A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Chapter 881 - Would You Miss Me? Could We Meet Again? (1)

Chapter 881 Would You Miss Me? Could We Meet Again? (1)

Next door, at Mu Sijue’s villa.

As soon as they came back, Xu Youning let go of Mumu’s hand and said, “Go back to your room, okay?”

Mumu nodded obediently and went to the second floor.

There were only Ah Guang and Xu Youning in the living room.

Xu Youning pointed to the sofa and asked Ah Guang to sit down.

Ah Guang glanced around the whole villa and asked in confusion, “Is this the place where Seventh Brother lives?”

Xu Youning admitted without precaution, “Yes, we’ve been living here all the time.”

“I see!” Ah Guang teased her with a smile, “I felt you are the hostess here since we came in!”

Only then did Xu Youning realize that she had fallen into Ah Guang’s trap. She smiled and said, “Ah Guang, when did you become so facetious?”

“Sister Youning!” Ah Guang sat down and began to complain, “Do you know that after you left, Seventh Brother had been working every day. He was totally a workaholic! If I didn’t tell jokes, we would be bored to death even if we were not killed by our enemies.”

Xu Youning didn’t reply Ah Guang. Instead, she asked, “Ah Guang, what on earth do you want to say?”

“It’s pretty obvious!” Ah Guang cleared his throat and continued, “Sister Youning, I just want to tell you that Seventh Brother had never dated others since you left last time! At first, we thought he just liked you, but later we found it was true love!”

“I know…these things.” Xu Youning was somewhat embarrassed. But in front of Ah Guang, she had to maintain calm. “Mu Sijue has already told me,” she added.

Ah Guang opened his mouth wide in surprise for a long while. Then he asked, “Did he tell you in person?”

Xu Youning neglected Ah Guang’s shock and nodded.

“D*mn it!” Ah Guang couldn’t help swearing, “Is he still the same Seventh Brother we know? He used to be mild and boring.”

Xu Youning had once suspected that Mu Sijue had changed, too.

However, Mu Sijue had proved to her with practical actions that he had never changed. When there was no need for him to behave like a gentleman, he would release the wild tiger in his heart and tell erotic jokes at any time.

Ah Guang… still didn’t know Mu Sijue well enough.

Ah Guang sighed for a moment and suddenly changed the subject. “Sister Youning, long time no see!” He said.

“Shouldn’t you say ‘long time no see’ when we just met?” Xu Youning couldn’t help but smile, “Ah Guang, are you dull, or you just don’t follow the common template?”

“Anyway, Sister Youning, I’m very happy to see you again! When I set you free back then, I thought we would never meet again in the rest of our lives,” Ah Guang said with his face full of the purest pleasant of boys.

“I’m happy, too,” Xu Youning replied. After a pause, she continued, “Ah Guang, thank you. If you hadn’t let me go, I wouldn’t have a chance to live till now.”

“Oh, forget it,” Ah Guang patted his chest with lingering fear, “I finally realized that Seventh Brother gave the task to me because he was sure that I would let you go. If I hadn’t had selfish ideas and had shot you, he would have killed me when I went back.”

Xu Youning was shocked and said, “It’s not that… exaggerated, is it?”

“I’m not exaggerating at all!” Ah Guang suddenly became excited, “I let you go, and Seventh Brother acted like that. If I had killed you, I’m afraid he would have become a bloodthirsty demon!”

This time, Xu Youning didn’t speak.

Then Ah Guang calmed down and finally talked business. “Sister Youning, why did you ask me to come back with you?” He asked.

“I want to tell you about the schedule tomorrow,” Xu Youning said, “if Mu Sijue and Kang Ruicheng reach an agreement, your Seventh Brother will ask you to send Mumu back tomorrow.”

Ah Guang shrugged and asked in confusion, “So?”

“You should be careful of Kang Ruicheng,” Xu Youning didn’t say too much, “Kang Ruicheng is more cunning than you think.”

Ah Guang couldn’t help laughing. He said, “Sister Youning, do you regard me as a greenhorn? I’ve seen many cunning people. Of course, I’ll be wary of Kang Ruicheng!”

“Okay,” Xu Youning said, “it’s good that you are aware of the risks…”

Ah Guang looked at Xu Youning carefully and felt that she still had something to say, so he took the initiative to ask, “Sister Youning, in addition to watching out for Kang Ruicheng, what else do you want to say to me?”

Xu Youning changed her tone to a pleading one, saying, “I want to ask you not to hurt Mumu when you send him back. Mumu is just a four-year-old child. He has nothing to do with the grudges among us adults.”

“I don’t like Kang Ruicheng’s son, and I don’t like the way you protect him.” Ah Guang looked unhappy, but he suddenly changed his attitude, “However, for your sake, I promise you.”

Xu Youning breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank you.”

Hesitating for a while, Ah Guang asked, “Sister Youning, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” Xu Youning said, “but if it’s that unanswerable question, don’t worry, I won’t answer you.”

“Haha… I see,” Ah Guang gave a hollow laugh to respond to Xu Youning’s cold jest, “I want to ask you that have you addressed the misunderstanding between you and Seventh Brother?”


Xu Youning didn’t speak for a long time.

