48 Hours a Day

Chapter 1064 - Bullet Rain

Chapter 1064: Bullet Rain

After dealing with the sniper, Zhang Heng called out to Qiu Ming. The two continued forward and encountered two more waves of ambushes. Although there were quite a number of them, they were not as good as the previous sniper, and in the end, they did not encounter any danger. As for the larger group of enemies, Feng Zi had dealt with them in advance with the Type-VI Hunting Robot.

Ten minutes later, the two arrived outside the signal tower and met up with the robot again. Just as they were about to attack the east gate of the signal tower, the glass door opened automatically on both sides.

Director Zheng, already changed into his combat uniform, walked out. When he saw Zhang Heng, he bowed politely before asking, “Is there something wrong with our previous deal?”

“No, the deal went quite smoothly this time,” Zhang Heng replied.

“Are there any areas that we fared poorly during the transaction that might have offended you?”

“No, I’m very grateful to Miss F for her timely assistance. I received a good amount of shellac records from you, and in addition, received Mr. G’s compensation of three million dollars.”

Manager Zheng nodded and continued, “Then I don’t understand. We’ve clearly shown enough sincerity from the beginning to the end. You’ve fulfilled every request and didn’t do anything wrong. Why did you turn around and start a massacre and chase us all the way here?”

“Because I thought about everything that happened after I came here, and I suddenly understood a principle.”

“What’s that?”

“My biggest weakness is that I’m too reasonable,” Zhang Heng said calmly. “So this time, I’m not going to be reasonable. My deal with Mr. G has been completed. What’s going to happen next is just a personal grudge.”

“Do you really realize what you’re doing? If you insist on stepping through this door today, what will happen next will far exceed your personal grudge between Mr. G. Miss F is your friend, isn’t she? Aren’t you afraid of hurting her heart? And Miss Xia Fengzi… even though she has chosen to stand on your side, from what I know, she has been enjoying herself these past few days. She has made many friends too. Other than that, many more people you don’t know look forward to living in the New World. Some of them have already sacrificed their lives, while others are still fighting for their ideals somewhere. Do you want to become their enemy too?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m just a passerby anyway. I don’t have time to earn any reputation,” Zhang Heng said.

Supervisor Zheng didn’t know what he meant, but he saw Zhang Heng reach out his right hand to grab the knife’s hilt. The latter was using his actions to express his position.

“That’s really regrettable,” supervisor Zheng sighed, but then his temperament changed. He was no longer as polite as before, and his gaze turned extremely cold. “Since you’re not giving any room to be reasonable, we won’t be polite to you anymore.”

With that, he snapped his fingers. In the next moment, Every spot that could hide a man in the signal tower’s hall popped out with guns. At least 50 guns simultaneously before finally converging into a flame and shattering the glass curtain wall.

Swarms of bullets rained with a fury toward Zhang Heng and Qiu Ming. There was no cover where the two of them were standing, but there was no panic on their faces. They immediately jumped onto the Type-VI’s back and used its massive body almost twice the size of an ordinary person to block the rain of bullets.

Meanwhile, Feng Zi controlled the Type-VI, raising the heavy machine gun in its left hand before firing wildly at the hall.

This time, she wasn’t in the mood to show any mercy. The main reason for that was that there were simply too many enemies. Some people even carried rocket launchers—the grenades that were fired exploded on the robot’s body, causing it to continuously retreat. Able to withstand the onslaught of such overwhelming firepower, the Type-VI was indeed worthy of being Shengtang-Morgan’s top-notch piece of tech. Moreover, once the heavy machine gun began to exert its power, the enemy would immediately be turned upside down.

A 14.5 mm machine gun bullet could easily punch through a steel plate, not to mention an ordinary bulletproof vest. Faced with the destructive power of a bullet of such a large caliber, the bulletproof vest on the enemy’s body was rendered completely useless. Being hit basically meant certain death.

On the other side, Zhang Heng and Qiu Ming took advantage of the retreating robot to roll into a flower bed at the side. Zhang Heng took out his sniper rifle from his back and started firing back. Although he didn’t fire that frequently, a target would fall every time his finger touched the trigger. It was as precise as the call of death.

Furthermore, Zhang Heng chose enemies with heavy weapons such as rocket launchers and heavy machine guns to attack first. In addition to the Type-VI that was on a killing spree, the enemy’s firepower quickly weakened. It was then that Qiu Ming could stick his head out and start shooting.

However, after Zhang Heng had dealt with the most threatening targets, he turned around and realized that director Zheng had disappeared. Zhang Heng frowned. Director Zheng’s attack seemed to be quite fierce, but for Zhang Heng, who had the Type-VI robots to kill, it was actually not much of a threat.

On the contrary, more than half the men he ambushed had died in the short span of two minutes. Although the remaining men were still fearless and did not back down, it was only a matter of time before they were eliminated.

As someone who had personally fought the Type-VI and had just blown up one of them, Mr. G shouldn’t have made such a mistake unless he had other plans from the very beginning.


In the revolving restaurant on the middle floor of the signal tower, the projection screen was broadcasting the battle situation below. However, the person in charge was not Mr. G, but Hei, who had driven Zhang Heng’s car before. He saw that his side had suffered heavy casualties, he was redirecting manpower from various places to continue the battle below.

However, the situation was still not optimistic. The Type-VI wasn’t something ordinary people could stop. Previously, they had used a large amount of explosives to kill one, but since they were below the signal tower this time, they naturally could not use explosives. Fortunately, after killing over a hundred people, the heavy machine gun on the Type-VI finally ran out of bullets. There was still the huge sword in his right hand, though, making him invincible among the crowd.

Black’s forehead was covered in sweat. Obviously, he was under a lot of pressure after losing so many people. However, he still had a trump card in his hand. Previously, a team and a half of exoskeleton warriors had directly descended from the second level. Hence, Mr. G had also given him their assignments. Now, he had used up all his bullets to kill the Type-VI. Whether or not he could really block that crazy robot would now be up to these exoskeleton warriors.

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