12 Hours After

Chapter 44 - True Or False, Part II

Chapter 44: Chapter 44. True Or False, Part II

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When I turned on HTS, CKD Entertainment’s stock price was heading for –18%. I saw the trading window.

[$25.20 –18%]

The trade amount was not much. I managed to confirm CKD Entertainment’s market capital, $122,100,000.

‘It is a big company for entertainment, but it is a small company within KOSDAQ. Currently, I have $4,200,000. If I use margin in full, I can buy shares worth $10,000,000. I won’t buy them all, but if I buy them like that, I’ll have one-fifteenth of CKD Entertainment’s shares.

‘The stock traders often say, “I’m going to be a major shareholder in averaging down.”

‘It can be real. However, I want to make money, but I don’t want to be a major shareholder. This is too small a company and let’s not use margin. It’s too risky. If I use margin in full, it can push up the price. I don’t know what’s going to happen then.

‘There is a saying about a butterfly effect. A butterfly’s flying in the U.S. can cause a typhoon in Korea. In a word, even a small number of variables can have enormous effects later on. The situation is even worse now. If I put more than $10,000,000 into a company worth just over $122,100,000, I don’t know what’s going to happen. In other words, the future I saw in 12 Hours After could be distorted.’

‘It’s too dangerous. I’ll buy it with only the cash I have.’

Today’s lowest point was $22. I put a buy order at $22.60, which was one tick above the lowest price. First, $500,000. Then, I watched the Internet articles come up with the stock price. Not long after the first article was posted, the second articles from multiple newspapers came up.

[Do Chan-ki is gay. Fans are shocked.]

[Is Do Chan-ki gay? Pictures of the past are re-examined.]

[Do Chan-ki’s fake marriage to hide homosexuality. What is the truth?]

The first words in the real-time search were Do Chan-gi, and the second was Do Chan-gi and homosexuality. Stock prices continued to fall. I watched it. When it fell to $25, $24, $23 and finally to $22, a series of messages appeared on the top right.

“Buy order is complete, buy order is complete, buy order is complete…”

The $500,000 buy order I had put was quickly completed. Money was falling from the sky and the basket was so full that I couldn’t hold it. I hastily put in another $500,000 buy order.

“Buy order is complete, buy order is complete, buy order is complete…”

Someone was selling stocks cheaply. I could hear the sound of making money.

“Ha-ha-ha, sell more.”

I put in another $500,000 buy order for the third time, singing the joy inside.

“Buy order is complete, buy order is complete, buy order is complete…”

Now the speed of the sale slightly slowed down. The selling trend began to subside. People who used to press the sell button in fear seemed to think that the stock price was not going to fall anymore, because a rich man bought the shares with an amount like $500,000 every time.

By the time the $500,000 was exhausted, other ants were now clinging to my buying order, like soldiers who followed the general. They stood beside the leader who comes up against the enemy’s attack. But I didn’t intend to share my exploits.

‘I can’t give this to anyone. I have to take all this stock. Let’s buy it for a little bit more expensive.’

Now I bought up the stock, slowly and slowly raising the price without showing the best of my ability. As soon as I started to sweep the stock, the stock price rose. My money and my buying changed the direction of the wind. As the stock rose, I bought the stocks more boldly. I made fun of the mouse and knocked on the keyboard as fast as if I was playing computer games.

Those lucky enough to buy at a low price like me, and those who bought stocks along with me, ate 3% and 5%, but I bought them all and boosted stock prices. In the end, when I bought all shares of $4,200,000, the stock was up to –20%. My buying drove up the stock price by 4%.

‘I can’t help it. It’s not a big stock. And now I’m too rich.’

A giant can’t walk around a village without being seen. I was a big hand in the stock market before I knew better. After buying, I saw my account balance.

[CKD Entertainment

Shares: 166,350

Purchase Price: $25.40 (-22%)

Purchase Amount: $4,225,290]

-25% was the lowest price today, but I got the –22% average, buying the shares worth $4,225,290. It would not be a bad result. What was left now was to wait for the stock price to rise. I watched the stock price move for a while. Originally this stock recovered to –3% on its own. Now that I had gotten all the stocks that were falling, the rebound would be stronger.

