Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1108 - Giving the Gifts

Chapter 1108: Giving the Gifts

Still, Abel was more than satisfied. As long as he could keep the three elements full, it was only a matter of time before moving on to the next rank. In this world, there too many law-defying wizards stuck at rank 21 without making progress. He was already more than lucky to have his progress safe and secured.

In any case, he understood that the Moon Goddess helped him an awful lot there. He performed a great bow in front of the others to show his gratitude. On the inside, he was actually kind of surprised that his druid rank would go up before any of his other classes. He had never trained his druid system before, and he was only focused on his wizard system most of the time. He tried to train his barbarian system lately, but he thought he might as well pause before he even got to learn some of the basic spells.

That was the special thing about holding multiple classes. There weren’t just more resources required, but there would be many more spells that he could master. On that point, it just wasn’t possible for most people to sustain. Abel was an outlier in that regard. He did have an endless supply of resources, and he had the “inspection” rune and the “meditation” spiritual qi light ring to help him with energy recovery if he needed to learn anything. Things were a little different. Now that he had Bruce and his level 27 “meditation” spiritual qi light ring, he could use any amount of mana whenever.

Abel’s build was more terrifying than a law-defying wizard. The power of wizard spells, the curses of a priest, and the summoning forces of druids combined into one individual. More terrifyingly, the promotion of anyone class would boost the promotion of all the other classes. He didn’t even have to think about improving his spells. All that was required for him to boost his level was to repeat practicing his spells.

Still, repeating the same spell practice was not something easy to continue. Without the help of the tree of life and the Moon Goddess, there was just no way that Abel could boost his ranking to level 22. The tree of life, especially–after spending so much to guarantee its safety, Abel was able to secure a contract with it to boost his level from advanced to a law-defying wizard. Naturally, the Moon Goddess was not hesitant to spend a little more divine power on him for the services he’s been providing. She wasn’t the demon from beyond. Apart from keeping her state and temple safe, she always had spare divine power left to help with the promotion of any druid she wished to help.

The Moon Goddess was also doing everything she could to prepare for the great battle against the demons from beyond. Abel didn’t know that, but as far as he was concerned, he came to today’s event at the right time. The divine blessing he just received could effectively save him several years, no, decades if he made progress entirely on his own.

Druid Joseph and Druid Poly congratulated him, “Congratulations, Master Bennett!”

They were not surprised at all with Master Bennett’s promotion. Actually, all the big druids knew that Master Bennet would always be promoted as long as he was full of natural energy. It was always like this. Compared to the vast majority of them, Master Bennett was a prodigy who could enhance himself in a matter of a few months or even weeks.

Back to the hallroom. The hymn ended, and the harp band stopped performing. The grand elder had a full smile on his face as the Moon Goddess bestowed her divine blessing. The Goddess had been paying attention to the elves this whole time, and her eyes continued to be fixated on Abel.

Druid Joseph reminded, “Perform a bow, please, Master Bennett. It’s just beneath the altar. Once you receive a blessing from the grand elder, you will be able to leave the temple.”

Abel understood that the holy birthday activity was coming to an end. He walked to the front of the temple and lowered himself.

The grand elder touched his head and said, “The Moon Goddess shall bless you, Master Bennett!”

The grand elder spoke again when the hand left, “You are the elf that the Moon Goddess has paid the most attention to, Master Bennett. No one else has received as much liking as you have. Please cherish it to the best of your ability.”

Abel bowed and spoke, “May the Moon Goddess bless me, Grand Elder.”

After that, under the guidance of the ten big druids and Druid Lucia, he went out of the main hall through the side door. As soon as he was out, he began to see an elf lining up to receive a blessing from the grand elder.

Druid Lucia whispered to him, “I’ll explain this to you since this is your first time here. Her majesty, the sainte, has not yet been officially throned. Most of what we do here on the holy birthday has been temporarily held by the grand elder.”

Abel looked around and explained, “May I explore the temple, Druid Lucia?”

He’s never seen a temple with an actual spirit inside. He’s visited other temples, though. Many of them. Still, all he saw today was the main hall and the side temple.

Druid Lucia smiled, “Of course, Master Bennett!”

By this time, Druid Joseph, Druid Poly, and Druid Gunter were already out. They were placed at the front of the line because of their relationship with Abel.

Abel said to the three followers, “Go back by the flying chariot. I’ll be returning by myself.”

The three followers bowed, “Yes, Master Bennett!”

They then quickly left. Druid Lucia brought Abel to the inside of the temple.

Druid Lucia explained as she walked, “There are only females inside the residential district. You will not be allowed to go over there, Master Bennett, but you’ll be free to visit all the other places.”

While passing through the walkway inside the temple, Abel was starting to understand something. Before, he’s never quite understood why the druids inside this temple were much stronger than the male big druids he’s seen. But the inside of the temple was overflowing with worship power. There were be special circles placed at every corner, which meant that the circle would convert worship power into natural energy at any given point. It would be much easier for one to continue their druid training here than anywhere else.

