred in this period, leaving as fast as they came, without resulting in any disaster.

Zhao Yao scratched his head, “What’s wrong, why is it that the Earth is rumbling so much, could it be that a huge earthquake is coming?”

He then went to the door and realized that the cat toilet had arrived by delivery.

In these two days, the drink and food dispensers had arrived at his house. Since Matcha was sleeping with him, he placed both dispensers in his room.

Finally, he could fill all of Matcha’s needs into the dispenser once a week. There’s no need to get water and food for Matcha every day, to be woken up by Matcha’s cries of hunger at 4 am in the morning, or even by the sound of Matcha struggling with the packaging of his food late at night when he was sleeping.

The cat toilet which arrived today can further assist Zhao Yao of his duties, liberating him from cleaning up Matcha’s mess daily.

Opening the package and seeing different parts of the toilet, Zhao Yao’s eyes began to glow with anticipation.

“I finally don’t have to clean up Matcha’s feces anymore.”

Thinking of his experiences of cleaning up Matcha’s waste in the past year, having to withstand the pungent smell, as well as the many inconveniences it brought him, Zhao Yao stared gratefully at the automatic cat toilet, as if looking at an angel.

Zhao Yao then started assembling the toilet without hesitation.

This automatic cat toilet had to be connected to a water inlet and outlet, which was why Zhao Yao placed it in an actual bathroom. Anyway, the toilet was large enough for this cat toilet. The common toilet was fifteen square meters, and even the bedroom toilet was at least seven square meters.

Having connected the inlet and outlet, he connected the electricity, attached the cleaning device and litter box. The entire toilet could be assembled, and it worked in parts to clean the cat’s waste.

The litterbox could clean up waste efficiently by separating the cat’s waste and by using water and cleaning agents to wash and dry.

Halfway through assembling, Matcha woke up and looked around curiously, his gaze focusing on the automatic cat toilet.

“This is the automatic cat toilet.”

“It looks like a spaceship.”

Once the toilet was assembled, Matcha rushed into it excitedly. With its tail high up, and body vibrating, he released his first ever pile of feces into the toilet.

Zhao Yao and Matcha silently stood in front of the toilet and stared curiously at the toilet as it sprung into action.

Seeing the toilet crush a big piece of feces into smithereens and disposing of it, Matcha exclaimed, “How impressive.”

Following that was the process of washing up, scrubbing and drying of the toilet automatically.

When everything was completed, the interior of the cat toilet was good as new, and it looked exactly like how it was before Matcha used it.

Matcha, wanting to test it, walked into the toilet and placed his paw onto the already clean litterbox, revealing a face of satisfaction.

“Never have to be afraid of stepping of feces anymore.”

“Never have to clean up anymore.”

Zhao Yao also showed an expression of satisfaction. He was, of course, glad that he will never have to clean up Matcha’s waste again.

Meanwhile, the book in his brain let off a soft notification, signifying that the mission was accomplished.

However, as soon as the mission of moving was completed, another notification sounded, and a new mission had arrived.

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