A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Chapter 817 - Xu Youning, Let's Talk

Chapter 817 Xu Youning, Let’s Talk

Mu Sijue kicked the door open and pressed Xu Youning down on the bed.

He had a dark look in his dark eyes as if something bad was about to happen. “Xu Youning, you started this!”

In the beginning, it had been her who’d made the first move.

Later, she’d told him in the ward that she liked him.

He’d already decided to let her go, but she’d flirted with him time and again.

This time, it was not his fault.

Xu Youning was stunned and looked at Mu Sijue as if she saw a fierce monster in his eyes.

Before she could stop him, Mu Sijue was kissing her aggressively.


The sound of cloth tearing broke the silence in the bedroom, and Xu Youning’s skin was exposed to the chill of the air.

Mu Sijue grabbed the pieces of her clothes and looked as if he was about to tear them up. He warned Xu Youning darkly, “Don’t wear these kinds of clothes again in the future!”

Although these kinds of tight-fitting clothes were convenient for movement, they also outlined her body. She was quite well-shaped, and she always caught men’s eyes!

Xu Youning obviously didn’t understand what Mu Sijue’s was thinking. She just felt that he was terribly overbearing and angrily retorted, “It’s none of your business what I wear!”

“Of course it’s my business!” Mu Sijue sneered. “Xu Youning, from now on, it’ll be my business whether you’re even wearing clothes or not!”


Xu Youning felt like all the blood in her body was rushing to her face. She gave Mu Sijue a hard shove, but he threw the cloth away and immediately pressed down on her again.

“I can’t let him do whatever he wants!”

Xu Youning remembered that she still had one last defense, so she stopped struggling and groped for something along her leg. Then, she grabbed hold of something hard, and pulled it out—

She was about to hold it against Mu Sijue’s head. If she couldn’t threaten him to let her go, at least she could stop him from doing whatever he wanted to her.

As soon as Xu Youning raised her hand, Mu Sijue grabbed her wrist and skillfully twisted it. Xu Youning obediently loosened her grip, and the gun, which had a silencer, fell into his hand.

Mu Sijue looked at the gun and said mockingly, “Does Kang Ruicheng allow you to use this kind of gun? Were you seriously considering threatening me with it?!”

Xu Youning looked at the black, deep muzzle. Regretting her impulsive actions, she silently cursed Mu Sijue.

Mu Sijue could despise Kang Ruicheng, but why did he criticize Kang Ruicheng’s gun?

The gun was dangerous!

How had he reacted so quickly when she’d pulled out the gun? How had he known what she was going to do?

This man’s ability to think and to act was too fast for her to compete with.

Mu Sijue quickly took the gun and put it on the bedside table. Eyeing Xu Youning, he said, “Let’s play a game. If you win, I’ll give it back to you!”

“This can’t actually be a game!”

Even though she thought that, Xu Youning still cast a curious look at Mu Sijue and waited for him to continue.

Mu Sijue lowered his head and pressed his warm lips against Xu Youning’s ear, whispering, “Soon, you’ll be stopping yourself from begging me and saying that you don’t want me.”

He didn’t want to compete with Xu Youning. Instead, he wanted to take revenge on her for saying that he was unnecessary.

Xu Youning would be subdued by him. There was no way she’d be able to defeat him.

“Sinister. Super freak!”

“What do you think?”

Mu Sijue breathed into Xu Youning’s ear and she felt weak and helpless.

How could she be Mu Sijue’s opponent?

Seeing Xu Youning biting her lip and holding back her anger, Mu Sijue sneered, “You can admit defeat now!”

Xu Youning was so angry that she turned and bit Mu Sijue’s neck! He groaned, but he didn’t hit her or force her to relax her bite.

In the end, Xu Youning relaxed her bite. He looked at her indifferently and asked, “Are you happy now?”

Before Xu Youning could reply, Mu Sijue had kissed her hard on the lips. The aggressive kisses continued like a storm.

This time, Xu Youning really had no way to escape.

Fortunately, just then Mu Sijue’s cell phone rang. It rang on and on and the continuous sound had a sense of urgency.

Mu Sijue frowned unhappily and let go of Xu Youning to answer the phone. One of his staff said, “Seventh Brother, Kang Ruicheng couldn’t find any clues, so he’s sent someone to cause trouble. They’re well-prepared, so we can’t deal with them. We need you to come over and handle it!”


This was a tricky situation.

Mu Sijue hung up the phone, put his coat on, and gave Xu Youning a hard glare before leaving. “Remember what I said. Don’t try to escape!”

Xu Youning couldn’t help complaining, “How would I escape in such a desolate place?” Then she subconsciously glanced at the gun on the bedside table.

“Kang Ruicheng gave you a cheap gun. Don’t even think about it!” Mu Sijue took the gun away, saying, “I’ll get you a better one!”

After that, he left, taking Xu Youning’s last hope with him.

Xu Youning lay on the bed in despair for a while. In the end, she had to get up and she opened the wardrobe only to find coats, pants, jackets, pajamas and underwear all hanging neatly inside.

She looked at the sizes and found that they were just right.

Mu Sijue really… knew her well.

Xu Youning took a set of pajamas with her to the shower. She found all her usual toiletries there.

