Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1218 - Danger

Chapter 1218: Danger

Wizard Loka and Wizard Duran left before Wizard Dolan since Wizard Dolan wanted to have dinner at the Golden Castle.

“Legend Bennett, feel free to ask me any questions about the legendary rank!” He smiled at Abel.

Abel had done a lot of favors for him, so Wizard Dolan wanted to help as much as possible.

“What’s beyond the legendary rank, god?” Abel asked without hesitation.

Although he had a wizard guide from the Lightning clan, the Blizzard clan, and the Fire clan, they never had a detailed explanation about anything beyond the legendary rank.

Of course, maybe it might just be because he was too low rank when he got those guides.

“I knew you’d ask about this. There are many titles for that rank, some call a wizard beyond a legendary rank a ruling wizard because they strengthen their power of law beyond the range of a territory. As for a druid beyond a legendary rank, some called them natural druids, since they were true masters of natural force. However the most common way the Central Continent addresses this rank is ‘half god’ which was taken from the ancient texts!” Wizard Dolan smiled.

“A half god? Do all professionals want to be gods?” Abel asked again.

“No, it’s just a way to classify the ancient rank power levels. A god-rank wizard has nothing to do with gods! Their biggest difference was their body; a professions power originates from their body—their own power. But a god’s power originates from their followers. Once all their followers were gone, the god would go into a deep sleep. The most powerful thing about god was their holy energy, but that, too, is formed by faith. So, none of it was the god’s own power.

When a professional reaches the god rank, our power will be far greater than any god. That’s we were able to capture so many gods!” Wizard Dolan said proudly.

Abel nodded. He had come in contact with a few gods himself. For example, he truly sensed how powerful the goddess of the moon was even in her godsend form, but thief god Milton was a weak little chicken.

Although he couldn’t comprehend the god of war, he could understand why the goddess of the moon was so much more powerful than the thief god Milton—a strong foundation of faith.

Abel had never seen a half-god Professional, but he could just imagine them considering how much more powerful the legendary rank was.

“Legend Bennett, I know your growth is fast because of the tree of life. But just keep it low key and stay in the golden castle!” Wizard Dolan softly added.

“Why, is there anyone after me?” Abel felt his heart drop. He was a legend; no one would have the guts to go after him.

“Legends are the most powerful public forces of the wizard union, but there is still a huge gap in this rank. Old legends who have been stuck in a bottle neck for a long time will be very interested in a fast level up. If you weren’t a grandmaster alchemist with connections with the goddess of moon, they might have made a move already. Just don’t give them a chance!” Wizard Dolan said softly.

“Is a half god or god rank wizard after me?” Abel felt his heart twitching and said.

“No, there are only 2 god ranks in the wizard union; they’ve been long injured, and they have not shown themselves in the past 1000 years. I don’t think half god will be interested in the affairs of the legends, so don’t worry too much about that!” Wizard Dolan smiled.

Abel felt his heart lift. As long as no god rank was after him, he would be fine.

It was just that he could no longer use his Grandmaster Bennett identity once he used it.

Wizard Dolan was taking a big risk to tell Abel about this. An old legend was not a rank 26 wizard-like WIzard Dolan could go against.

“Thank you, wizard Dolan.” Abel bowed.

“No need to thank me, I am just telling you what I know. I’m sorry I can’t stand up for you!” Wizard Dolan waved.

Abel saved his life, fought alongside him, and provided him with the best potion. This was the most he could do.

At least, he would feel better about himself.

Abel felt grim in his heart after Wizard Dolan left. It seemed like he had to resurrect his wizard identity again.

As a legendary wizard, no one would come after his stone giants.

Maybe leveling up too fast was not a good idea. Je didn’t even have many friends in a higher rank to support him.

Luckily, he was on the Central Continent. No wizard above rank 30 would go after him, which was what gave him his confidence.

In the Holy Kingdom’s central temple, mad knight Momo was reporting to the saint. Normally they would do a report like this once every few days, but due to the recent decrease in holy energy, they were reporting once every ten days.

Even with their vast investigation network, they wouldn’t use them unless it was totally necessary.

“We have a report that Grandmaster Bennett has become a legend!” Mad knight Momo bowed.

“What? Really?” the saint stood up and said in disbelief.

Legends made up the foundation of power for the wizard union. It was their highest level of public power, and the legends of each side were extremely important.

There were many surveillance circles in the front line to make sure there were no legends getting involved.

This was because both sides treated the front line as a breeding ground for future powers.

An ultimate battle between the Wizard union and the Holy kingdom would be a battle between the god ranks, and each legend possesses the potential to become a god rank.

“Yes. There have been rumours saying that the tree of life has helped Grandmaster Bennett level up!” Mad knight Momo replied.

“The tree of life can do that? What a joke!” The saint said in a mocking tone.

If the tree of life could turn any druid into a legend, there would have been at least one legendary druid in the past 1000 years. Even the goddess of the moon had no luck.

Becoming a legend was not like other level-ups. It was a total alteration of the body and life force; Outside forces couldn’t help someone level up to become legendary. The saint, who had a sea of knowledge, was sure of that.

“Momo, Grandmaster Bennett is still young right?” The saint gazed at Mad knight Momo.

“Yes, Grandmaster Bennett came from a sub continent but he has the energy of a young adult elf!” Mad knight Momo bowed.

Grandmaster Bennett has always attracted the Holy kingdom because of his grandmaster alchemist status and their many failed attempts at assassinating him.

The saint began to regret not doubling down on his attempts before Grandmaster Bennett became a legend, but still, it was worth another try considering his future potential.

“On my command, stop all movement of faith in the past month and send out 3 rank 29 holy knights. We must guarantee our success!” The saint lowered his voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” A commander by the side answered.

Three rank 29 legendary knights were the most powerful forces the holy kingdom could send out, and Mad knight Momo knew how committed the saint was.

Rank 29 Legendary knights were just a rank away from being half-god knights, and they were the seeds of future power.

“Momo, I’ll give you a month to give me a precise location of the Golden Castle, I don’t want our legendary knights to miss!” The saint ordered.

They still had not recovered from sacrificing vast amounts of holy energy to capture Thief God Milton, but killing a young legend was important.

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