Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1939 - Brother Ling, what star rank alchemist are you?

Chapter 1939: Brother Ling, what star rank alchemist are you?

Ling Han’s heart suddenly jolted.

The overall level of cultivation of the Wide Prosperity Heaven and Calm Peace Heaven was more or less equal, but in the last 100 million years, an apparent change had occurred in the “fengshui” of both areas. To be more specific, there was not much change on the side of the Calm Peace Heaven, but the Wide Prosperity Heaven had improved by leaps and bounds.

Yan Xianlu was very, very strong, but even he had to admit that he was not a match for the prodigy ranked ninth in the Wide Prosperity Heaven, which made Ling Han very intrigued, and he wanted to find out just exactly what kind of battle prowess these monarch tiers of the Wide Prosperity Heaven possessed.

“Husband, you go ahead, we’ll stay behind,” Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden said.

It was not that she disliked these kinds of events, but rather that she knew just how dangerous the Empress, Hu Niu, and Bewitching Maiden Rou were. Thus, if they did go, it would definitely draw animosity to Ling Han, so it would be better for them to stay behind.

They had only come to attend Grandmaster Zhu Feng’s celebratory feast, and would soon leave. There really was no need to attract unnecessary trouble.

The Empress did not say anything. Her only concern was Ling Han, and she had zero interest in everything else. On the other hand, Hu Niu and Bewitching Maiden Rou wanted to go. One wanted to stay by Ling Han’s side, while the other wanted to broaden her horizons.

“Apologies, Sisters-in-law, I can only bring a single companion. Thus, even if you ladies wish to go, there is nothing that can be done,” Mo Shuang said, showing a helpless expression.

Now that he had said this, there was nothing that Hu Niu and Bewitching Maiden Rou could do.

“Niu wants to go too!” Hu Niu fumed, hands on her hips.

Mo Shuang pulled Ling Han along with him and ran off. “Sisters-in-law, I will definitely keep a watchful eye on Brother Ling, and definitely will not allow him to flirt around with other women, so rest assured.” When he said the last words, he and Ling Han had already exited the doors.

“What are you in such a rush for?” Ling Han asked smilingly.

“Brother Ling, I’ve got huge news!” Mo Shuang whispered by Ling Han’s ear. “Do you know why Holy Son Liu is hosting a feast? Hehe, that is because Fairy Liu Han is here!”

“En?” Ling Han was a little stumped. Who was Liu Han?

“Ah, no way, Brother Ling, you don’t even know about Fairy Liu Han?” Mo Shuang was completely astounded.

“Why is it necessary for me to know?” Ling Han asked with a smile.

“I really can’t believe you!” Mo Shuang slapped a hand onto his forehead. “Fairy Liu Han is Holy Son Liu’s sister, and she is a cultivation prodigy as well. However, she was taken as a disciple by the Mysterious Ice Sect.

“Not only is Fairy Liu Han a cultivation prodigy, she is as beautiful as a celestial maiden, and is known as the number two beauty in the entire Wide Prosperity Heaven.”

“Number two?” Ling Han asked smilingly. Why were there people who were so senseless, actually ranking beautiful women?

“The number one beauty is the Holy Daughter of the Black Flames Sect, Shu Yarong. Tsk, she really is beautiful… but she is not as beautiful as Sister-in-law Hu, probably about the same level as Sister-in-law Rou.” Mo Shuang gossipped, his eyes filled with yearning.

There was no man who would not like this kind of beautiful prodigy.

“Brother Ling, you are a monarch tier, and also the youngest junior brother of Grandmaster Zhu Feng. You only have to spare a bit of effort, and you will definitely be able to court Fairy Liu Han successfully.”

Ling Han couldn’t help but be rendered speechless. Now, not only were the Empress and Small Tower encouraging him to court women, even his lackey had this kind of habit? ‘Didn’t you say that you would keep an eye on me, and ensure that I did not flirt around with women?’

He shook his head. “Spare me. I do not have the good fortune. Just work hard by yourself so you can court her successfully.”

“She would have to be interested in me first!” Mo Shuang sighed. Liu Han was also a monarch tier. The perfect husband in her eyes would have to be a powerful prodigy like Ling Han or Liu Jie.

“As long as you work hard enough, you will be able to grind an iron rod into a needle. Who made it a rule that women would have to marry someone who was stronger than them?” Ling Han encouraged him. “I’ll back you up. En, if your cultivation level is not enough, we’ll focus on alchemy then.”