Mu Sijue had obviously long predicted that she would fall into his arms again.

Nothing could express the anger Xu Youning was feeling. She just took a bath in silence, and when she finally came out of the bathroom, it was already two o’clock in the morning.

She’d promised Mumu that she’d be back at dawn. Now it seemed that she was going to break her promise to him.

She just hoped that Mu Sijue wouldn’t come back too soon so that she’d have time to consider what to do next.

She was slowly getting to know some of the secrets of the Kang family. If she could get back there now, and if everything went well, she’d soon be able to collect evidence of Kang Ruicheng’s crimes.

Mu Sijue was completely messing up her plan.

She had to escape from here, but for now it seemed that the only way to do that would be to get Mu Sijue’s permission.

However, Mu Sijue had already resolutely made it clear that he could not let her go.

What should she do?

Xu Youning tossed and turned in the bed. Before she was able to come up with a solution, she’d fallen asleep.

In a strange way, she had an indescribable sense of security here.

The next day, Mumu was the first to wake up in the old residence of the Kang family.

The little boy was worried about Xu Youning, so he got up early, but he couldn’t see Xu Youning on the other side of the bed.

He thought that she’d already gotten up, so he put on his jacket and quickly ran downstairs, calling, “Auntie Youning!”

The living room was crowded with people, including Kang Ruicheng. Xu Youning wasn’t there though, and so no one responded to Mumu.

Mumu was confused and ran over to Kang Ruicheng. “Daddy, where is Auntie Youning? Why hasn’t she come back yet?”

Kang Ruicheng picked up his son and looked at him for a while before saying, “Auntie Youning is busy. She’ll be back later. Just wait a little longer.”

“How long will I have to wait?” Mumu’s lips quivered, and his eyes welled up. He grabbed Kang Ruicheng’s clothes and asked, “Isn’t Auntie Youning coming back?”

Kang Ruicheng comforted his son, saying, “Auntie Youning will definitely come back, and I will pick her up. You’ll just have to wait for a few more days, okay?”

A teardrop ran from the corner of Mumu’s eyes. “Yep!” he cried, throwing himself into Kang Ruicheng’s arms.

Mumu had no clear understanding of good or evil, right or wrong.

He didn’t even know what kind of a person Kang Ruicheng was or what kind of relationship Kang Ruicheng had with Xu Youning.

He just relied on Xu Youning, and her warmth, and he wished that she would come back soon.

At that moment, Xu Youning had just woken up in the foreign-style house on the top of the mountain.

In her sleep, she naturally wanted to turn over, but found that she couldn’t move at all. She opened her eyes and saw Mu Sijue’s unbelievably handsome face. She was being held fast firmly in his arms.

She had once been attracted to his intimacy.

But now, she was afraid.

She was afraid that she would end up relying on him like before.

Thinking that, Xu Youning gave Mu Sijue a push. She didn’t push him away. Instead, she woke him up.

Mu Sijue opened his eyes and said, “I just got back here at dawn. You’d better be nice!”

If it wasn’t for the latter half of the sentence, his tone sounded like a husband complaining to his wife.

Xu Youning wasn’t a pushover. She struggled and said, “What if I say no?”

Mu Sijue stared at Xu Youning dangerously and said, “Do you want to continue what we started yesterday?”

Xu Youning froze and quickly closed her eyes. She felt Mu Sijue holding her more tightly, with his chin against her shoulder. He seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

Xu Youning was no longer sleepy.

If Mu Sijue had treated her like this when they’d first met, she wouldn’t have hesitated to stay with him.

However, she’d already let her grandmother die for her, and she’d made too many mistakes. She had to pay for everything that had happened in the past.

After sleeping for more than two hours, Mu Sijue finally woke up. Seeing that Xu Youning was still sleeping in his arms, he relaxed his hold of her. “Let’s go and have breakfast.”

Xu Youning washed and went downstairs. A warm breakfast was already on the table. The heat of the food would warm her in the cold winter’s morning.

However, there was no sign of cooking in the kitchen. It must have been sent from the club.

Mu Sijue followed her down. When he saw that Xu Youning wasn’t sitting down, he asked, “Doesn’t it suit your taste?”

“…” It was the first time that Xu Youning had heard Mu Sijue talk to her in such a concerned tone, and she felt lost for words.

Mu Sijue thought that Xu Youning silently said ‘no’, so he called someone in, pointed to the breakfast, and said, “Take it away and make something else!”

Xu Youning quickly sat down and said, “No need. Let’s eat.”

After breakfast, Xu Youning tried to walk around outside. Mu Sijue didn’t restrict her, but she wasn’t allowed to go beyond the boundaries of the club.

To put it bluntly, she was placed under house arrest again.

Xu Youning couldn’t help running back to ask Mu Sijue, “Are you going to put me under house arrest for the rest of my life?!”

Mu Sijue put down what he was holding, looked at Xu Youning seriously, and said, “Let’s have a talk.”

This talk should have been had a long time ago.

Mu Sijue had been waiting for it for a long time. Since Xu Youning didn’t want to take the initiative to talk to him, he would reveal the truth.

He wanted to see how Xu Youning would continue with her pretense.

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