Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 785.2 - My father refers to my father-in-law (Part Two)

Chapter 785: My father refers to my father-in-law (Part Two)

Zhang San’s body shook. “You are playing with fire!”

He was so angry that he raised his hand and wanted to slap Zhang Tianyu. Who wouldn’t know who that car belonged to in Yanjing? It was simply not someone they could afford to mess with, nor even dare to even think about it! Yet, his own nephew got into trouble with them.

“I damn well told you not to get engaged in those messy entertainment circles. Those dumb celebrities who only adore vanity will only leave you with a mess.”

“Yes, yes of course… Uncle you are right, but it’s not my fault this time. I’m also confused but since it has happened, I can only try to save it.”

“Save?” Zhang San glared at him. “Get rid of your stupid company.”

“Now it’s not a matter of getting rid of it but if this will affect our family or not. That’s why I came to you, I know you have a wide range of connections, and those who visit your teahouse have a background. Could you find them, ask about this, and see what their attitude is? I can’t have this stupid business affect my father’s career, right? What if it’s really his boss, then I’d be putting my own father in trouble.”

Zhang San crossed his arms feeling helpless. “Who could I connect you with for someone that rides the No.1 car? If I had that ability, then I would’ve taken down your company before it ruined my reputation.”

Zhang Tianyu gave a bitter laugh.

That was when a worker at the teahouse reminded Zhang San,”Isn’t Zhou Zhen from the Zhou Family sitting in Hall One right now? Maybe he knows a thing or two?”

Zhou Zhen!

One of the five families, and the third kid of the second generation. He had true status and power in the family, and it became even more important after his marriage with a descendent from the Ye Family.

Zhang Tianyu’s eyes lit up with hope. “Uncle, help me.”

Zhang San rubbed his head and glanced at his nephew as he grunted in anger, “Wait outside Hall One, and don’t come in until I instruct you to.”

Zhang Tianyu hastily nodded his head.

After Zhang San returned to Hall 1, there was Zhou Zhen and another friend of his sitting inside.

“You left before you finished this game, that’s unkind,” Zhou Zhen cursed when he saw his friend Zhang San come in.

Zhang San smiled. “I went out to give you a chance to think. So? Have you figured out how to win?”

Zhou Zhen laughed. “I thought for a while but still can’t figure it out. You’re more skilled for sure, let’s have another round.”

Zhang San hurriedly said, “In fact, there is a way to win.”

Zhou Zhen was surprised. “You are going to tell me?”

Zhang San: “I see you die every time in these few moves of mine, so it won’t hurt to tell you.”

“Well you should’ve said it earlier then.” Zhou Zhen rolled his eyes at him.

“Zhou, I would like to ask you for a favor, because I am afraid this matter will affect my family and I can not sit idly by. It’s my incompetent nephew, he got into some trouble and I hope you can enlighten us on a way out.”

Zhou Zhen squinted his eyes. “If it’s murder then I didn’t hear anything.”

“Not to that extent, he did not kill anyone nor break any laws, but I’m afraid the nature of it is more serious.”

“You have confused me, how exactly do you mean?” Zhou Zhen gave a bitter laugh.

“Come in.” Zhang San shouted to Zhang Tianyu who was waiting outside.

Zhang Tianyu pushed open the door and entered, bowing to Zhou Zhen and his friend politely.

“This is my incompetent nephew, I’ll let him speak.”

Zhou Zhen nodded, and emitted a superior aura as he glanced at Zhang Tianyu and said, “You can tell me but it’s my decision to help or not.”

Zhang Tianyu nodded and told him about how Mu Wan humiliated someone, focusing on the car in the end.

Zhou Zhen frowned. “No. 1? That doesn’t sound likely, because that car is currently used by my father, and he rarely goes out.”

“Old Master Zhou!” Zhang San was stunned as this was someone higher up than who owns the No. 1 car!

Zhang Tianyu poured Zhou Zhen tea as he said, “Uncle Zhou, I admit that I was wrong and I’ve got nothing to say if I offended them. However, is this going to affect my family? If there’s any need from above, I have no complaints about shutting down that company.”

Zhang San looked hesitantly at Zhou Zhen and said, “Since it is your father’s car, then would Old Master Zhou be able to mediate it? I’m guessing it’s his guest that she offended, maybe you may even know them and could say a few words?”

Zhang Tianyu nodded. “Yes, I can drag her over to apologize, and I know we are not qualified, but we really want to apologize and ask for forgiveness.”

Zhou Zhen laughed. “I wasn’t referring to my own father, but my father-in-law!”

Zhang San’s body shook greatly!

Old Master Ye!


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