“Brother Ling, are you going to teach me alchemy?” Mo Shuang’s eyes shone. This person was the junior brother of a Four-Star Alchemist, so he had to be a character on the level of a Grandmaster Alchemist.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “I’m not trying to discourage you, but you are only at the level of a high-grade trainee in alchemy, at most.”

Immediately, Mo Shuang wilted. Ling Han was right. He had spent a considerably large amount of time on alchemy—in any case, he would not be able to break through to the Dividing Soul Tier for the time being, so he had focused on alchemy. However, he had not spent much time from low-grade trainee to middle-grade trainee, and from middle-grade trainee to high-grade trainee, he had spent a great amount of effort.

And after he had reached high-grade, he could not advance the slightest inch further.

“However, there is no rule that says a high-grade trainee would not be able to concoct a Celestial pill,” Ling Han said slowly.

Mo Shuang’s expression was filled with shock. To concoct a Celestial pill, wouldn’t one have to be a One-Star Alchemist? This was the dividing line between an alchemist and a trainee. What did it mean that a high-grade trainee would not be able to concoct a Celestial pill? Wasn’t this extremely contradictory?

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, “I can be your personal alchemist for a few days.”

A sudden realization dawned on Mo Shuang. It was fine even if he wasn’t skilled in alchemy. Wasn’t it the same if he had a friend that was?

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Instantly, he became excited, and urged Ling Han to leave.

The two of them exited the doors, and boarded the Transfer Formation. In a flash, they appeared in an endlessly far location.

This Celestial King Tier city was too huge. Without using the Transfer Formation, just traveling would take a few days, or even dozens of days. By then, it would really be too late for anything.

Liu Jie’s Holy Son Manor was very grand. It was a glorious and splendid palace, its furnishings incredibly lavish and grand. Furthermore, it exuded a majesty that could not be described. Just merely standing and gazing at it from afar would cause a feeling of reverence to rise up in one’s heart.

Even a fearless character like Mo Shuang involuntarily lightened his footsteps now that he had come to this kind of austere place, appearing to be very cautious.

The people here were all filled with reverence towards Liu Jie, just like how the younger generation of the Calm Peace Heaven admired Yan Xianlu.

At this moment, many guests had already gathered here. There were already a considerable number standing outside. Some had come in pairs, some had come in groups of three to five, and they were all discussing something with each other in low voices.

“Mo Seventh.” A young man walked quickly towards them. “Long time no see.”

Mo Shuang immediately showed an expression of fury, his fists gripped tightly. Gritting his teeth, he exclaimed, “Yang Eldest!”

This young man was the eldest young master of the Yang Clan, and because he was the oldest of the younger generation, he was known as Yang Eldest. His real name was Yang Jia. The Yang Clan had an old-time feud with the Mo Clan, and it had thus spread to their younger generation as well, so they were naturally on opposite sides.

This was not like the minor rivalry between him and Lu Haoming, but rather an absolute enmity.

The older generation opposed each other, and the younger generation were also on opposing sides.

These two people, because they were both well-known figures of the younger generation of their respective clans, had competed with each other in various ways since childhood. Whose cultivation rate was faster? Who knew more techniques? When they became older, it would be competing who had the prettier, hotter girl.

The reason why Mo Shuang had entered into the field of alchemy and become a mere trainee was because Yang Jia had entered into the field of alchemy first. He wanted to be better than the other, and in the end, both of them were just dabbling, neither better than the other.

“Oh, right. Let me introduce someone to you,” Yang Jia said proudly. “This is a new brother I have befriended. His name is Yan Wei.” He pointed at a young man that was walking out from behind. He was extremely young, yet his face was filled with pride, as if everyone owed him millions of Star Stones.

“Even though my Brother Yan is young, he is already a Two-Star Alchemist, and has even reached the Second Refinement in Spirit Refinement!” Yang Jia continued to introduce, his eyes filled with challenge.

‘How about it? I have this kind of friend, do you?’

How could Mo Shuang be willing to admit defeat? Hurriedly, he exclaimed, “This is my Brother Ling, also an alchemist…” He paused, and then asked Ling Han in a quiet whisper, “Brother Ling, what star rank alchemist are you?”


Yang Jia immediately spluttered out in laughter. ‘You must be kidding me. You don’t even know what star rank alchemist he is, and still dare to show him off. Idiot!’

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