Ah Guang had to break the awkward silence by himself. He joked, “What a coincidence. It happened to be an unanswerable question.”

“No,” Xu Youning said slowly, “in fact, there is no misunderstanding between Mu Sijue and me.”

In other people’s eyes, the misunderstanding between Mu Sijue and her probably began from the death of her grandmother.

However, she knew Mu Sijue was not the murderer.

Now, Mu Sijue also knew that she knew the truth.

Therefore, strictly speaking, there was no misunderstanding between them.

Ah Guang responded confusingly, “Although I don’t quite understand, it seems to be good news.”

“Uh-huh,” Xu Youning nodded, “you can rest assured.”

Ah Guang looked at the time and suddenly stood up. He said, “It’s late. I should go. If Seventh Brother knows that I’m still with you at such a late time, I’ll be in serious trouble.”

Xu Youning smiled as a response to Ah Guang’s humor. After seeing him out, she went to the second floor.

There was a small living room at the end of the corridor on the second floor. The sofa was facing the French windows that could give a wide field of vision.

Mumu was sitting on the sofa, looking up at the night sky outside the window.

Xu Youning walked over and patted his head, asking, “Mumu, why don’t you sleep yet?”

“I’m waiting for you,” Mumu nestled against Xu Youning’s chest and asked, “Auntie Youning, can I sleep with you?”

“No problem,” Xu Youning took Mumu’s hand and said, “I’ll take you back to your room. Let’s go.”

They returned to Aunt Zhou and Mumu’s room. Mumu took off his shoes, washed his hands and feet, and climbed into bed.

As soon as Xu Youning lay down, Mumu crawled over like a caterpillar. So she took advantage of the opportunity to hug the little guy.

“Auntie Youning,” Mumu said, “tomorrow, can you tell Auntie Jian’an that this is my happiest birthday. Thanks for her cake.”

“Sure,” Xu Youning agreed, “I’ll tell her.”

“When I go back, will daddy will let Granny Zhou go?” Mumu cared for Aunt Zhou most.

Xu Youning thought for a while and told Mumu, “Something might happen tomorrow. Granny Zhou may not be able to come back.”

Mumu suddenly got up, widened his eyes, and asked, “Why?”

“I can’t explain it to you now,” Xu Youning looked at him and said, “But if Granny Zhou can’t come back tomorrow, do you know what to do?”

Mumu didn’t even think about it. He immediately nodded and said, “I know. I will protect Granny Zhou.”

“There’s another grandma,” Xu Youning said, “her surname is Tang. She is the babies’ grandma. Can you protect her as well?”

“The babies’ grandma?” Mumu nodded, “Of course!”

Xu Youning kissed Mumu and said, “Well, go to sleep.”

Mumu got back into the quilt and looked at Xu Youning with eager eyes, asking. “Auntie Youning, if I go back, will you miss me?”

“Yes,” Xu Youning replied, “Mumu, I will miss you very much.”

Like a child who got candies, Mumu smiled happily and said, “I’ll miss you too!” After that, he couldn’t help asking, “Auntie Youning, will we meet again in the future?”

He should look forward to meeting Xu Youning next time.

However, when he asked this question, he wasn’t as excited or as expectant as before.

In fact, Mumu knew that the chance of meeting Xu Youning in the future was very slim.

Xu Youning didn’t want Mumu to hear the answer, nor did she want to face the fact. She could only hold Mumu tighter.

But, there were some things that no one could be sure of.

For example, in the past, she had thought she would never see Ah Guang again. But just now, they met each other.

Xu Youning stroked Mumu’s hair and said, “If possible, I will definitely go to see you.”

“Okay!” A smile finally appeared on Mumu’s face. He got into Xu Youning’s arms and closed his eyes.

After all, he was still a child. He fell asleep restfully in a few moments.

Xu Youning looked at Mumu and didn’t feel sleepy at all.

After an unknown period, her mobile phone on the bedside table vibrated slightly. She picked it up and found it really was Mu Sijue’s call.

Xu Youning walked out with her phone and answered the phone. She just said “Hello” and did not continue to speak.

After a while, Mu Sijue finally asked, “Has Ah Guang arrived yet?”

Xu Youning didn’t answer him directly. She said, “If you want to know, why don’t you call him by yourself?”

“Xu Youning,” Mu Sijue’s voice sounded dangerous, “do you think I can’t do anything to you when I’m not at the top of the mountain?”

“Ah Guang is here.” Xu Youning admitted that she was threatened, so she could only answer Mu Sijue’s question. Then she asked, “Have you contacted Kang Ruicheng?”

“Not yet,” Mu Sijue said, “but we have Mumu. Kang Ruicheng doesn’t dare to do anything to Aunt Zhou and Auntie Tang for the time being.”

“Mumu… what are you going to do?” Xu Youning’s voice sounded a little uneasy since she didn’t know Mu Sijue’s plan.

“We’re going to send him back,” Mu Sijue said, “that’s why I’m calling you. Tell Mumu to be prepared.”

“Mumu has already known that Aunt Zhou is kidnapped and that you will send him back. He’s ready.”

Then, Xu Youning told Mu Sijue what Mumu had said after blowing out the candles.

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