‘Then, let’s sell it close to -3%.’

With my hands together, I waited for time to pass. As I made a large purchase, the stock price began to rise. Then, around 11 a.m., the stock prices began to rebound sharply, with the news of CEO Do Chan-ki’s rebuttal emerging.

‘CEP Do Chan-ki’s rebuttal. He’s not gay.’

At the same time, my account, which started at $4,225,290, began to increase. $26. $27. $28. Plus $200,000, $400,000, $600,000. And when it reached $29, the highest point in 12 Hours After, I started selling my shares.

I sold them little by little, not like the last time I had bought it. But since the amount was so huge, my selling trend had lowered the price a little more. Still, I was able to sell all my shares and leave about –5%. As a result, about $700,000 increased in my account.

“Clap clap clap!” I got up from the chair with a big hand clapping. I didn’t do that when I was at work, but there’s no one around me right now.

“It was good~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh!!!” My voice reverberated throughout the big studio.

“Hi-Woo!” I jumped around in the room. This studio was wide even if I ran around like a madman. Lots of room.

‘I made all the money today.’

The rest of the job was to shop with the money you earned. I dressed up and headed out of the room.


“How did you get here?”

I answered directly to the greeting words of the employee, “I’m here to take out a new credit card.”

“Are you a worker?”

I shook my head. “No, I heard that one could be issued if assets were above some amount.”

“Oh, well, could you write down your account number and sign next to it?”

I gave the paper to the clerk, making fun of the pen.

“Yes, wait a minute…”

The employee who got the paper from me touched the computer and her eyes grew slightly bigger. Then she glanced at me. I looked back at her. When our eyes met, she hurriedly turned back to the monitor. She typed a few more times.

“Wait a minute, sir.” She sat me down and disappeared. I waited for her to come back. Before her return, however, a woman in her mid-forties came up to me first and said with a calm greeting, “Hello, Mr. Han Sang-hoon. I’m section chief Kim Hye-sook.”

It was not too high, but was definitely a mellow voice. She was like a veteran banker, I was more comfortable just listening to her voice.

“Come this way, please, sir?” She led me off to one side. Her hand pointed to the VIP consultation room. It was the first time that I had come to such a luxurious VIP consultation room, although I had traveled back and forth dozens of times so far.

“Would you like anything to drink? Green tea or coffee?”

“Coffee, please.”

I took out a credit card in the VIP room, by simply receiving VIP treatment. The limit was ten times more than the last time. I had a small annual fee, but I decided to endure it. Why? The reason was the same as why I chose a luxurious studio. It was good, and it was cool. The new premium card had a black background and a silver line.

It was a luxurious design reminiscent of a black Porsche. I held it up for a moment and looked at it from side to side. What was more beautiful than money in capitalism? The card was cool to hold up, and it would be great to swipe it, when I bought shoes and a T-shirt for a few hundred dollars on the Internet.

‘If you buy it here, it’s free of charge. If I buy here, I can get it $3 cheaper with a coupon. Where can I get this benefit?’

It was good-bye now that I had been agonizing over it so many times. I would use and live fit for this card. I put the card in my wallet. But now, my wallet was too shabby. It was a sword made by a black artisan, but the sheath was rusty. I decided what to buy on this sword for the first time. It was a purse, a collection to match the sword.

“Thank you for the issue, sir.”


My business was done. I tried to get out of my seat. But then, Kim Hye-sook caught me again with that mellow voice.

“You’ve got more than $3,000,000 in assets, don’t you feel bad tying it to your savings account? We have a VVIP investment plan that we’re launching this time…”

“Ah…” That was a voice I was sorry to refuse. But I couldn’t listen to it. I told her. “I’m sorry, but I can’t sign up for it. I’m a self-investor.”

“Oh, is that so?” When I refused once, she didn’t stop me anymore. “Then please contact this number when you have other business in the bank. I’ll do my best to help you.”

She just gave me a business card in a polite way in the end. I accepted the business card. I thought I’d come to the bank more often. Kim Hye-sook treated me politely until the end.

“Good-bye, then.”