Not just that. This temple was the pinnacle of elven life. At every corner, one would be able to see the finest statues, sculptures, and paintings. Although they were mostly praising the Moon Goddess, most elves felt a great sense of harmony and joy just by being in their presence.

Druid Lucia brought Abel to the restaurant and assembly room. Even the more secret training room was open to him. Inside the temple, everyone that saw him was humble and polite. They all understood the meaning behind his contract with the tree of life. Abel was somewhat of a divine spirit now. Not just that, he was still the sole producer of the “skin lotion” and “hair conditioner.” As the temple members consisted of only female elves, they would naturally seek Master Bennett’s support to uphold their beauty standards.

Druid Lucia bowed after she’s done all the tour guiding, “That should be it. Apologies, Master Bennett. As her Majesty the sainte will be on the altar the entire day today, you’ll be….”

Abel bowed to show his understanding, “I fully understand. Thank you so much, Druid Lucia. I’ll be off from here.”

Druid Lucia returned a bow, “Your flying chariot is gone by now, isn’t it? Since the teleportation circle is not available today, would you like me to arrange another flying chariot for you?”

Abel smiled and refused, “No need. I’ve got something else prepared.”

He walked out of the temple and took his steps downward. He still felt a weak trace of divine power, but it was so subtle that it was almost like he was walking down a regular stairway. After walking down, he turned his head around towards the temple. Before, he always thought that his golden castle was the strongest building in the world, but he was only starting to notice how shallow his vision was. Yes, he did have enough structures to hold back even a legendary sacred knight. Still, in terms of both defensive and offensive capability, his castle was nothing compared to the temple in front of him.

As powerful as the golden castle’s defense was, one divine power crystal was all that was needed to break through its barrier. Thinking back to when the legendary sacred knight came, if it weren’t for the material that the castle was built on, that knight would’ve gone into the internal structure before he could do anything about it.

For the goddess temple, while Abel could not get a full picture of what the circle was like, he did get a feeling that divine power was protecting every single corner. This meant that there was no real weakness of any invader to exploit. This drew a huge contrast with the golden castle since the only ways to retaliate against an attack was through the large-size war machines and the dark spirit.

Given the restriction of the large-sized war machines, the dark spirit’s attack could only be activated after the attacker went in. It was very different for the goddess temple. The Moon Goddess could use her power whenever she wished to manifest it. This was clearly evident in the way that the divine power was be flowing everywhere. In fact, if that legendary sacred knight from the other day was to be here, he might have been instantly killed by the ten female elven statues that were at the front gate.

Queen Luisa called from behind Abel, “Good day, Master Bennett!”

When Abel turned his head around, he could see Queen Lusia and the elves attending the holy birthday activity. These elves never left. Instead, they all stayed at the bottom of the temple.

Abel performed a bow, “Why are you still here, Queen Luisa?”

Queen Luisa bowed before answering, “The royal palace is responsible for escorting all the levels who attend today’s event, so we’ll be among the last group leaving. Actually, since your golden castle is the closest to the temple, we might have to borrow your teleportation circle for the time being.”

Abel smiled and replied, “Good! Shall we leave together, then?”

Abel was starting to understand why these elven royalties were here. Their idea was to borrow his teleportation circle, and he was fine with that. Now that they were leaving, they would still need to do the same. Without the protection of the royal palace, these elven royalties would surely find a lot of trouble inside Ervo Forest. In fact, he unconsciously agreed to lend the teleportation circle for a while now, but the fact that Queen Luisa and her underlings were waiting for him just showed how much they respected him.

Soon, tens of flying chariots and big druids inside them were leaving the air. There was not much danger from the temple to the golden castle, so Abel just decided to follow him. He was planning on sitting inside his fire tooth battle fort, but he decided that he might as well join the royal palace.

Queen Luisa was glad to see his compliance, “Ever since you’ve come to us, Master Bennett, you’ve never stopped helping the elves. You defeated the evil knights, protected the tree of life and Bay Law City. You’ve elevated our entire race’s statues with the high quality potions you brew. The royal palace has been thinking about an appropriate method to thank you, but we never managed to figure out what it is you might actually need. After hearing that you’ve been collecting bases of floating castles, by a unanimous vote, we’ve decided to give out all eight of our floating castle bases to you.”

Abel was very, very pleased to hear this, “Many thanks to you, your Majesty! This will be very helpful to me.”

He knew that the elves had inherited many things from ancient times, but he’s never really bothered asking anything directly. Now, he would have eight battle forts from the royal palace that he didn’t even have to ask for. He could build another octagonal hybrid circle if he wanted to.

Queen Luisa smiled, “It’s nothing compared to your contribution to the elves.

Basically, the elven royal palace had completely shifted its attitude towards Master Bennett. Handing out the battle fort went from “granting” them to “giving” them away. They were pretty much treating Master Bennett as an equal but in a very respectful manner.

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