[Correction News]

[We inform that the contents of the article that we sent you today, ‘CEO Do Chan-ki. Not gay. Rejection. He will sue the media for making false rumors,’ have been revised by a reader’s intervention. The changes are as follows.]

I read the correction news. There were a few changes made today. Only one thing today was that the lowest price had changed from $22.50 to the $22.60 that I had hoarded. I grinned at it.

‘The KOSDAQ is too small, too. If the market is controlled with $4,200,000…’

‘I can see that famous super ants’ assets are nearly $10,000,000 or $100,000,000 if they have more. If Korea’s stock market exceeds $100,000,000, the yield will be lowered gradually from then on. That’s because their money is losing their return.

‘I should think about futures, options, or foreign exchange in the future.

‘However, the problem is that I can’t come over there just with the news. No matter who’s name is searched in Korea, there is no change in the price of oil. There is no way that the news that the dollar has gone down can top the rankings.

‘Is it going to change if I am upgraded to Platinum Class?

I thought so, and the driver in front told me. “We’re here.”

I glanced at the taxi meter. The meter was stamped with $4.60. I handed over a $5 note and said, “The change is fine.”

The taxi driver, who was taking the change with his fingers, said with a big smile, “Thank you, sir.”

I walked out of the taxi.

“Hmm~ Hmm~~” I hummed into the huge building in front of me. This was the International Electronics Center next to the Nambu Bus Terminal.

“Let’s see… Where can I buy a computer?”

I followed the directions and found the computer store. As soon as I climbed out of the elevator, a handsome old man stuck to me.

“Anything you’re looking for?”

“Yes, a computer… I’m going to buy it.”

“What do you usually use for your computer?”

“Internet surfing and stock trading. I think the main use will be stock trading.”

“How much is your budget?”

“Don’t spare the budget and please meet the highest standards.”

The old man laughed brightly at my words. “Then the specifications are that the CPU is at the top of the list, 8,700K, and 16GB of RAM…”

He hesitated to tell me the specifications I didn’t know. Then, he pointed to the monitor and said, “Traders actually use monitors better than specifications. They use this dual monitor, which is divided into two screens. How about this one and this product?”

Good. I had seen a professional trader selling with two monitors on a show before.

‘You don’t have to be busy with this, pressing Alt-Tab.’

I spoke with a nod at the thought, “Then do it.”

“Oh, yes, I’ll prepare it for you.”

He tried to turn back, but suddenly he asked another question, “Do you play games?”

Games. When I was in college, I used to live in playing games, but I had been away from them after I had a job for some reason. Well, because I couldn’t afford to play games.

‘Well, the Battle Round these days? I heard it’s popular.’

I said to him. “I play games some time… Yeah, let’s have the best specifications to work in games, too.”

“Then I’ll add two GTX1080TI’s to the addition of 16 RAMs. With these specifications, most games will work well.”

“Yes, please.”

Since I said “Yes, please” every time, he seemed to think that this was the time for him to recommend another monitor. “Ah, well, you still need another gaming monitor to play… to enjoy high-end computer properly, you should use 144Hz…”

I asked him back. “But if the monitors are three in one computer… Don’t you think the desk is a little complicated?”

“If you use it separately between when you’re playing games, and when you’re at work…”

I thought for a moment while listening to him speak, ‘Shall I just buy two computers? For games and the stock trading?’

I thought about it for a while, and then suddenly I started thinking about it. ‘I earned $700,000 today.’

I thought that $3,000 or $4,000 would be enough for the best of computer specifications. It was not going to be over $4,000. I made $700,000 today alone, but it would be a little ridiculous to worry about $3,000 or $4,000.

I said to him. “I’ll just buy two computers for games and the stock trading, with the highest specifications.”

As I spoke, the owner of the computer assembly shop laughed brightly, “Yes, I see. Thank you.”

I didn’t know before, but I realized something lately. Everyone laughed happily in front of big money. Suddenly, I remembered the lines that had appeared in Old Boy: “Laugh, and the whole world will laugh with you. Cry, and you’ll cry alone.”

I laughed along with him. There would be more to laugh about in the future.

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